Best Lipstick for Dark Skin Tone Black women, Best Colors and Shades Orange, Blue

Are you dark skin and you want to know the best lipstick for you? There are perfect colors and shades you cannot go wrong with. Think of orange, coral and blue lipstick for your dramatic

What is the best lipstick for dark skin? Get more insight on the lipstick for dark skin in best colors and shades such as orange, coral, and blue lipstick for black skin tone women. Read the article to explore top rated brands for the best lipstick for dark skin.

best lipstick for dark skin
best lipstick for dark skin

Finding the perfect stunning lip color can be crazy hectic especially when you are not aware of your skin undertones. In this article, you are going to learn the easiest way of identifying the best lipstick for your dark skin complexion. There is much lipstick ideas you will garner at the end of your reading since this information is obtained from makeup professionals.

Dark skin complexion is featured by either golden yellow undertones or warm red to brown skin undertones. Think of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Jenifer Hudson among others. Before getting into much details, let me take you through the lipstick colors that best accentuate lips for dark skin tone women.

Lipstick Colors for Dark Skin (Tones)

There are various lipstick colors and shades for black women with dark skin tones. Not all of the available colors are perfect for any dark skin woman. There are other features like natural hair color, eyes color and skin undertones that will determine how the lipstick colors and shades suits you.

Brown Lipsticks color for Dark Skin Tones.

Brown lipstick color is incredibly perfect for dark skin girls. If you want something to make your dramatic eyes pop, go for brown lipstick color shades such as darker and chocolate. You can go for lighter shades if you love neutral. The whole idea is to find what suits your skin undertones and eyes color.

Top Rated Brown Lipsticks Brands for Dark Skin include; MAC in Chestnut, MAC in Stripdown, Nars in Chelsea Girls, Clinique Almost in Black Honey among others. Ensure the brand is long wearing and moist enough to maintain the hydration state of your lips.

Red Lipstick Colors for Dark skin Complexion

Dark skin girls can attain an instant glamour by going for a red lipstick color. Traditionally, red is a rocking lip color that is not only romantic but also vibrant hence adding radiance to dark skin tones giving then a lovely and sexy appearance. Get the right shade of red lipstick for your dark skin tone.

For your deeply dark skin, go for a fiery intense red. This is a bold color that makes your other features to stand out. The red hues have great tendency to add vibrant and warmth to your golden or brown undertones. To attain the double attention and flattering appearance, get the best brand of red lipstick color among which are listed below.

Best Red Lipstick Brands for Dark Skin

Here are among the top rated brands you can give a trial.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Cruella

The NARS matte lip pencil red is a non-drying non glossy lipstick color that can give you an instant glamour all day. The appearance of the color on the lips seem a bit staining hence gorgeous red for your dark skin complexion. An alternative to this red lipstick color is the MAC Lipstick Ruby Woo.

Beauty is Life Lipstick in Red-13 WC

For brighter red, this is among the top rated brand you can try. Though a little glossier, there is no doubt in attaining the sexy lip color appearance for your dark skin. Remember that this lip color requires relatively high level of maintenance as compared to any other shades. Suitable for both day and night time and approximately two light layers can last long.

Tom Ford Lip Color Wild Ginger

Light and bright red lipstick color can be amazing on dark skin tones. Tom Ford Lip color Wild Ginger is the ideal in giving such a lovely and young appearance. It has some orange hues combined with some darker hues to complement your skin. An alternative for this lipstick color is the NARS Semi Matte Lipstick Heat Wave.

Purple Lipstick Color for Dark Skin

Purple is not only a cool lip color for your pout but also a double attraction for your dramatic smoky eyes. The best purple lipstick shade you can try is the NARS Semi Matte Funny Face purple hue. The metallic sheen adds radiance to your brown or golden undertones making you appear exemplary stunning.

Apply a moderate amount to make your lips pop. Some complementing eye makeup can make the hue to look more flamboyant. Going for deeper purple can still be awesome especially if you go for Dolce & Gabanna’s Duo Gloss Fusion sheer lipstick in #100.

Nude lipstick color for Dark Skin women

Nude lipstick is ever amazing on almost all the skin complexions. Dark skin women can still pull off this lip color without going wrong. If you not comfortable in nude shades, then you can try any plum shade for your lips.

