Causes of Stretch Marks, Types, Treatments and Home Remedies

What are the causes of stretch marks? Get more insight into the causes of different types of stretch marks. The article has explored the various treatments of stretch marks and home remedies.


What are Stretch Marks?

causes of stretch marks

These are strips that form on the skin due to stretching, they are noticeable and mostly appear on the abdomen, thighs, butts, breasts. They have varied colors depending on the skin type. The streak colors include white, purple, and sometimes pink. Both men and women can experience stretch marks on different body parts.


Which Body Parts Experience Stretch Marks?

Some of the parts susceptible to stretch marks include the following, stomach stretch marks, stretch marks on hips and thigh, breast stretch marks, upper and underarm stretch marks, lower back, legs stretch marks, buttocks stretch marks shoulder stretch marks among others.


How Does Stretch Marks Look Like?

stretch marks

This is a question many people who have never had experience with stretch marks keep asking. Most teenagers would like to know this such that they can easily tell when stretch marks start appearing. Stretch marks have no symptoms and most people notice them upon the appearance.

At the initial stage, these strips appear like longitudinal pink lines on the mentioned parts. They intensify as time goes by and the pink lines lighten to purple which finally turns to silvery in appearance. Striae rubra is a term used to describe stretch marks that appear purplish-pink in medical terms. Striae albae, on the other hand, describes silvery stretch marks. Striae nigrae are the dark brown stretch marks observed in people with dark complexity.


What are the Causes of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be genetically inherited from the parents. “Basically, if your mother had them, you’re probably going to have them” [A director of the University of Miami Cosmetic Center, Laslie Bauman] Therefore observe if your parents have them and begin finding on how you can deal with them should they appear in future on your skin.

When skin is overstretched the underneath fibers get injured. There are lines left as scars after healing and they will definitely have different colors like silver, pink or purple hence termed as stretch marks. There are various factors that can cause the skin to stretch including muscle gaining and weight loss. Pregnancy can also cause to the stretching hence the formation of marks on the thighs, stomach, and belly.

Weight gain can cause the skin to stretch hence the formation of scaring lines. This is common especially when weight is gained rapidly. Weight loss can also lead to the formation of these strips on the skin. There are safe and proven ways for weight loss or gain that prevents the occurrence of stretch marks. Bodybuilding can cause the sprout of this skin deformation condition.

Some stretch marks can form as a symptom of some skin disorders like the Cushing’s illness and adrenal disorders. People who use steroids for bodybuilding can easily experience stretch marks. Teenagers at the puberty experience rapid development of body parts. This may not exempt them from having the streaks on the skin. Therefore it is evident that individuals at adolescence are susceptible to stretch marks.


What are the Types of Stretch Marks?

White and red stretch marks are the two distinctive classes of stretch marks. Since we have stretch marks forming on different body parts, the article will narrow down to address the subcategories of stretch marks depending on their area of appearance. Causes of stretch marks, in this case, may remain the same for either type. To begin with, find out what is the difference between white stretch marks and red stretch marks.


What is the Difference between Red Stretch Marks & White Stretch Marks?

difference between Red Stretch Marks & White Stretch Marks

Red Stretch Marks

They are also regarded as pink stretch marks by some people. Red stretch marks represent the initial young stage for the formation of stretch marks of any kind. When the skin is stretched for instance due to pregnancy or weight gain, red or pink lines appear beneath the skin surface due to injured fiber. The red stretch marks, however, changes color as the scaring heals.

Red stretch marks can be treated and made to disappear by use of stretch mark creams, oils, and laser stretch mark treatments. They can easily fade due to their young nature. Microdermabrasion technique can also be used in the treatment of red stretch marks.


White Stretch Marks

These are aged red or pink stretch marks that have changed the color. They can sometimes appear silvery and they are considered permanent. By looking at the stretch mark pictures you can tell that color is not a distinctive factor of naming them red and white. Neither does the causes of stretch marks is used in distinguishing and naming them as well.

White stretch marks are tough and resistant to some of the stretch mark creams and lotions. They may completely fail to disappear or can take quite long for them to fade. More powerful stretch mark products and sophisticated methods of stretch mark treatment and removal like surgery are the only proven ways of getting rid of white stretch marks.


Types of Stretch Marks Based on Body Parts

Stretch Marks on Stomach

stretch marks on the stomach

Both men and women can experience stretch marks on the stomach. Some people I have interacted with have found it difficult to understand if men can really have stretch marks on the stomach. Obesity in men leads to fats deposit formation around the stomach. The skin gets stretched due to gain weight hence occurrence of the stretch marks on the stomach besides the thighs and buttocks.

Causes of stretch marks on stomach among women are as a result of known reasons. Pregnancy can either cause weight gain or weight loss. All the same, the two effects leave streak lines running down on the stomach. Both red stretch marks and white stretch marks can be noticed on the stomach and the belly as well.

Pregnancy lines is a term used in describing stretch marks on the stomach among women. The pregnancy lines form on the belly after and during the pregnancy. During this period women also experience stretch marks on the thighs, hips, buttocks, legs, and thighs.


Stretch Marks on the Breasts

This is common in pregnant women and those who are doing breastfeeding. The skin on the breasts become elastic and stretches making the underneath fiber to damage. This causes scarring that is either red or white.  Causes of stretch marks on the breasts are obvious and mainly due to suspended weight.


Best Treatments and Remedies for Stretch Mark Removal

The listed below are some of the proven and best treatments for getting rid of stretch marks.

  • Microdermabrasion for stretch marks removal
  • Lotions for stretch marks removal
  • Oils for stretch marks removal.
  • Creams for stretch marks removal
  • Laser stretch marks removal
  • Herbal remedies for stretch marks removal
  • Vitamins for stretch marks treatment
  • Natural stretch marks treatments
  • Mederma therapy for stretch marks removal.

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