Physical and Health Benefits of Bikram Yoga Poses

This article covers comprehensively on information to do with Bikram yoga. By reading this content you will be able to understand the meaning of Bikram yoga and why is it unique from other types of yoga. Benefits of Bikram yoga have been viewed deeply to enable you to compare and gauge whether it is suitable for you.

Bikram yoga poses that you will expect in the yoga class have also been highlighted. There is much information on Bikram weight loss and calories burned, find out if you need to adjust your weight comfortably through this types of yoga. Some tips and facts have also been provided to guide the beginners for yoga.

Bikram Yoga – Meaning

This is a type of yoga that is performed within a specified duration of 90 minutes and it involves a series of 26 hatha yoga postures accompanied with 2 pranayama breathing exercises and techniques. It is carried out under 105’heated environment to cause deep penetration without muscles getting injured. Every pose affects a specific body part hence the benefits of Bikram yoga are revealed in a superb and invigorating experience. This exercise is ideal for both yoga beginners and the veteran yogi students.

Birkram Yoga Styles
Birkram Yoga Styles

This yoga style is much significant to the body and causes rejuvenating and healing of the injured muscles and illness. So many internal and deeply underlying parts of the body are challenged. The muscles, ligament, tendon and all joints are aligned through the series of poses and postures.

There is also stimulation of blood circulation within the tissues hence promoting sufficient supply. The body is restored to the balance and increase the flexibility. The intensive stretching and muscle massage promotes strength increase and toning of the body. The respiratory is checked and improve through the breathing techniques employed in this system.

The overweight problem can be fixed through this practice since it is best endowed for weight loss basing on its feature of burning of calories. The mind is made peaceful and relaxed through some aspects of meditation carried out by the practitioner.

There are many certified Bikram Yoga School in the United States that have specialized in the training of this type of yoga. Examples of this centers include; Bikram yoga Houston, Bikram Yoga Fairfax and Bikram yoga Boston among many others.

Pros and Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is ideal for anyone irrespective of age and gender. For the most effective results, it ought to be practiced on a regular routine. There are many benefits of Bikram yoga ranging from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These benefits of Bikram yoga include the following:

Weight loss

This is one of the most essential of the benefits of Bikram yoga. Weight loss is not an easy task and needs too much attention. Miraculously, Bikram is what you only need to give a goodbye to your stubborn weight condition. This yoga is carried out under a heated environment allowing the fats to easily get oxidized hence reducing their deposit from the body.

The underlying excessive skin fats are along the intestinal lining are emulsified during the exercise. Bikram yoga calories burned are high in volume compared to other physical exercises. This is due to the fact that hot environment provides activation of enzymes responsible for this activity in the human body. The postures and muscle stretching creates room for more muscle development than the fat deposit formation.

Body Flexibility and Fitness

Bikram yoga is widely known for its characteristic of toning and aligning both the internal external organs of the body. The stretching and poses under hot environment not only tighten the muscles but also make them stronger. The joints and tendon including ligaments are worked out to create flexibility hence for this case our bodies are more flexible.

Body fluid circulation is improved hence transportation of nutrients to the cells and urgent removal of waste products. This adds more energy to the body organs and removal of toxins. The skin is toned due to sweating that is responsible for the removal of waste products. The hot environment opens the pores making aeration of the skin and its underlying tissues and cells. Therefore it is of no doubt that Bikram yoga makes people look young and youthful even if they are elderly.

Healing ailments and injuries

This is among the benefits of Bikram yoga that makes it a unique type. It miraculously promote healing of the injured muscles and some ailments. Among the illnesses that are managed by Bikram include:

Blood Pressure

The risks of high blood pressure can be managed and quenched through the activity of Bikram yoga. Since this technique is made to penetrate deep inside to the internal organs by help of the heat media, many causative agents of the ailment are able to be reached. Cardiovascular muscles are worked out hence making it impossible for the cases of heart failure. Regular practice under the doctor’s advice completely result to healing of the unstable blood pressure.


This is a condition caused by unregulated sugar conversion in the body. The excess production of sugar can be decrease to normal by the act of Bikram yoga. This is another very important benefits of Bikram yoga. These poses and pranayama acts on the production of insulin hence promoting the control mechanism in the body. Many patients who once suffered Diabetes are now happy to give the testimony after seriously attending the Bikram yoga practices accordingly. Example is a story by a yoga student published in his book entitled “Diabetic Always, Insulin No More”

 Back Pain Conditions

Birkram Yoga workouts
Birkram Yoga workouts

Back pain can be as a result of related conditions like spinal problem, Stiff neck, herniated discs and scoliosis. Many patients with back pain conditions are now happy since they were relieved this complication through the adherence to Bikram yoga. The postures and stretches are further pushed to affect the internal part of the spine. This causes alignment in this area hence reducing and healing any related illness.