Some of the best brand of nude lipstick for your dark skin tones include; MAC Lipstick in Siss, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Hazelnut, Maybelline ColorSensational in Bean There, Neutrogena Moistureshine gloss in Natural and Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in Sultry Simplicity among others.

Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin (Women)

For many years, dark skin women have had tough moments in trying to wear some of the trendy and sassy lipsticks. Brown and nudes have seem to be the only zone to always tour when it comes to lipstick shades and colors though these colors becomes boring due to their lack of flare.

There are various lipstick shades in reds, orange, purples and pinks that can definitely make a dark skin girl look stunning. The only trick is to ensure you complement well your skin undertones to avoid looking washed out. It is good to be aware that not every lipstick shade will look perfect on every women.

Here are some of the most popular and well researched on vibrant lipstick for dark skin women. To know whether the shade suits you perfectly, begin by swiping a little amount of the lipstick color on under your wrist. If it is one or two shade deeper than your undertones then go for it.

Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin Women.

Here are the favorite shades and few top rated brands.

Purple Lipstick Shades

·         CoverGirl Divine Lip Perfection

·         Revlon Berry Haute

·         Urban Decay Apocalypse

·         Maybelline Brazen Berry

·         Red Lipstick Shades

·         CoverGirl Hot

Oranges Lipstick Shades

·         Urban Decay Punch Drunk

·         Revlon ColorBurst Lip Color Tutti Frutti

·         Maybelline Electric Orange

·         Colorbar Velvet Matte Obsessed Orange

·         Inglot Matte Lipstick 103

Red Lipstick Shades

·         CoverGirl Hot

·         MAC Russian Red

·         Revlon Candy Apple

·         Maybelline On Fire Red

Blues Lipstick Shades

·         KA’OIR Doll

·         KA’OIR Harlem Knight

·         Lime Crime No She Didn’t

Pink Lipstick Shades

·         Maybelline Fuchsia Flash

·         MAC Viva Glam Nicki

·         CoverGirl Rose Quartz

·         SmashBox Be Legendary Pink Petal Lipstick

Coral Lipstick Shades

  • ·         L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick – 406 Neonic Orange (Bright Coral)

·         Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Color in Coral Lustre

·         Cover Girl Lip Perfection Coral red.


Tips on Application and How to Wear Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin

  • Any bright lipstick color for any skin complexion needs high level of maintenance.
  • Exfoliate your lips and ensure they are not dry and chapped before the application of any lipstick color. You can use olive oil and a brush or a soft piece of cloth with warm water.
  • Moisturize your lips a night to the application of lipstick. Immediate application of a lip balm can make the lipstick not to adhere to your lips. A lip primer can be used for dark skin tones and you can try MAC’s Moisture Cover concealer
  • Let the products dry then apply your desired lipstick color. While choosing a lip liner, ensure it is matching with your lip shade or a shade lighter.
  • To make your lips color outstanding, the rest of the makeup should be simple. Apply some face powder and slightly complementing mascara for the stunning appearance.

Best Lipstick for Dark Skin

There are many factors to consider while selecting the best lipstick for dark skin. Don’t be attracted only to the colors and shades but also consider other characteristic features of a good lipstick brand. Among what you should not fail to consider include the following:

  • Color and Shades: The lipstick color or pigment should be rich enough to meet your desired standards. The shade should complement your skin tone to give you a shiny appearance.
  • Moisture Content: Consider buying a lipstick that has enough moisture capacity to make your mouth supple and hydrated all day long. Avoid lipstick that contain harsh ingredients that can make your lips to dry and get chapped.
  • Long Wearing: This is an extraordinary feature of the modern lipstick colors and shades. What you choose should have a high staying power to stay long without fading or drying.
  • Plumpness: An ideal lipstick color should add plumpness to your lips making them to appear fuller and sexy. Though this can be attained using plumping lip gloss and lip balms, it becomes more convenient if the lipstick has this kind of ability.
  • Flavor: A nice lipstick should have a nice romantic scent though it should not be too intensive to cause irritation.
  • Cost: Pocket friendly products should not compromise on quality, but should enable the consumer meet her purchasing power. There are many cheap lipstick for dark skin form various drugstores and agents.
  • Maintenance: Generally, bright lipsticks require high levels of maintenance. The lipstick should not overly demand for the shiny and long lasting appearance.
  • Safety standards: The kind of lipstick you choose should not pause any health risk to the user. Some products contain harsh chemical ingredients that can damage your lips.

