Best Yoga Facial Exercises for Face Lift and Muscle Toning

Yoga Facial Exercises

Like any other part of your body, the face also needs exercise to look fit and young. Reading this article will you will learn what is all about facial exercises and face yoga that will make you look youthful and strong. Tips on chicks and facelift without surgery have also been highlighted in comprehensiveness.

Facial Exercises – Meaning

This refers to any work out that is aimed at changing the facial contours and remove sagging of the skin and wrinkles on the face. This is done by exercising facial muscles to bring about muscle tone and prevention of muscle loss as a result of aging.

Before and after yosa facial toning exercises
Before and after yoga facial toning exercises

Facial toning is majorly achieved by the activity of facial muscles exercising. Facial toning can either be active exercising or passive. In the active type, an individual practically makes some facial muscle movements to bring contraction and relaxation in a repetitive manner.

Examples of these exercises include yoga face and facial massage exercises. The passive type of facial toning involves the use of metal electrodes in combination with conductive gel on the area and triggered to form energy that stimulates the muscle contractions.

Facial toning is essential since it helps in creating a youthful facial appearance. It is the only method known to stimulate the increase in the blood and nutrients to the skin and the face organs like the eyes, ears, and nose hence making them function effectively. Care should be taken while using this method since excessive electrode energy can cause defects of the face organs and underlying skin tissues.

Yoga Facial Exercises Physical and Health Benefits

Get rid of wrinkles and facial lines

Facial exercise is the best method to remove the wrinkles and lines on your face. The contracting and relaxation of facial muscles help in tightening the skin and the underlying muscles hence removing the wrinkles. The muscle loss and skin hanging effect of aging can greatly be taken care of by the early starting of facial exercises.

Prevents slack facial muscles

By exercising the facial muscles we avoid the situation of hanging and lose muscles on our face. The double chin condition can easily be caused by the sagging of the muscles at the chin area.

Facial yoga exercises before and after picture
Facial yoga exercises before and after pictures

Facial exercises make the face look young

This exercise is not biased by age or gender. For the old people, it helps them tighten the aging face muscles and place them in a good shape hence making a youthful appearance. For young people, this activity will prevent them from any future risk of having a wrinkled and sagging face.

Young kids also ought to be taught how to do this exercise since it will help in the flow of blood to the facial skin issues and in the process also supplying nutrients. Their skin will therefore grow tender and supple.

Yoga facial exercises are economical

This workout is done on your own and you don’t need a lot of time. You don’t incur any expense in practicing face yoga. There is no hiring of an expert to train you on these facial exercises. Therefore this method is tamed economical and effective in terms of time and price.

Convenient and effectiveness

Facial exercises is the most convenient activity since it can be done from anywhere and you don’t need any gadgets for that matter. Be it in your home or office all you need is a hand mirror to help you see how far you have stretched your face. It can be done by anyone regardless of age, sex, gender, or occupation.

Facial exercises tighten the skin and no effect on baggy skin

Some exercise will at first make your skin look loose and baggy before tightening begins. Facial exercises are not among this. It is best known to compact your skin and make it smooth. Therefore you have no reason as to why you should fear to try this exercise.

Reduces Usage of Chemical facial products

Many people try to achieve a young look at the usage and application of chemical compounds on their faces. These products can be harmful to your skin upon accumulation and deposition of lead substances in them. The effects range from minor to tragic ones. Skin cancer and defect face bounded organs can occur. Yoga facial exercises are free and convenient to practice. Why should you rely on chemicals to get rid of wrinkles, double chin, and even lines on your face?

Reduces chances for surgical face-lifting

There should be no reason as to why you should go for a surgical operation to lift your face. This kind of treatment has its downsides and may not be the best option. There is the formation of scars and cut marks that may be permanent. Some skin underlying tissues can be damaged in this process hence causing more complications.

Natural and Traditional

This practice has been there since historic. It has been seen to give positive results. It is naturally done and this makes it preferable over other methods of facial muscle exercising.

Yoga Facial exercising Tips

Facial yoga before and after
Facial yoga before and after
  • It must be done regularly for effective results. Doing it daily is recommended for the most perfect outcome.
  • Facial exercises do not stop you from using other face makeups. Other skin products can be used along with facial exercises to bring a more toned look to the skin.
  • The practice works effectively for any skin type and any body shape
  • Take more water while doing yoga facial exercises to avoid dehydration.
  • A balanced diet rich in vitamin E is good for your face and entire body.
  • Getting enough best rest is essential for skin and muscle development.

Yoga Facial exercises for Facelift

Eyebrow workout

  1. Raise your eyebrows
  2. press the hard with your fingers the area below the eyebrows
  3. While tightly holding move your brows up and down
  4. Now close your eyes as you do this and make about ten counts before you stop.

This exercise will make your eyebrows look active and awake. This will improve the look of your face making you appear young and beautiful.

Chick workouts

While pressing your chicks with your palms, fill the air inside and make seven counts. Fill more air inside at the region of upper lips and move your nose right and left. This will make the jaw muscles to relax and contract hence becoming fit.

Chin workouts

Facial toning exercises before and after
Facial toning exercises before and after

Raise your head to face the sky and pull the skin at the lower lips and try to roll it on the low teeth. Then try to fill the air inside your upper lip. Make ten counts and relax.

Lip and mouth exercising

Pucker both your lips in a kiss manner than open your mouth wide open. Do this severally and make ten counts. This will work out the muscles underlying the mouth region.

Face massage

Daily face massage improves the blood flow into the scalp and makes your head organs active. This can be done with warm water every morning and before bed rest. A recommendable oil can be used along with the massage to bring about more tone on the skin.

I conclude by advising you to do facial exercises on a daily basing and you will grow young with a youthful facial appearance.

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