Are You Eating Foods That Give You Bad Skin?

diet and acne

We all strive for smooth, clear, healthy skin. However, so many of us have trouble actually achieving that glowing, radiant look. We try endless skincare products, from serums to cleansers to exfoliants, but nothing seems to work. So what could be the problem? What is blocking our path towards beautiful skin? It turns out that big brick wall that stands between us and healthy skin may be the food that we’re eating!

There are many things that can lead to skin issues like acne, oiliness and clogged pores. From poor hygiene to hormones to environment, all of it can be a disaster for your skin. With that said, we’re only going to discuss the correlation between diet and skin. Are the foods that you eat causing you to breakout? Read on to find out if you’re eating foods that can give you bad skin!

poor diet and skin

What Foods Can Give You Bad Skin?

You’ve probably heard a million times that fast food is bad and you shouldn’t eat. Well, as much as it sucks to admit, that may be true. Not only is fast food bad for your waistline, but it turns out it’s also bad for your skin! Fast food is often loaded with grease, which increases oil production and can clog your pores if you get it on your face. Most fast food also consists of processed foods filled with toxic preservatives that can build up in your system and turn your skin into an absolute nightmare!

Fast food isn’t the only bad guy when it comes to unhealthy skin. Sugar is another cause of many common skin issues like acne and excessive oil production. So maybe your parents had good reason to limit those sugary drinks and cereals when you were younger… Also, you might want to think twice before having another glass of milk or grabbing that slice of cheese because another food that can cause awful skin problems is dairy. We know that dairy is healthy because it provides Vitamin D and other essential nutrients, but it is important to consume it in moderation. Having too much dairy in your diet can throw your hormones off and lead to acne and excessive oil production.

diet and bad skin

Will A Poor Diet Alone Lead To Skin Issues?

While eating a ton of greasy, processed foods can definitely wreak havoc on your skin, diet is not always the culprit behind everyone’s skin issues. Some people have issues with their skin due to genetics. Others have issues with their skin due to environment. Some even have issues with their skin due to poor hygiene. Diet alone is not the only thing that can give you bad skin. It’s also worth noting that some people have no adverse skin reactions to a poor diet. You probably have a friend who eats whatever she wants and her skin is flawless. Some people are just naturally fortunate when it comes to their skin. All in all, the best way to see if diet is leading to your skin issues is with a little trial and error. Quit eating the greasy food and sugar for a few weeks and see if your skin improves. Then you’ll know for sure that your poor diet was leading to bad skin!

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