Coral Lipstick for Dark Skin

Coral tend to be a bit brighter for darker skin but young and trendy girls can still be comfortable in this lipstick color. To balance out your skin tone you can apply a touch of gold lip gloss on top hence making your yellow undertones to sparkle bright. Coral is a nice during summertime and while at the beach during the day time.

You can also go for orange coral lipstick colors since they are perfect in accenting dark skin tones. The shade adds glamour to the golden and brown undertones whether during the day or night time. Shimmery shades of coral lipsticks are not suitable for dark skin since they make your look paler.

Blue Lipstick on Dark Skin

This is among the trending and best among lip cosmetics. There are various shades of blue lipstick such as sky blue, dark blue, light blue, purple blue, navy blue and bright blue shades respectively. Dark skin women are not left out in making a statement appearance with this cool lipstick color.

Blue lipstick is a fun color but not everyone is guaranteed of making a statement in this nuance. For some people, the appearance can be too bold and even hard to withstand. A simple makeup and some powder on your face can make your eyes to stand. The lip color will also depend on how you accentuate your silhouette.

Dark Skin Celebrities with Blue Lipstick Color

There are many Hollywood dark skin stars currently rocking in blue lips. The gorgeous navy blue lipstick color worm by Teyana Taylor is among what made her style and fashion to rock and hit the cover pages of many publications. Nicole Bitchie in her bold blue lip color not only made her eyes to pop but also her natural hair color.

This gorgeous lipstick color is also spotted among other celebrities like Amber Rose, Ashanti and Rihanna. Ka’oir Cosmetics are among the producers of the blue lipsticks that celebrities never fail to have. To make yourself more stunning, blue lipstick color should be complement your fashion style.

Orange Lipstick on Dark Skin

Dark skin can still flatter in orange lipstick color. Brown or deep red are among the shades that complements well with the black skin tones. Your makeup ought to be simple, avoid overdoing eye shadow and eye liner if you want your eyes to stand out. Some little mascara and eyebrow shadow are also suitable in showing off your eye color hues.

Yellow based oranges lipstick color is also the best option for dark skin girls. The hue forms the perfect contrast by adding radiance to the golden tones. Shimmer lipsticks are ideal but the right flecks like gold or copper are the best.

Some of the best brands include; MAC Neon Orange,  Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe, L´Oreal Lipstick – no. 163 Magic Orange, REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick, Revlon Colorburst in Peach and Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick O Orange among others.

Dark Lipstick for Dark Skin

Dark lipstick is gorgeous when combined with complementing shades such as red or brown. The makeup should also be of the right contrast besides your clothing, eyes color and hair color style. This lipstick in various shades ranging from deep chocolate browns, purples to black is trendy and can be the ideal for runway, party and fashion events.

Majority of the dark lipstick color and shades are cool hence suitable for cool skin tones. Warm skin tones are always flattering in shades with yellow undertones though this shade can expose the discoloration of your teeth. To make them appear white, blue based dark is the bomb.

Bold dark lipstick shades are capable of attracting double attention. Therefore ensure your lips are in good condition to avoid looking awkward. Exfoliate to ensure that the dry skin or chapped lips are avoided since this color will settle in the lines a d cracks making it look ugly.

Use a gloss to moisturize your lips. Apply a lip primer or concealer in the same shade as your lip color before wearing your dark lipstick color. The foundation used should complement your skin tone for a natural instant glamour.

Best Dark Lipstick for Dark Skin – Brands

Here is what you can try.

  • Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Berry
  • Dior Addict extreme in 986 Bonne Aventure
  • Mac Satin Lipstick in Film Noir
  • Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick in 292N Ches Prune
  • Chanel Rouge Allure in 122 Farouche
  • Sleek True Colour Lipstick Sheen in Cherry

In conclusion, dark lipstick for dark skin can easily be noticed when faded or worn off. You ought to take time and select a long wearing dark lipstick brand that will last. The product should have ability to moisturize your lips without pausing any health risk.

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