 Cholesterol problems.

Bikram enhances smooth and soft flow of blood around the body. Cholesterol deposits are wiped away by action of vigorous postures made under a heated environment. The heart beating causes the burning and oxidation of the fats that deposit in the lining of the blood vessels. There is detoxification caused by hot media hence making the body free from cholesterol.

Respiratory Conditions

This includes all the breathing problems and Asthma. The pranayama breathing exercise helps in promoting functionality of the lungs and other breathing organs. These reduces chances of contracting a respiratory disease. Therefore make regular Bikram postures and breathing techniques to safeguard the future of your lungs, skin and the heart.

 Depression and Stress

This is the state of the body after long stress suffering. Stress is dangerous to human health and when it intensifies it goes to depression that causes other ailments like the Ulcers and the Cancer. All this can be avoided by the help of Bikram yoga. The mind is made relaxed through meditations and nutrients circulation to the brain. According to one of the Bikram’s guru who is regarded as Bishnu Gosh, mental stress and strain results to all illnesses including infectious diseases. The yoga postures and breathings calms down the mind and creates a peaceful internal environment.

Emotional Balancing

Human emotions ought to be balance in order to create a balanced hormonal activity. Bikram yoga physiologically brings the nervous and endocrine systems into harmony hence a peaceful and balanced emotional state of the mind and the body as a whole. Other personality traits like personality, self-realization determination and spiritual motive are natured through the activity of this type of yoga.

Ant-Aging and Youthful appearance.

Bikram yoga helps in the tightening of the muscles and toning of the skin. The suppleness of the skin is increased through the hot temperature and opening up of the pores. The body strength is also increased as more energy is produced and supplied to the respective organs.

Metabolic activity is optimized as a result of enzymes being catalyzed by the hot temperature and the yoga poses. For the elderly individuals, this is the most perfect technique of making their skin and muscles tight. The fat deposits and loose muscles that hangs on the face areas like the chin are eliminated by attending the yoga exercises consistently.

Increasing body Energy

Other benefits of Bikram yoga is the potential to increase the body energy. The breathing exercise increase the oxygen intake into the body hence more oxidation of glucose. For the initial practices, it is normal to feel drained and a little bit dizzy. As the practice continues the body adjusts and start gaining energy and strength.

Body Flexibility and Strength

Bikram yoga is best known to increase the muscle and bones flexibility. This is facilitated by deep penetration of the yoga into the joints, tendons and ligament. The postures causes body alignment and more circulation of the fluid. The skeleton becomes more stable hence giving the body a more firm and upright posture.

All the body systems including the digestive, endocrine, nervous, circulatory and breathing systems are stimulated to perform at the optimum. This gives a leeway for the optimum metabolism and elimination of the waste products in an effective manner. Therefore practice on a regular basis to be strong and healthy.

Bikram Yoga Facts – What You Expect

Other than knowing the benefits of Bikram yoga it is essential to be informed on some facts and tips that make this style of yoga what it is.

  • Bikram Yoga sauna room is too hot and it may feel uncomfortable to stay for 90 minutes.
  • If you feel dizzy, Sit down and focus on your breath to overcome the discomfort.
  • You will always feel dehydrated and a panic may arise, don’t give in since this is the right track.
  • Drink enough water prior to the saunas of about 8 to 9 cups. Taking water just immediately before going to the room is not wise since your stomach will not be comfortable and can make you feel nauseated.
  • Avoid eating just two hours to the yoga class. This will make it difficult to stretch your body comfortably.
  • Some yoga gurus suggest eating only a half a banana or a cup of apple source. This will boost your energy.
  • Take coconut water or Nuun-infused water. This will rehydrate your body and promote the replacement of the lost electrolytes.
  • For the beginners, it is advisable to attend the room thirty minutes before the practice kicks off. This will give you time to acclimate with the hot environment and prior interaction with the teacher for more guidelines.
  • You ought to wear light clothes throughout the practice in order to enjoy the benefits of Bikram yoga. Sweating is much inevitable and it will not be comfortable with heavy clothing.
  • There is discomfort expected but not pain. Should you feel any, just go slow over it and it will disappear in a while.
  • Do not wipe the sweat, since it aids in maintaining the standard body temperature. This ensures that your homeostasis balance is upheld at a constant.
  • Make the practice as fun and enjoy it. Making it too serious can drain your senses and reduce your zeal.
  • Always remember to practice on a regular basis for the most effective outcome.

In Conclusion therefore, have the right dietary that will also help your body to cope with the yoga and make you enjoy the full benefits of Bikram yoga.

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