3 Beauty Mistakes Women Over 40 Are Making

beauty tips for older women

As we age, our body changes. It’s only natural for your skin and hair to change as you get older and that means your beauty routine has to change. A lot of older women are making some very common beauty mistakes in their daily routine and it turns out they all have easy fixes! Check out three of the most common beauty mistakes women over 40 are making and how they can be fixed:

1. Ignoring Skincare

The biggest mistake women over 40 make when it comes to beauty is ignoring their skin. Maybe you didn’t slather on moisturizer when you were 20, but that’s just not going to work as you get older. Aging skin needs special care. Not using the right cleanser and a proper anti-aging moisturizer is going to lead to a nightmare for your face. You’ll start seeing a ton of age-related changes like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and crow’s feet.

skincare women over 40

What To Do:

You’ll have to do some trial-and-error to figure out what skincare products work best for you. Most older women benefit from a mild cleanser and a good anti-aging moisturizer. It’s also important to always use sunscreen when outdoors because sun exposure can rapidly lead to age-related changes as well as skin cancer.

2. Applying Makeup Incorrectly

Unfortunately, a lot of older women just have no idea how to apply their makeup. It’s not even their fault – it’s just that makeup application techniques have changed over the years. Makeup artists and beauty gurus are constantly coming up with new and better ways to apply your makeup to achieve the best look. A lot of women over 40 are applying their makeup in an outdated way and it’s not doing their face any favors.

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What To Do:

Check out some online makeup tutorials and see the best ways to apply your makeup. You’ll be surprised how much things have changed! For example, maybe you’ve been applying your foundation with a sponge for years, but makeup artists have found that it looks much better when applied with a brush or blender.

3. Avoiding Change

They may say “don’t fix what not’s broken,” but too many older women are using this as an excuse to stick to the same old beauty routine, the same products, and the same look. Sure, for some women the look they’ve had for 30 years may be working. For many women though, their commitment to a specific beauty routine is holding them back. As you age, your skin changes. Your features may even look a little different. Your hair is definitely different. All of this means that the same beauty routine you were doing in your 20’s likely won’t work at your current age. That means you need to change things up a little!

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What To Do:

Take an honest look at any changes that may have happened in your appearance over the years. If your current beauty routine still works, that’s great. However, if there are some age-related changes you want to fix or cover-up, it’s time to make some changes to the routine.

For example, you may have loved the same powder foundation for years, but now it’s settling into your fine lines. Try out a good primer and liquid foundation instead! Perhaps you’ve been wearing the same flat-ironed hairstyle for decades, but now your hair is thinning. Look into styles and styling products that will give your hair more volume and make it look thicker than it is.

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