4 Makeup Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

When it comes to beauty, it seems like there are endless rules out there that we tend to follow. Most of these rules have been instilled into our minds from the first time applied our own makeup and our mother’s told us, “Don’t do this, don’t do that…” It turns out, not all of these makeup rules are meant to be followed. In fact, some makeup rules were made to be broken! Check them out below:

1. Don’t Wear Blue Eyeshadow

If you ask many makeup artists, they will tell you that blue eyeshadow is the biggest makeup mistake in the world. Blue eyeshadow was huge in the 60’s and early 70’s, and then it became a relic of makeup’s past. The only people you would see wearing blue eyeshadow would be 13-year-old girls who raided their mother’s old makeup bag. With that said, blue eyeshadow has been making a slow comeback, and it looks like people are finally doing it the right way. Instead of opting for a bright light blue shade, opt for a darker navy blue or deep royal blue shade. These shades of blue eyeshadow don’t look tacky or retro, and can really bring out blue or grey eyes!

makeup rules to break

2. Bold Lipstick Is For Fuller Lips

How many of you thin-lipped ladies have been told that you can’t wear bold shades of lipstick? So many women with thinner lips are misled by old-school beauty gurus and told that they should only wear light, nude shades of lipstick. This is because some darker colors can produce a thinning effect, making your already thin lips look even thinner. However, this isn’t always the case. When a bold lipstick is applied correctly, it can actually accentuate the lips and make your pout look perfect, no matter how thin your lips are!

old makeup rules

3. Don’t Put Mascara On Your Bottom Lashes

Who came up with this rule? At some point, someone somewhere said that mascara should only be applied to the top lashes. We’d like to say that this rule is totally bogus and it’s definitely one of the biggest makeup rules that was made to be broken! Sure, applying too much mascara can make your lashes look like spider legs, but applying a subtle amount to the bottom can really add oomph to your eyes and make them look larger!

makeup rules not to follow

4. Only Wear Bronzer In the Summer

You’ve probably always thought that bronzer was reserved strictly for summer, right? After all, when else would you want the sun-kissed glow that bronzer can give you? It turns out, you can feel free to wear bronzer year-round, mostly as contour. Apply a subtle amount slightly below the cheekbones, along your jawline, and just under the hairline. This will help you shape your face in any and every season!

makeup rules to ignore

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