10 Best Hair Dryer Brushes 2021

Best Hair Dryer Brush for Afro Hair

Afro Hairstyle is one of the rapidly growing hairstyles globally, and many people style it in different ways. But keeping afro hair also means having to keep up with various styling needs. That being said, a hairdryer brush is a must-have. Well, the question is not whether you have a hairdryer brush or not, but which type do you have. Is it suitable for your afro hair?

While you are likely to meet these hair dryer brushes in the market with long lists of features, choosing one is not as easy as you might imagine. But your choice must narrow down to one that suits your needs. Not all that shines promise to be gold; you might also come across some hair dryer brushes that don’t get the best out of your afro hairstyles.

If you are rushing for time, we consider BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Brush as one of the best hair dryer brushes for afro hair out in the market if you want performance, reliability, and versatility all in one device.

Also, something that works best for your friend might not work for you because you probably have different hairstyles. But you do not have to get stressed about choosing a hair dryer for your afro hair because we present you a comprehensive buyer’s guide and a list of 10 of the best dryers in the market that you can choose from.



Shopping Guide For The Best Hair Dryer Brushes

Consider Weight Of The Hair Dryer Brushes

The hair dryer brush is made from different materials; this means you can find dense or lightweight hair dryer brushes in the market. If you have thick and long hair, it’s going to take you some time and a lot of time to dry it. This means you need to endure the whole process and a heavy brush won’t do you any justice.

The choice of a lightweight hair dryer will make the whole process more effective, and you can do it for longer without the brush weighing you down. A softer and shorter afro hairstyle doesn’t require too heavy a dryer brush either. Get yourself a lightweight, and make the process comfortable. If you’re going to use it for commercial purposes, you will use the brush several times, and this will be all the more reasons why you need a lightweight brush.


Hair dryer for Afro Hair comes through different price ranges, and most of the time, your budget determines the one you’ll take home. Some of this equipment may be a high-end hair dryer with advanced technological features that will require you to dig deep into your pocket to afford one. These expensive and high-quality ones also come with incredible performance, and you can never regret paying hefty prices to get one.

But this doesn’t mean that all cheaper dryers are substandard and will not serve you well. On the contrary, you’re going to come across some brushes that work so well at very affordable prices.

These low-cost hair dryers might be made from the best material designed for the best performance when you use them to style afro hair. Some are cheap but are worth going because their performance may surpass what you will get from the expensive hair dryer options.

However, we’re not ignoring the fact inexpensive hair dryers may not have a lot of offer in terms of features, durability, and even performance. Carry out some due diligence when choosing a hair dryer brush so that you only find the best regardless of the price.

Consider Heat and Speed Settings

If you plan to buy a hair dryer brush for afro hair, you should keep in mind that it comes with different heat and speed settings. Different Afro hairstyles require different heat settings, and getting the same setting across different hair types might not give you the best results.

The devices have different settings so that you can adjust and set to your required heat and speed. The adjustments settings, such as high heat, low heat, and medium heat, will give you the best temperature according to your hair type and the results you want to achieve.

If you have soft hair, you should consider setting your dryer brush to medium or low heat. For more curly and coarse hair, you might consider setting your hair brush dryer to high or medium heat.

Understand Afro Hair Type

Hair type is one of the most important factors to consider before you spend your cash on the hair dryer for Afro hair. Whether you plan to have an afro hairstyle or want to change in the future, you still need a brush that goes well with the type of hair you have. Some afro hairs are long, others are short.

Other people have coarse while others softer hair. All these hair types will determine the best hair dryer brush that will work well for you.



10 Best Hairs Dryer Brushes Reviews

Professional Charcoal Infused One Step Blowout

This is one of the hair dryer brushes designed in a timeless fashion. You will enjoy using this brush while styling your afro hair thanks to its incredible performance and features. The brush comes with rotating temperature control with a 3D speed setting. This performance is one of a kind, and you’ll love the versatile hair result.

On the outer look of these devices is a Charcoal-infused Bristles that plays a vital role in refreshing the curled Afro hair. This makes the hair stay in good condition despite the many days after the curling. If you want to have beautiful afro hair, this Professional Charcoal Infused One Step Blowout it is the best purchase you can ever make in your beauty products collection.

