Bottom Navel Piercing, Top and Bottom, Pictures and Jewelry

Bottom navel piercing is not so common like other types of belly button piercings. Get more insights as to why it is the most feared as compared to top and horizontal navel piercings.

Some body piercings involve more dangers and risks as compared to others. Pain, infections and migration can make you regret going for a navel piercing. In this post we are going to talk more about bottom navel piercing healing, jewelry, pain and rejection.

Bottom Navel

Not everyone qualifies for a bottom navel due to the body and navel shape. The skin at the bottom side of navel is thick and encloses more tissues as compared to the top navel. It involves deep piercing than any other known body piercing and hence making an individual more susceptible to complications such as navel piercing infection, rejection and longer healing process.

Inverse navel piercing requires high level of belly button aftercare. It requires patience since healing also takes long. Those who have successfully gone through it attest that finding the right navel jewelry is also tricky. This is due to the upside down nature of this part of the body.

Bottom Navel Piercing

There must be a correct physical anatomy for a bottom navel to be performed. The bottom flap of the navel must have enough space for the ring or barbell without causing any pressure to the adjacent tissues. When a professional piercer examines you and realize that you have no appropriate navel for bottom then top navel piercing will be preferred.

There should be a standard navel piercing jewelry that will stay entirely during the healing process. Curved barbells with standard gauge are used until the end of healing and from there the bearer can now feel like changing the ring of any style, shape and color liked. Dangle types are many for you to choose from when you conduct beauty shops.

Bottom navel piercing
Bottom navel piercing

Navel piercing rejection can take place even after complete healing. One of the major cause is the type of dangling ring you insert after healing. There are those that have jewels of different metals, gems that hang down bottom ball of the bar. Your body can be allergic to some of the metals hence migration.

Sometimes these metals can be heavy and hence cause pulling down of the piercing holes. Any movements can however create friction and tearing of the inside tissues without your awareness. The body can therefore react by pulling out the ring through scarring.

You must be responsible when it comes to caring for your piercing. Strictly observe the navel piercing aftercare instructions and tips to avoid infection. Cleaning must be a priority and must be done at least twice a day using fragrance free soap. Use shower and not bathtubs due to risk of bacterial transmission.

Your hands must be washed with antibacterial soap before touching the piercing. For faster healing sea salt solution should be used in washing at least once a day. Restrictive tops and pants can irritate your bottom navel piercing. You must have prepared for all these aftercare before you decisions on piercing. For a period of 9 to 12 months you should be careful with every activity you engage to avoid any complication to the piercing.

Towels and bed sheets must be clean and regularly changed. This type of navel piercing requires extra care compared to normal surface piercing. It can take few weeks for the piercing to appear healed when in real sense, it is not especially inside. Take it normal when you realize an irritation or soaring following the few weeks it appears to have healed.

Pain is normal especially for the new bottom navel piercing. There is also possibility of a yellowish discharge from the holes. This is production of lymph and it will lead to formation of a crust around the ring which should be removed carefully during the washing.

Severe pain, irritation and inflammation that persist can be a sign of infection. This is the time you need to improve on your caring levels but do not overdo it. If no change then you can see a doctor to prescribe antibacterial drugs for you.

Top and Bottom navel piercing
Top and Bottom navel piercing

Top and Bottom Navel Piercing

Top navel piercing is normal and very common and it works out for most people. It is a surface piercing unlike bottom navel that is sometimes regarded as deep. There are individuals who goes for a bottom navel piercing after successful healing of the top navel piercing.

This is a form of double navel piercing that involves both the top and the bottom edges of the bellybutton. This is something admirable among many. There are unique navel jewelry for accenting top and bottom navel piercing. The piercing can be done as either top or bottom horizontal navel piercing or as vertical. Depending on what you like they are all outstanding as long they heal successfully.

There are specific barbells to insert in your top and bottom navel piercings. Vertically you can use standard bars that will make a pattern of 4 balls vertically aligned. Sometimes the top can be vertical and the bottom horizontal and can make a stunning appearance pattern when jewelry is inserted.

Bottom navel piercing picture
Bottom navel piercing picture

Bottom Navel Piercing Pictures

Go for a reputable tattoo shop for your bottom navel. The piercer must be a professional with a nice reputation. Before booking appointment prepare yourself both psychologically and physically. You may be required to share information with the expert regarding your life. That is why people above 18 years are recommended for body piercing.

You should be provided with an album that contain bottom navel piercing pictures. Take time to study what is the album and finally select on what you love most. You will be advised on the right season for faster healing of your belly button piercing by the professional in charge.

Bottom Navel Piercing Jewelry

There is a specific navel jewelry ideal for the bottom navel. Barbells that work for inverse are not like the others. As usual there should be a ring inserted till the end of the healing process. After that you can go for your gold dangling jewelry, titanium or steel. Various styles and curves define bottom navel piercing jewelry and you can obtain your favorite at beauty shops.

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