Benefits of Meditation – Health, Physical, Spiritual and Mental

This article tackles the various benefits of meditation that are essential to the health of an individual. They range from physical to mental and spiritual. There are several pros and cons regarding some types of meditation. This knowledge is very much important for everyone including the meditation beginners.

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

There are numerous benefit accrued to meditation. They are further subdivided into mental, spiritual, health and physical benefits of meditation. An individual does not realize these significance of meditation unless he or she start to practice meditation. These benefits of meditation are not observed and realized on the first day of meditation. It has to take time after a serious adherence to meditation is followed. You therefore have to practice regularly and persistently for you to enjoy the fruits of meditation.

Mental benefits of meditation helps in the improvement and development of the brain intelligence in various capacities as discussed in this article. The spiritual benefits helps in the connection of the human soul to the Supreme Being. This important in the sense that human beings get to live a substantial life with strong spiritual obligations.

Physical benefits of meditation involves the overall development and wellbeing of the body and all its organs. It informs you on how meditation can work miracle to make your body stay calm without any anxiety. The relaxation of the mind and how is it beneficial to the functionality of the body. Health benefits of meditation talks about how this state of mind of thoughtless and awareness works to ensure the body is free from ailments and health risks.

The Health Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of meditation
Benefits of meditation

These refers to the effects of meditation that positively improves the health condition of your body. These health benefits are scientifically approved as real and true. They include the following:

Body Immunity.

Daily practice of meditation increase the overall immunity of the body against infections. Meditation causes muscle relaxation and better development of cells in the body. The white blood cells are responsible for the defensive mechanism the human body. Meditation creates a suitable media in the body that allows the multiplication of these cells and making them more active to fight foreign antigens. Some of the diseases that can be prevented through thought less aware mind is cancer and tumors. This is according to the scientific research by Ohio State University. Cases of breast cancer and brain tumors can be checked and controlled by regular meditation.

Improved Fertility

Meditation makes the body to relax and feel free from anxiety. This helps in the creation of a suitable environment for the development of reproduction system including the cells. This reduces the cases of infertility among individuals. There is an increase in the sperm count rate in men and chances of conception when the body and mind are relaxed. This according to the research conducted by the University of Western Australia and Trakya University.

Hypertension Reduction

This one of the benefits of Meditation that was researched on by Harvard Medical School. Meditation helps in checking and reducing the blood pressure. There is less secretion of stress responsive hormones due to the relaxed body free from anxiety. Cases of high blood pressure are more common with people who live an anxious and stressed life. It is however significant to meditate to avoid exposing your health to these health risks conditions.

Anti-inflammatory Agent

There are various diseases caused by inflammation of body organs. Stress causes swelling of these organs hence causing risky health conditions. Such diseases include; Heart conditions and Skin conditions .A study by Emory University in the United States indicate that mind and body relaxation is the best agent for the prevention and treatment of this illnesses.

Lowers Treatment Cost

The cost of attaining a healthy lifestyle and living can be too high to be managed as day goes. This is due to emergence of health conditions associated with the daily hustles of life. Meditation is the only responsive mechanism that can help your body to cope with these life challenges. Your body is unlikely to get affected negatively by responding to stress and anxiety, hence minimizing chances of infections and conditions. Therefore your wallet is going to be safeguarded as well.

Lowers depression

Many people experience depression especially the pregnant women. Meditation helps in the healing of many forms of depression by creating a peaceful mind free from stress. Mindfulness meditation and yoga prevents the risks of depression. “Research on the impact of mindfulness yoga on pregnant women is limited but encouraging,” study researcher Dr. Maria Muzik, M.D., an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan, said in a statement. “This study builds the foundation for further research on how yoga may lead to an empowered and positive feeling toward pregnancy.”

Teens are at high risk of depression due to their high emotional levels brought by their daily lives. They experience relationship disagreements and peer pressure. They however ought to learn and practice mindfulness meditation in order to regulate on their anxiety and stress. This is according to the research by the University of Leuven.

Prevents and Reduce Mental Illnesses.

Meditation protects the brain and makes it to develop in a better way. This prevents and reduces cases of mental diseases. When you meditate you are improving the signal transmission and connection in your brains. The myelin develops well as well as the improvement in the axonal density. According to the study conducted by University of Oregon, an integrated body mind training creates changes that protect the brains from contracting or developing mental disorders.

Prevents and Lowers Stress

Stress has become critical in the human life. This negative responsive state of the mind and body need to be regulated and managed. It is caused by the production of stress hormone cortisol. Meditation and yoga are the only sound way to minimize the secretion of this stress hormone hence preventing and lowering the chances of stress in the body.

Prevention and Managing Arthritis

Meditation helps in reduction of the stress among the arthritis patients. The mindfulness can as well reduce the emergence of the cases related to this condition. Meditation might not get over the pain experience of this ailment but can create a peaceful environment for the healing.

