Funny Baby Sleeping Positions And Best Beddings For Them

What are safe baby sleeping positions? Read this article to get more insight on safe and funny baby sleeping positions. Newborn sleeping positions have also been comprehensively covered to enable garner sufficient knowledge of keeping your baby safe while sleeping.


Newborn sleeping positions

The safest baby sleeping positions for newborn is placing them on their back. This reduces chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This is according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Most cases of SIDS in the United States and other parts of the world are due to wrong baby sleeping positions.

Safe and Funny Baby sleeping positions
Safe and Funny Baby sleeping positions

Infants who are placed to sleep on their stomach have high risks to SIDS. This sleep posture prevents the baby from obtaining sufficient oxygen. The rebreathing of air created around the beddings makes it difficult for the carbon dioxide to get out of the body.

Let the newborn sleep on their back until the time when they are able to roll. By then it is logic that the SIDS stage will have been passed and the baby can grow healthy. The head should not be tightly covered with heavy materials like blankets. Safest beddings are sleeping bags preferably fitted with neck and armholes.


Funny Baby sleeping positions

Here are the most common sleeping positions among kids.


H for “Hell”

H for “hell” baby sleeping position need clarity as to why it is regarded hell. Personally, I may say that hell comes in when it becomes difficult to sleep for the parents. Some people go ahead to focus and take videos to capture such funny baby sleeping positions. Why do they have to sleep this way anyway?


The Dog House

This funny position sometimes occurs even when the baby is not there. There could be reasons for that may be personal or unknowingly. This is a funny one, as to me I would say that dog house are tight and not even to look into. The baby barricades between the mum and the dad and perhaps this is why dog house. In other words the dad might not snip to the dog house.


The Donkey Kong

This is a crazy one my good people, baby is busy throwing barrels down to you while a sleep. This must be a rare occurrence. Baby boys are very stubborn but rarely have they gone to this extend in my house. The kicks of a donkey are all you will be experiencing in your dream as the barrels heavily gets on you. Ha-ha this is the crazy and funny baby sleeping positions I have ever never experienced.


Snow Angels

The baby romps in bed with blasting energy. This is funny baby sleeping positions among baby just emanate from nowhere in their mind. They end up doing it like they have ever had past experience of snow angels. Sometimes it is hard to the dad and mum might find it unbelievable since most of this things occur when they are deep a sleep. They will later notice the changes of their sleep posture as well as for the baby.


Booby trap

This must be most common especially in grown babies who can make moves and support their body. This funny sleep posture leaves many dads to sleep on the seat after coming to the bedroom late and found the kid and the mother asleep. You simply get into trap as the space you were coming for is occupied.  I know it can’t b be a nice idea to wake the baby to let you sleep, you will stay awake the whole night trying to get it to terms.


The Neck scarf

This is crazy! When the weather is too chilly during the night, don’t go for a wrap neck scarf, just give the baby sometime there you will have it at your neck. Amazing! How does this happen? Why has it to be at the neck? The baby just found itself comfortable at your neck not minding where the legs or the arms will fit.


The roundhouse kick baby sleeping positions

The little lad just decided war on us in the sleeping bed. The kicks and blows left the dad nose bleeding and almost strike a blow in the air only to realize ooh, it is my little lad bruising me. The night can be one of the not forgetful in lifetime when awakened by a kick or blow from the little baby. This is real people, they wrestle with you while you are asleep.


Baby sleeping positions cartoon

Baby sleeping cartoons could be a cartoon bear baby pillow or sleeping bag. The cartoon is made in materials that are smooth and not irritating to comfortably bring the baby to sleep. The pillow baby bare has some carvings that accommodate the head to enhance more comfortable sleeping for the kid.

Baby sleeping position cartoons helps the baby sleep comfortable and easily. They are available in different attractive colors. The materials and design can bring variation in price. While shopping for the best cartoon, it is a good idea to go through the reviews to obtain the descriptions of the item beside the price.


Safe baby sleeping positions

The safest approved baby sleeping position is the back sleeping. This minimizes on cases of SIDS. Placing the baby on its own tummy is very risky. Side sleeping for babies is not recommendable since it is as well risking for SIDS. Once the baby is grow to a level of turning and rolling, it is still the best option to let it sleep on back and incase of turning it will not be severe.


Safe Beddings and Clothes for Babies

The mattress should be firm and clean. The baby cot should be safe and well fitted with clear beddings. It is a nice idea if you let the cot in your bedroom for the first six months to keep a clear monitoring of the baby. Try to keep the following things out of the cot. Toys, pillows, bumpers since they can cover the baby’s face while sleeping hence causing suffocation.

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