The device is perfect for various hair types, including the short afro hairstyle, long afro hairstyle, and medium afro hair style and professional use thanks to its ease of use. There is nothing stopping you from rocking that beautiful afro hair with this elegant hair dryer brush in the market.

Special Features

  • 3D floating plates
  • Portrays a lightweight quality
  • Adjustable temperature control buttons
  • Features ALCI safety plug


  • Portability
  • Uses Activated Charcoal
  • It comes with a limited warranty terms
  • Perfect for professional use


  • It has fragile bristles
  • Only work on high heat.
  • ONE-STEP: Quick, even heat and charcoal-infused bristles mean you can achieve beautiful blowouts with ease — in a fraction of the time.
  • DESIGN: The versatile oval brush design has gently curved sides created to smooth hair, while the rounded edges help craft volume from the roots down to beautifully curled ends.
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY: Helps maintain a neutral charge on the hair’s surface, leaving the hair looking conditioned and smooth, while helping reduce frizz and static.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: Complete with a rotating temperature control and 2 heat/ speed settings providing ultimate styling control. Fast styling, great results for all hair types.
  • COMFORTABLE: The lightweight design and soft-touch finish provide a relaxed grip. Equipped with an 8 ft. professional cord giving you free range of movement and all the reach you need.
  • SYLISTS PREFERRED: Hot Tools heritage is rooted in the professional community. We’re proud we’ve been a trusted, stylist-recommended brand since we began in 1990.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

The Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer-Brush is a hair dryer brush type that you can trust working with when styling your afro hair. Well, Revlon is known to be one of the leading brands when it comes to beauty products, and there is no doubt you can never go wrong with their products.

Their One-Step- Dryer Volumizer Brush is made with some of the best materials to ensure quality performance, durability, and versatility. You might have an enjoyable experience when using this hair dryer for your afro hair.

The device comes in the form of a unique oval brush that plays a vital role in smoothing the hair. The round edges brush is designed with both Tufted Bristles and Nylon for controlling the styling process and also improving the volume of your hair while working on it.

Revlon was so thoughtful when making this brush that it included some of the best features, including 2 heat/speed settings plus a cool option that ensures styling flexibility. The device will not weigh you down, and you can use it for as long as you wish thanks to its lightweight.

This Revlon One Step-Dryer product features the most affordable prices in the market perfect for your budget needs. This is the best device you can ever buy for a beautiful, well-styled, and easy to maintain afro hairstyle.

 Special Features

  • Nylon pin and Tufted Bristles
  • 2 speed/heat settings
  • Temperature setting button


  • Pocket –friendly price
  • It offers long-serving property.
  • Excellent heat and speed setting
  • Easy to use.


  • This hair dryer brush is prone to mechanical hitch
  • Too much heating may endanger your hair
  • VOTED “BEST BLOW-DRY BRUSH”: Simplify your getting-ready routine with this fan favorite.
  • TWO-IN-ONE TOOL: Dry and style in up to half the time* and get that just-left-the-salon feeling without leaving home.
  • 2.8” BRUSH: Styles all hair types and lengths, its wide surface area is great for long hair.
  • SALON-STYLE BLOWOUTS: Get shine, tons of volume and a smooth finish, plus create soft waves and body.
  • THREE HEAT/SPEED SETTINGS: Choose from cool, low or high to dry and style with up to 50% less heat exposure for less damage.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



What the INFINITIPRO CONAIR Wet Brush-Styler offer is an option to go for a budget purchase without compromising on other things such as features and performance. This is because the equipment has a wide range of seamless features that it is made with that works to improve the quality of your afro hairstyle.

This hair dryer brush might be ideal for afro hairstyle curling because it provides you with Infrared energy protection. Therefore, if you need shiny, Silky Afro hair, this is the right hair dryer brush you need to pick when shopping.

INFINITIPRO CONAIR Wet Brush Styler is designed from sturdy Tourmaline Ceramic material. This doesn’t only guarantee extended-lasting quality but also perfect for its purpose of restoring afro hairstyle. You’re going to use this device for as long without experiencing any mechanical hitch.