Perfects the doctor’s skills.

The mindfulness and listening helps the doctor to skillfully handle their patients. According to the study carried by University of Rochester Medical Center, professional doctors in mindfulness meditation have a high interactive and listening skills to their patients and they are not judgmental.

The Physical and Mental benefits of Meditation

Importance of meditation
Importance of meditation

Physical and mental benefits of meditation involves the practices and meditation techniques that improve the overall performance of our physical and mental abilities in the daily life events and occasions. Some of these significances are discussed below.

Self- realization

Meditation makes us realize and identify ourselves critically. Through the practice, you will be able to tell who you are within yourself. It is very much essential for you to objectively analyze yourself. According to the journal Psychological Science, regular mindfulness is all you need to prevail over a common “blind spot” and you will be able to magnify your flaws to a far point beyond the reality.

Improves the intelligence capacity of the brain.

Mindfulness helps in enhancing the intelligence capacity of our brains. This is very significant in the academic and military fields. According to the study by the University of California, Santa Barbara identified that students trained in mindfulness are the best in performance when it comes to reasoning part of GRE. They were found to have better to be having the most sharp and fast working memory. “Our results suggest that cultivating mindfulness is an effective and efficient technique for improving cognitive function, with wide-reaching consequences,” Psychological Science study quote by the researchers. The security and intelligence departments are researching on how mindfulness can bring them the most effective efficiency of their troop’s performance.

Improves Focusing and Hearing Abilities

Mindfulness meditation makes our hearing senses to focus and improve in the performance. We can enjoy the clarity of music and be able to distinguish aspects of sound in a proper way. This is according to the journal Psychology of Music. Our focus and engagement in music is developed to higher capacities hence making us to honestly get pleasure from what is playing.

Development in our Relations

This is another unique one of the benefits of meditation. The mindfulness meditation makes someone to interact with others in a perfect way. There is a sense of compassionate for the friends and relatives among other people in the society. A sense of responsibility improves and you get to feel accountable for your actions to others. According to Harvard University researchers, meditation is directly linked to more virtues, “do-good” behavior.


Mindfulness is the “excellent” technique for weight loss, this is according to the study by the American Psychological Associations. The same survey was also carried out by the Consumer Reports. Therefore if your goal is to attain a healthy body state by weight loss then you ought to spare part of time for the mindfulness meditation.

The Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

These refers to the benefits of meditation that improves our mental capacity and also those that develop our spiritual tranquility for the best interaction between the soul and the Supreme Being. They include the following:

Emotional Balance

Mindfulness meditation helps in working on your moods to ensure that you are not experiencing neurotic behaviors and your ego is much sound. Memories that creates neurosis and anxiety are buried down through meditation. There is the high possibility of sleeping comfortably with no night mares. Enough is sleep is an essential ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Those who meditate are likely to sleep enough compared to those who are not. This gives them an ease for their brain to develop and work effectively.

Creates Calmness

Those who practice mindfulness meditation are observed to be calm and relaxed. They softly handle matters in an organized manner. Lack of meditation will make your body and mind feel upset always. Such people deals with issues in an irrational manner hence causing conflict and chaos.

Other mental benefits of meditation include:

  • Increase in happiness and joy
  • More mind creativity
  • Stable emotional state
  • Less tension in the body and mind
  • Sharp conscious
  • High problem solving technique

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Prayer is a form of spiritual meditation. Among the benefits of meditation, spiritual tranquility unites the body souls to the Supreme Being. This is an important aspect of human beings since it helps you realize and trace your origin and answer some questions that science has not been able to answer or prove. Prayer unites both the souls and bodies of the human beings. This is very mush significant in creating harmony and unity in the society.

Meditation cons (Shortcomings)

  • Meditation can impair your judgment of some thoughts that may be right or wrong
  • It may be a temporal solution to some negative emotions which might reappear after a while.
  • This is not an independent problem solving technique, you will need other mechanisms to permanently tackle a problem.
  • Some self-internal conflicts might be significant in making decisions. Meditation can make you overlook them and remain undecided.
  • Meditation makes you avoid your feelings making it difficult to satisfy yourself.
  • It may be difficult to be compassionate with others experiences since you have a feeling that they can do it on their own.
  • There is some natural ability that you lose. For instance the ability to feel emotional or concerned.
  • You always experience the positive side of the challenges. An all-round human must experience both sides of a situation to decide his or her stand.
  • Your life passion and motive might fade hence challenging in the pursuit of your dreams.
  • Some people easily loss focus in meditation and they become obsessed.

These cons does not override the benefits of meditation therefore you ought not to stop practicing but it should be done within the right bounds.

I conclude by advising you to rightfully begin enjoying the benefits of meditation at a free price charge. It cost almost nothing to meditate and the early you start the better. The meditation beginners ought not to quit or lazy, they should add more effort since they are o the right track. The benefits of meditation are realized after a serious persistence and consistence of the practice.

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