Causes of Spots on Tongue – Black White, Red, Brown and Pictures

What causes spots on tongue? Get more insights on the causes of black, white, brown or painful spots on the tongue. There are also pictures to give you a clear view of this type of tongue problem.

Tongue is one of the most vital organ in the body due to its role. Made of several muscles that defines its multifunctional characteristic. We use tongue in testing of food, swallowing and is also for talking. The tongue in normally pink in color with small nodules biologically termed as papillae.

Due to constant use and exposure of tongue to various conditions, it is normal to experience tongue problem such as bumps, spots, discoloration, blisters, ulcers, cracks and soreness. Majority of these problems are not related to serious medical conditions except for few cases where symptoms can associate serious disease such as cancer or AIDS.

spots on tongue picture
spots on tongue picture

Spots on Tongue – Meaning

This is a condition where the tongue develops a coating or small dots either on the entire surface or on the sides. The spots can vary in color ranging from white, black or brown. It can also be characterized by discolored or painful tongue among other symptoms. There are various factors that can lead to such problem of the tongue as discussed in the article.

Causes of Spots on Tongue – What causes these spots?

A healthy human tongue should be pink in color. This organ can change to black, white, brown, red or strawberry due to a number of factors. Some of the causes are medical while others are not.

Causes of Back Spots on Tongue

Black spots on the tongue is not really a serious medical condition. The only problem is the ugly appearance that no one can easily withstand with. As said, the tongue is naturally covered with papillae that grows as any other body organ. They tend to increase in size and age as people live.

These structures however increases in length and they begin to appear in hair like manner. At such a point they begin harboring materials that attract and sustain bacteria. When these bacteria grows and increase in number, they appear black or dark hence tarnishing your tongue.

Causes Red Spots Tongue

Red spots on the tongue
Red spots on the tongue

Your pink tongue can change to red, strawberry or brown appearance either in as a whole or in patches and dots. In rare cases, such symptoms are associated with pain discomfort and it may become difficult to notice. However, here are a number of possible causes to this problem.

  • Lack of Vitamins. When the body is in deficiency of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B-12 and folic acid, the tongue will be the immediate organ to get affected. This is implicated by the changing of the tongue color to reddish, strawberry or brown. Intake of food substances rich with these elements is the best way of preventing and getting rid of the problem.
  • Geographic tongue condition. This is the formation of map like pattern of red patches on the tongue. It can also include white separation of the patches on the surface of the tongue. The condition is not harmful and symptoms normally last up to 2 weeks. Geographic tongue can imply a serious problem when the appearance does not subside to thorough mouth cleaning and care and therefore need to see your doctor for a treatment.
  • Scarlet fever. One of the major symptom so this type of fever is the reddening of the tongue. It also associate other symptoms such as variation in body temperature and general body pain. Most treatment involves prescription of antibiotics. Visit your doctor for further treatment when symptoms persist.
  • Kawasaki syndrome. The ailment is common among children below the age of five years. The diseases affects the blood supply and vessels in the body causing a brown or red tongue appearance. The syndrome is associated with other symptoms such as high fever, swelling of the hand and redness in the feet. Consult a doctor for the treatment of Kawasaki syndrome.
    White tongue picture
    White tongue picture

Causes of White Spots on Tongue

A white coating or spots on the tongue can be annoying. Most of the spots on tongue of this nature is medical related conditions. Therefore you should take relevant medical move when you realize that you have a white tongue. Here are the main causes of this problem:

Leukoplakia: This is a condition characterized by excessive growth of cells in the mouth. Since the tongue is one of the underlying organ it also gets affected. Major symptoms are the formation of white patched inside the mouth lining and on the tongue surface. This is a serious medical condition that can lead to mouth and tongue cancer.

Majority of the victims to this condition are the tobacco smokers. Constant irritation of the mouth and tongue can also lead to leukoplakia. Therefore see a doctor or a dentist for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible you realize the symptoms.

Candidiasis: This is a fungal or yeast infection that forms in the mouth. It is also termed as oral thrush. It is featured by formation of white patches in the mouth and on the tongue surface. Young children and elderly people are highly susceptible to this infection though weakened immune system is a risk factor among other people.

Other possible causes of candidiasis is the continuous use of antibiotics and steroids which affects the growth of the normal mouth bacteria. Seek medication for the treatment of candidiasis since it can also be spread through body fluid contact mechanisms.

Oral lichen planus: This is a mouth condition characterized by formation of white lines on the tongue. It is medically certified as one of the causes of spots on the tongue. It is mainly due to excessive tobacco use and constant irritation of the mouth. Patients are recommended to adhere to proper dental hygiene habits. If symptoms persist then you ought to seek medical advice.

How to Get Rid of Spots on Tongue – Fix, Reduce, Treat and Cure

  • Mouth hygiene is one of the best way to fix tongue problems. Recommended mouth wash should be gaggled for at least 2 to 3 times a day. This helps in curbing the infection or the bacteria from spreading to the rest of the mouth. Suitable mouth wash that has ability to kill the responsible bacteria is the best to use.
  • Spots that are associated with pain can be managed by application of milk of magnesia. Use a clean soft cotton ball and apply on the affected area.
  • Eat a balanced diet with more vitamin B-12 and folic acid. The diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce on consumption of tobacco and well as minimizing on smoking. Tobacco is one of the major cause of spots in the mouth and especially on the tongue.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water. Water not only keeps human body hydrated but also helps in washing out toxins.
  • Spicy and fatty foods can contribute to irritation of the mouth and attraction of bacteria. Minimize or avoid consumption of such food material.
  • Apply a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide on the white spots for at least three times a day using a clean cotton ball.
  • Wash your mouth and brush your teeth after every meal to limit on the materials that can attract and harbor bacteria in your mouth.
  • Frequently visit a dentist to examine your mouth and recommend treatment for any spots on tongue.
    Brown spots on the tongue
    Brown spots on the tongue

Spots on Tongue Pictures

In many cases people take time to realize that something is wrong with the tongue. This is because of the common tongue problems are not associated with pain. While brushing your teeth, it is very necessary to take a look at your tongue. Some of the products used in cleaning of the mouth and teeth can also cause tongue complications.

There are various pictures for different spots and patches on the tongue and they can help you relate the nature of your tongue. They can also show you the color and nature of a healthy tongue compared to the infected one.

In conclusion therefore, Spots on tongue can be sign of a serious medical condition. When you realize that symptoms persist regardless of applying the above discussed mechanisms on how to get rid of spots on tongue, consult your doctor for further examination and treatment.

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