Special Features

  • Tourmaline Ceramic technology
  • 2 Heat/Speed Settings
  • High drying power
  • Cool Option for Styling Flexibility


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Reliable for afro hair styling
  • Simple and easy to use


  • It requires a high maintenance cost
  • Straightens, shines, and controls frizz with a Triple Action Styling System
  • Safely dry + style damp hair to create smooth results
  • Features tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Infrared energy protects hair's natural luster creating silky, shiny hair
  • Includes a 2 speed slide switch, and a cool shot button to lock in styles

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Brush

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Brush is a budget compact hair dryer brush that you can go for if you want to style your afro hair. It comprises a couple of features that you can try to give the time when styling your beautiful hair. This might just be the hair dryer brush type that you’ve been looking for in terms of features, performance and versatility.

The device comes with a bi-directional rotating barrel that moves forward and backward to ensure fabulous afro hairstyling results. If you want to attain that fabulous hair without using too much power or wearing yourself down, this is the dryer brush to go for.

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Brush is made of robust Titanium material ideal for high performance throughout the afro hair styling process. This type of material choice also gives a guarantee of lasting for an extended period hence providing value for your money. You also know that aluminum is one of the lightest but robust materials in the market. There is no reason why you should not make this brush part of your hairstyling routine.

Special Features

  • Push-button forward/reverse controls
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Ionic technology
  • Nano Titanium Technology


  • 3 temperature setting perfect for all afro hairstyles
  • Comes with affordable price
  • The Titanium technology gives it long-lasting service
  • Easy to use when curling afro hairstyles


  • Frequent use of the brush can cause hair damage
  • This rotating hot air brush will be your new go-to styling & finishing tool. Precisely calibrated warm airflow works with our antistatic bristle mix to deliver salon-level volume & shine.
  • This heated brush has an ergonomic handle & controls. Rotating barrel moves forward & backward for easy styling.
  • Use the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush as a finishing tool for a salon quality blow out at home. Multidirectional, 2" barrel rotates to add volume and shine
  • 3 temperature settings style all hair types
  • Push-button forward/reverse controls
  • Multidirection 2 inch barrel rotates to add volume and shine
  • Push button forward/reverse controls
  • Nano Titanium technology
  • Ionic technology and anti static bristles reduce frizz and enhance shine
  • 3 temperature settings style all hair types

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Brightup Hot Air Brush

Your search for the best and reliable hair dryer brush ends with this Brightup Hot Air Brush, Hair Dryer Brush & Styler Volumizer if you want something reliable and versatile. It is a lightweight hair dryer brush that will make your styling easy regardless of how long you have to do it. This makes the device the best device you can use when curling your hair for the best afro hairstyle.

What makes many people stand for this product is that it comes with upgraded technology. The newly advanced technology involves the hair volumizer style brush that can quickly generate negative ions to condition your afro hair. This is what your hair needs not only for perfect styling but also for adding some restoration work.

The device is available at an affordable price and based on the performance, and the benefits its gives; you’re surely going to get the perfect value for your money.

Special Features

  • 3 temperature and 2-speed settings
  • Weighs of 2.1 pounds net
  • Interchangeable brush head design
  • A 4-in-1 brush


  • Lightweight that gives it comfortable to hold
  • Has a high drying power
  • It provides good warmth
  • Comes with affordable price


  • The weight may not be favorable for the long hair curling process.


Cosy Life Hot Air Brush One-Step Hair Dryer

If you’re still in search of the best hair dryer brush for afro hair, then Cosy Life Hot Air Brush One Step Hair Dryer is the best device that you should buy. The device comes with some of the best features that ensure your comfort and provide world-class performance. The main feature that will attract you to this device is its 3 adjustable gears. This feature will help you ease the afro hair curling process and also help regulate the heat and speed used during the process.

The hair dryer brush features negative ion technology that plays a role in avoiding afro hair damage. The negative ion technology also features a hot air brush comb styler with a negative ionic technology that gives smooth afro hair condition. If you experience hair damage from time to time, this dryer brush is going to provide the solution you need.

This device is perfect not only for home but for professionals as well. Moreover, this hair dryer brush comes in a lightweight, providing an easy time when operating and also comfortable traveling since its highly portable.

