We Need To Stop Shaming Women Who Wear Makeup…And Those Who Don’t

women who don't wear makeup

Can you believe that it’s 2019 and women are still shaming other women? We know. We can’t believe it either! You would think that we, as a community, would be so over the act of telling other women what to do and what not to do, yet here we are.

Sure, compared to the days of encouraged cattiness and “mean girl” mentality, we have come a long way. We’ve gotten better at complimenting one another and trying to build one another up. We praise each other for our careers. We give women who are mothers rightful credit for everything they do. Like we said: we’ve come a long way.

With that said, there is still one issue that has created a clear division between many women. It’s honestly so silly that you’d hardly believe it, but unfortunately, it is still a topic that pits women against one another. We are talking about makeup.

Shaming Women Who Wear Makeup – And Those Who Don’t

When it comes to makeup, it’s become clear the you can;t win either way. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Women who wear makeup shame their non-makeup wearing counterparts by calling them “lazy” and questioning their femininity. Women who do not wear makeup shame makeup-wearers as being “superficial.” It’s a way of affirming the old ~ I’m not like other girls ~ idea. So what gives?

shaming women

When it comes to this makeup/no makeup shaming, it just simply has to stop all around. We’re about to level with all of you: there is no right or wrong side on this one. Women who don’t wear makeup look great. Women who do wear makeup look great. Your preference is your preference and that’s all that it is. It’s not a reflection of your beauty, your femininity, or anything else about you other than what you do and don’t like to put on your face.

Like we said earlier, it’s 2019. Each and every woman out there should have moved past this. There should not be one single instance of this behavior out in the world. Shaming women for their beauty preferences is shameful in and of itself. What another woman does with her face has nothing to do with you. Whether she goes full-glam or bare and fresh-faced, it has no influence on your life whatsoever – so stop scrutinizing her for whatever her choice is.

In the end, we are here for the bare-faced beauties and the aspiring makeup artists. We’re here for all of it. At the end of the day, there’s only one person you need to worry about impressing and that is yourself. If you look in the mirror and think you look good, guess what? You look good!

shaming women who wear makeup


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