What Is a Navel Piercing, Prices, Needle, Pregnancy, Pictures and Dangers

What is a navel piercing? Read to get more insights into navel piercing. This includes the meaning, prices tools used like a needle and the dangers behind the art. Pictures and how this piercing affects pregnancy.


What Is a Navel Piercing?

A navel piercing (also referred to as a belly button piercing or an umbilical dip piercing) is a type of piercing located in, or around, the navel. [Wikipedia]. The piecing takes place at the upper rim of the navel without affecting the actual navel.

Like ear piecing navel will take a short time to heal. In most cases six months are sufficient to see a complete healing. Despite the rejection by few majority of women have impressed this art making it widely spread among other body piercing.

Being a historic piercing in Egypt during the ancient times, it was used mainly for cultural and purposes. It was in 1993 when this style started rocking when a fashion show model by the name Christy Turlington presented it on the red carpet. It finally became viral among many celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone and Paul King among others before spreading like bush fire.

Due to the modernization and popularity of naval piercing, there are other fashion creativity that are associated with it. Naval Jewelry came into existence to decorate more the piercing at the naval. There are various designs and types of naval jewelry used for this case. Barbells and ancient Bali jewelry are the most designs that are worn once the piercing is completely healed.


Navel Piercing Dangers

It is of no doubt that piercing a naval is such a beautiful and courageous fashion style in making many beauties look attractive. The other side of the coin carries risks and dangers just like ear piercing or any other body piercing process. Among the dangers associated include:

  • Infections: There is a risk of bacterial and fungal infection to pierced area. This is especially when minimal levels of hygiene are observed. It takes 6 to 9 months for the pierce to heal completely. During this period there are many risk factors such as sweat and dust that can spread germs.
  • Scaring: The skin gets damaged during the process hence leaving a scar regardless of healing. The mark may be of varying intensity depending with the individual.
  • Pain and bleeding: When the process is done unprofessionally there are high chances of feeling pain that accompanies bleeding. That is why you should chose a reputable and approved center.


Navel Piercing Price, Navel Piercing Cost or How Much Are Navel Piercings

Naval Jewelry
Naval Jewelry

Are you planning to get your belly button pierced? It is very important you begin by knowing the cost of belly button piercing. There are many tattoo parlor and shops where this process is conducted. It must done professionally and you must be compliant in terms of age.

There are places you pay for the ring and the piercing is done free of charge while others they charge for both the ring and piercing itself. Sometimes there are cleaning solutions provided and hence making the price to be inflated.

Above all, in most shops and places, it will be done within the range of $40 to $70. It could also be as cheap as $25 depending on where you go. To be certain of the cost you can visit some of provider’s websites to look at the reviews and get a clear outline on how much are navel piecing.

Going for a cheap and non-reputable shop to perform any piecing is not advisable. Also conducting it yourself is risky. Get to a reputable shop with specialist who are authorized to perform piercings and tattoos. This is one way of minimizing on chances of infections and damages on the nerves.

Hygiene is important in body piercing process. Having chosen on your shop to carry out your belly button piercing, visit the place in advance and observe on the hygiene as you also investigate on the reputation. The piercing needles ought to be well sterilized and if possible disposable. If satisfied then you can book an appointment.


Navel Piercing FAQ – Navel Piercing Information

Belly button piercing
Belly button piercing

While deciding on your belly button piercing it is necessary to have prior knowledge and information to do with risks, aftercare and facts. Know about the pain and infections and how to deal with. Prepare both physically and psychologically until you attain complete piecing healing. Here are some of the fast answer questions you should ask yourself:


Should I pierce my Belly Button?

Consider some factors before deciding on umbilical dip piercing. Almost every shop will not allow underage individuals to undergo the operation. If you are 18 yours you are at liberty to decide on it. Underage ought to discuss with the guardians before filling out the required form.

Beware of pain, rejection and infections. Therefore think about people in your life, the kind of activities you will be taking and what you wear after the piercing. This means you will have to extra careful until you completely heal.


Why navels take long to heal?

The region is not subject to body and skin movements that involve bending, stretching, folding and more friction from the skin and outfits. There is also minimal supply of blood to this area and hence low nutrients available for faster healing.


What are the Navel piercing aftercare tips?

As said, hygiene is paramount for enhancing faster healing preventing bacterial infections. Your hands however ought to be thoroughly cleaned before touching the piercing. If possible use anti-bacterial soap to clean your hands.

The piecing ought to be cleaned with the provided solutions. This should be done in a gentle way using a soft material to avoid damaging or interfering the healing process. In case you have fixed the jewelry rotate in slowly as you clean and follow the instructions provided to the later.

Naval piercing and jewelry
Naval piercing and jewelry

Beddings and sleeping materials should always be washed to remain clean. This prevents chances of bacterial infections to the piercing. Blankets and bed sheets must be clean every time.

Wear loose and fitting clothes that are always clean. Too tight fittings creates friction by rubbing at the piecing every time you move. Both tops and pants should be loose and of soft materials to avoid irritations.

Swimming or bathing is not advisable during the healing process. Pool water and bathtubs can contain germs and bacteria that can easily cause and infection. Taking shower is highly recommendable. Avoid chemicals and creams directly to the piercing. Tanning lotions should not be in contact with it either.


There are exercises that you can avoid until you heal completely. For instance sit-ups and press ups which can stretch the skin around the belly hence causing pain. Conduct gentle exercises as you listen to your body. Tight workout clothing should not be worn during this time.

Avoid removing the jewelry and ensure it is cleaned before placed in the piercing. It should also be made from the right material to avoid corrosion especially when in contact with water. The piercing has to be closed tight mostly before and after cleaning.


Navel Piercing Pregnancy

naval piercing
naval piercing
umbilical dip piercing
umbilical dip piercing

Pregnancy causes many changes on the body. This includes skin stretch and expanding of the muscles around the belly. However, there are greater chances that your pierced navel can change shape and even closing. A jewelry can be a havoc during the period and most women prefer getting it out.

While the jewelry is removed, there are chances that the piercing will close. You can let it that way and re-pierce after the pregnancy or you can maintain it open by placing a flexible material like nylon monofilament during the entire pregnancy period.

Right from pregnancy you will also have to take time to resume your body mechanisms completely before going for re-piercing. Considering also you may be required to carry around your baby, which may cause pain and irritation to the healing piercing.

The jewelry used is normally thick and this is due to the fact that thin ones are likely to tear up the surface in case of any movement or unexpected pulling. Thick ones are also flexible in moving in creating more internal surface. And is a way of adjusting your skin and muscles around the navel to cope with any weight within the range.


Navel Piercing Pictures

You need to prepare yourself much more before going for the belly button piercing. Take time and research about it. There are many pictures you should look at before deciding on your style and among what you should not miss to look at include:

Navel piercing jewelled ring
Navel piercing jewelled ring
  • navel piercing infection pictures
  • navel rings pictures
  • belly button rings pictures
  • navel piercing videos
  • female navel piercing pictures
  • male navel piercing pictures
  • Naval jewelry pictures

They are available online and this is a best place to obtain a clear view of how you expect to appear at the end of the piecing. When you go to the tattoo shop, the management should also give some of the belly button piercing pictures to select your best interest.

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