Special Features

  • 3 adjustable gears
  • Come with brush comb styler
  • 6 pounds in weight
  • Nylon pin and tufted Bristles


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • It is highly flexible
  • It provides good warmth


  • It has a high-speed heating effect that may affect your hair
  • High maintenance needed


Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush is here for anyone to have an excellent afro hairstyle. The device is made of excellent sturdy material that makes it last for an extended period. The afro hair styling offers nothing but excellent performance, reliability, and durability.

Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush is designed with ionic technology that helps to reduce frizz but adds some of the tons of shine during the hairstyling process. The brush has both nylon and tufted bristles that ensure reasonable tension control during the styling process. Therefore you can rely on this hair dryer brush as one of the best devices for the best afro hair.

This dryer brush promises an affordable price that favors extensive users despite the financial status. Therefore, if you are looking forward to a cheap hair dryer for Afro hair without giving up the features and performance, ensure you consider this.

Special Features

  • 3temperature settings
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ionic technology
  • Oval in shape


  • The lightweight property provides maximum comfort
  • Comes with affordable costs
  • Nylon and Bristles offer proper exceptional tension and control
  • Beautiful design


  • Long term use may damage hair texture
  • blow-drying has never been easier! drybar's the double shot combines the hot air of a blow-dryer with the structure of a round brush to create a smooth, shiny blowout with tons of volume in one quick, simple step.
  • ionic technology reduces frizz and adds tons of shine while styling. strategically-placed vents provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout. ergonomic, lightweight design provides maximum comfort.
  • how to use: after shampooing, thoroughly towel-dry hair to remove excess water. brush out hair using a detangling brush or comb, and separate into large sections. place the double shot underneath each section and work it slowly from roots to ends, until the section is dry and smooth. for volume at the roots, use horizontally at the crown. the double shot can also be used on dry hair to create a smooth, finished look.
  • created for the perfect blowout. our philosophy is simple: focus on one thing and be the best at it. for us that's blowouts! we created a full line of hair products and tools to achieve and maintain the perfect blowout.

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HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold One Step Dryer & Volumizer

The main feature that makes this fantastic hair brush stand out from the rest is the lightweight property that makes it flexible to be used for a long time on thick and long hair types. The weight is also ideal for a frequent traveler who needs to move always and wants a portable device that doesn’t occupy too much space.

Thanks to the manufacture of HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold One Step Dryer & Volumizer they also consider the pocket sizes of their buyers and ensure something affordable without cutting out on the features. This device is not only for styling and bringing out that elegant look but also perfect for restoring hair damage thanks to its moisturizing effect.

This hair dryer brush features a black gold styling surface that acts as the ultimate styling tool for making the best Afro hairstyles. This makes this device much reliable to be used in styling and coming up with the best hairstyle of your choice.

Special features

  • Lightweight property
  • Come in Black gold color
  • Swivel cord
  • ALCI safety plug


  • Highly Affordable
  • Made of robust materials thus making it durable
  • Lightweight for easy use and portability
  • Quality with smooth operation


  • High drying property that can mess up your hair
  • The device can breakout really fast
  • Channel your inner stylist and master the best at-home professional blowout with the Hot Tools professional black gold charcoal infused one-step blowout.
  • Features a black gold styling surface designed by experts to be the ultimate in styling tools for even the most tireless stylists to enjoy.
  • Lightweight design and soft-touch finish provide comfortable styling experience.
  • Designed with an ALCI safety plug (required for U.S. hair dryers).
  • 8 feet professional swivel cord for free range of movement to give you consistent results all over.
  • Hair type: Damaged

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Magnifeko One Step Hair Dryer Brush And Styler Volumizer

Magnifeko One Step Hair Dryer Brush And Styler Volumizer is an excellent type of hair dryer brush for afro hair. For styling up your afro hair, this is the best device to use as it performs tremendous services. This hair dryer brush comes with a pocket-friendly price that makes it ideal for many people who what to have the best afro hairstyles.

The versatile nature of this hair dryer brush makes it easy to use when curling your hairstyle. This doesn’t only make your hair smooth, but it improves the quality of your afro hair. The design is incredible, the quality is on another level, and it offers top-class performance.

