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Read to explore stretch marks treatment using various ways. Some of the highlighted methods include top creams, laser, plastic surgery and more tips on how to get rid of stretch marks fast with home remedies.


Causes of Different Types of Stretch Marks

 causes of stretch marks

Knowing the causes of stretch marks can be one way of coming up with a robust method for stretch marks treatment. This skin cosmetic problem can be disappointing among many people due to its nature of persistence. My sister realized that she had been attacked by stretch marks on her legs and ever since she began dropping in academics performance at the college level.

She kept asking me if her boyfriend would admit seeing her with pink strips on her legs and thighs. She became devastated and her confidence completely dropped. Thank God, my mum had must vast knowledge about stretch marks and most likely she might have transferred them genetically to my sister.

Surprising enough, she had no any single stretch mark on her skin despite the three pregnancies she had carried in her lifetime. She acted urgently by devising on various stretch marks treatments that she had ever used and my sister got to do away with the marks completely.

This is when I came to realize that causes of stretch marks do not necessarily depend on your age. Both men and women are all at same risk of getting stretch marks on their skin. They have been classified majorly as white stretch marks and red stretch marks. The causes of stretch marks have nothing to do with the types stated. They are named after their age and resilience.

The major causes of different types of stretch marks include the following, genetics, and body changes during puberty, pregnancy lines, weigh gaining or weight loss, muscle bulking during bodybuilding and skin underlying health problems. The intensity of the stretch marks and color will depend on the skin complexity of the bearer.


Ways of Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks treatment

Stretch marks are an external skin cosmetic condition that should be seriously looked at. Besides lowering the self-esteem of the person having them, the skin beauty is diminished and even change in complexity. This problem ought to be dealt with early enough before the red stretch marks turn to the white stretch marks. Lest they are likely to become part of you for the rest of your life. The following are some of the proven ways for the stretch marks treatment.


Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks form as a result of scaring of the deeper layer of the skin after a stretch. The top layer is made of the dead cells and the space to make the fiber injured be exposed. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic application for exfoliation. Through this process, the dead top layered skin cell is removed and the new one is left to develop. It involves scrubbing with some type of sand.

The method was earlier used in the treatment of complex skin scars. Some of the cosmetic problems solved by microdermabrasion include wrinkles, age spots and some types of acne. They are completely removed and new skin pigmentation forms making you appear toned and younger.

Microdermabrasion for stretch marks works under the same principles. The deeper skin scarring is able to be improved by the removal of the dead cells from the top of the skin. This has worked for many people after undergoing several microdermabrasion sessions. They were able to develop new skin cells at the end of the treatment. More resistant stretch marks can fade and finally disappear.


Creams for Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch marks creams

Stretch marks creams are the option for most people with stretch marks. The only problem is that there is no certainty is completely eliminating this skin cosmetic condition. Most individuals keep asking themselves, “What is the best stretch mark cream for stretch mark removal?” The answer to such a question will partly be solved by the list of some of the best stretch mark cream provided on this page.

My younger sister stretch marks condition made her a great philosopher and she kept asking many questions like “what are the top stretch mark creams on the market today?” the answer I gave still was not satisfactory to her and again one day she asked me a question that left me laughing, ” What is the worst stretch mark cream to use as stretch marks treatment?” I gave her an answer and she walked nodded the head to agree with me.

Among the brands, I had researched on to provide her with what I believed was a perfect answer include the following.

  • Revitol Stretch Mark Cream
  • Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Cream
  • Bio Oil for Stretch Marks
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter
  • Skinception Stretch Marks Cream

Her curiosity and concern made her to further ask me, “Are there side effects of using stretch mark creams for stretch mark treatment?” The answer to this was that it depends on the ingredients used in the manufacture of the product. Some side effects are minimal and hidden. The natural stretch mark removal creams are almost guaranteed of no side effects.


Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

laser stretch mark removal method

This is one of the successful technique for the stretch marks treatment. Most patients are a testimony after undergoing a complete laser stretch mark removal session. The pulsed light is exposed to the area invaded with stretch marks to promote healing of the scaring lines and removal of the top layered dead skin cell to expose the underneath affected layer for instant recovery.

There are various forms of laser stretch mark removal method and they all perform more or less same function with different mechanisms of application. They include the following. Fractional laser treatment for stretch marks, Excimer laser treatment for stretch marks and Pulsed dye laser treatment for stretch marks.

Lase stretch mark treatment should be done with a skilled specialist. The cost and application procedures are among what to know before you opt for this technique. The cost depends on the size of the area to be covered and also the number of sessions for the complete treatment. More ideas should be gathered about the pros and cons of laser stretch marks removal for you to be certain if you are fit enough to go through this treatment.


Plastic Surgery Method of Stretch Marks Removal

Non-invasive stretch mark surgery procedures and skin invasive procedures are the two broad categories of plastic surgery for stretch mark removal. Non- invasive procedures work similarly to laser stretch mark removal applications. While invasive technique involves the flattening of the stretch marks by removal of some skin tissues by either abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty. Furthermore, procedures like thigh and breast lift can be employed.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Home remedies for stretch mark

Home remedies for stretch mark make use of what you have in your kitchen and garden to aid in the removal of stretch marks. Aloe Vera extract and coconut oil among others can remove stretch marks when you are patient and in no hurry. They take longer to produce results, perhaps this is what makes them different with artificial techniques like laser stretch marks removal treatment.


In conclusion, therefore, stretch marks treatment should begin by identification of the causes of stretch marks then effective methods of treatment can be followed. Stretch mark creams and lotions, laser stretch mark removal, microdermabrasion, and plastic surgery are the know ways of getting rid of stretch marks.

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