Best And Safe Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

What are the best and safe sleeping positions during pregnancy? According to research by pregnancy experts, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is the SOS style. There are good reasons as to why sleeping on the side is recommended as the best posture. It will even be better if you sleep on the left side. Due to the location of the Vena Cava on our right side of the body, this position prevents exertion of pressure and weight to this section. There will be sufficient blood flow with the right pressure to the rest of the body and the fetus as well.

Comfortable Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a no joke feature and can be havoc to many women. They are the time they will experience unexpected on their body. The painting of the back and difficulty breathing that results in the impossibility of sleeping are common. The situation can be worsened by posturing wrongly while sleeping. This is why it becomes essential to learn and practice comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy.

Best and safe Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy
Best and safe Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Other than the mother suffering in the wrong sleep posture, the fetus or the baby might get affected in several ways. The comfortable sleeping position ensures that there is sufficient circulation of both blood and oxygen to the baby. Most women have lost their early pregnancy as a result of bad pregnancy sleeping positions.

Sometimes it becomes hard to conform to a specific sleeping position the whole night. The mind can be frustrated and making you have insufficient sleep. There is a way you need to prepare yourself psychologically to conquer this circumstance. Before going to bed the mind must be relaxed and settled. A hot drink and massaging can help in the relaxation of the body before crawling to the bed.

Sleeping Positions during Early Pregnancy

The first semester of pregnancy may not be as challenging as the last semester. During early pregnancy, the fetus is not much developed and various sleep positions are likely to be compromised. But as I said from the beginning practice makes perfect. The earlier you start having safe sleep positions then the easier it becomes in putting it to action.

Therefore, sleeping positions during pregnancy matters a lot such that it should not be ignored by anyone who aspires to have a successful journey of delivering a healthy child by a healthy mother.

Best Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Best sleeping position during pregnancy can be perfect depending on how the pillow is placed on the bed. Experts propose that when a pillow is placed under the belly and behind the back sleeping becomes comfortable. There are cases where pregnant women experience heartburn resulting from burning in the throat. Bad posture makes the fetus exert pressure on the stomach forcing the acid to rise to the throat.

“If you sleep on your back, the enlarged uterus presses against the inferior vena cava, the vein that returns blood from the lower body to the heart.”[Vera Stucky, M.D., an obstetrician at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center]

Sleeping on the tummy is not recommendable during the pregnancy period. This is putting weight on the fetus. This posture will become difficult especially when the fetus is grown.” For obvious reasons, sleeping on your stomach isn’t a good idea after the fifth month of pregnancy. And it’s so uncomfortable that most women stop doing it much earlier.”[Vera Stucky, M.D., an obstetrician at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center]

Worst Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Sleeping on the tummy is too dangerous for both the mother and the fetus. It will become totally impossible when the pregnancy grows. The digesting can be hampered and causes of heartburn get to increase since the squeezing of the stomach causes the acid to spill up to the throat. The baby might also be affected due to poor circulation and more weight pressure.

Back sleeping is the worst since the entire weight of the body and the fetus is pressured towards the back. The intestines and other vital organs can become impaired. The blood pressure is lowered and the mother can experience nausea, dizziness beside the likelihood of fainting.

Sleeping on the side is regarded as the best sleeping positions during the pregnancy but the question is, which side? The worst is sleeping on the right side of the body. This is the side where major blood vessels like the vena cava is found. Doing it this side will automatically reduce blood flow hence a more complicated situation happening. At the later stage, this should never be done since the fetus has more weight. At initial stages, the effect can be minimal.

Safe Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Ensuring the safety of your carried baby and your body is something a precious woman will always do. Safe sleeping positions during pregnancy should not be a one-day decision to reach. This must be put into practice from the day go. According to the experts, 16th week of pregnancy should begin by rightful sleep positions.

Kidney conditions and Hypertension can emerge as a result of bad postures during sleeping for pregnant women. Other conditions that might develop include edema, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. The baby kicks in the stomach once the sleeping position is not comfortable. This will result to pain in the belly that becomes hard to withstand. Therefore proper sleeping position during pregnancy is a key factor to a successful pregnancy.

Sleeping on Side during Pregnancy

Sleeping on the side during pregnancy has been researched and concluded to be the best of sleeping positions during pregnancy. The left side is highly recommendable for this case. Women who practice this style from their early stage of pregnancy ends up with no complications during and at the end of their task. The baby grows healthy due to sufficient nutrients and oxygen supply.

Once this posture has been put into complete practice, the mind and the fetus become settled. “If the baby gets uncomfortable, it will start kicking and wake up the mother so she can change position,” [George Verrilli, M.D., an obstetrician in private practice in Rhinebeck, NY]

Comfortable Sleep Positions during Pregnancy

Comfortable sleep positions during pregnancy are hard to attain. This must begin with the mindset and how preparedness of your psychology is. The experts insist on specific sleep postures that must be obeyed. Pregnancy exercises should not be avoided given that they will make it easier to conform to the safe sleeping positions during pregnancy. Yoga for pregnancy helps in promoting the body flexibility and toning of the muscles as well.

Pregnancy sleeping positions are not many and it may become boring to practice on style. This should not be an excuse. Pregnancy takes nine months and you are done. Better to sacrifice for this short period than to ignore and face a scenario that will affect the greatest part of your life.

Proper Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Proper sleeping position during pregnancy is a mandatory requirement. This is not only safe for your health but also for the fetus. Pregnant women should not sleep on their back. This is risky and can lead to fainting and cases of dizziness. Back sleeping during pregnancy exerts more pressure on the organs in the abdomen cavity hence impairing digestion and circulation.

The best proper sleeping position during pregnancy is to lie on the left side. This allows maximum blood flow to both the mother and the fetus. Sleeping on the right side is not ideal due to the location of the vena cava vessel that is a major supplier of the blood. It is placed at the right side of the body and can be pressured.

Therefore, it is evident that proper sleeping position is key to the overall health of our bodies and we should always strive to attain a proper and significant sleeping posture.

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