This fantastic hair dryer brush has a fast heating speed of 1200 W heating process. This helps to deliver excellent afro styling process performance. So, you’re going to save a lot when it comes to power as the faster heating time also means saving on energy. Therefore, this is a reliable hair dryer brush that you should buy on a budget.

Special Features

  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Tourmaline coated plates
  • Comes lightweight property
  • Black Gold styling surface


  • East to use
  • Comes with a pocket-friendly price
  • Portable
  • Made of sturdy Tourmaline material


  • Doesn’t explain the exact period for the afro hairstyling process


CNXU Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

While shopping for the best hair dryer brush for afro hair, think about this fantastic brush called CNXU Ionic Hair Straightener Brush. The device is available with a lightweight property that doesn’t only ideal for portability but best for a long-time afro hair styling process.

If you what to customize your shopping budget, this is the best hair dryer brush that will ensure you save a lot and still get the best performance. The hairbrush also ensures you get good health for your hair. It features an electric hair straightener brush perfect for the daily care of your beautiful afro hair.

Special Features

  • Adjustable temperature buttons
  • Anti-Scald Hair Straightening Brush
  • Come with Straight Heated Comb
  • Ceramic Heating LED display


  • Affordable price
  • It has a high-quality Ceramic Comb
  • Very portable
  • Durable


  • Long-term use may lead to hair damage
  • May not give exact hair dry
  • ✿【HEALTH CARE FOR YOUR HAIR】This item is an electric hair straightener brush mainly of daily care, it helps detangle your hair and straighten hair instantly while leaving behind a healthy shiny, sleek, frizz-free hair. Easily solve hair knotting, reduce pain and hair broken, repair the hair quality of harm. Achieve beautiful straight salon quality hair that will last for the entire day! Note: It gives you a silky and natural straight look and can't straighten the hair like the flat iron does.
  • ✿【MCH HEATING】Advanced MCH heating has incomparable superiority than PTC in market, rapid, uniform heating and homothermal. Simply turn it on, hair straightening brush temperature will be displayed on the LED screen. Wait less than a minute and then straighten your hair. The adjustable heat temperatures from 150℃(300℉) to 230℃(450℉) allow you to match your specific hair type: thin, fine, bleached, wavy or curled. Just 60s, it can heat up to the setting temperature and offer a great result!
  • ✿【INNOVATIVE DESIGN】Ionic can penetrate into hair core, intensively nourish hair from within to create stronger hair that’s more resistant to the dry, damaging effects. Meanwhile, the 360° swivel power cord and prevents wire twining and makes it ideal for professional salon use, travel & at home hair care. Gives you a smooth experience every time. Also you can easily toggle between ℃ and ℉ by pressing the power button and the Ionic button together.
  • ✿【SAFE】The entire heated area is surrounded with hard plastic bristles to protect you from burning. Your hair straightener has an automatic turning off feature after a usage of 30 minutes to keep you and your counters safe. If you want to use it again, you can press the power button to turn on the appliance. It has dual voltage ranging from 100V to 240V suitable for travel and business trip. Note: The beep voice is the safety prompt tone of power supply and temperature adjustment.
  • ✿【How To Clean】You can clean it by your dry, clean and spare makeup brush. Keeping you satisfied is our number one goal. We are so certain you'll love this brush, you have nothing to lose and beautiful hair to gain!

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Verdict On Best Hair Dryer Brush For Afro Hair

Hair dryer brushes offer excellent performance in ensuring your afro hair maintains its vibrant, full, and beautiful look. But you can only achieve this if you choose the best hair dryer brush for your afro hair. Well, there is a variety in the market with incredible features making it hard to choose. But we’re sure you’re going to find a few in this comprehensive review to help you out.

We consider BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Brush as our no1 recommendation as the dryer brush features some of the best features and advanced technologies, including the famous 3 temperature settings and ionic technology.

Well, if you still consider any of the above the best, we won’t try to change your taste because all these brushes are perfect and have the best features in the market. Do your research, find out the best features you’ll love, and make sure you come out with the best material for your afro hair.


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