How to Lighten Underarms and Whiten Dark Armpits Fast, Naturally Overnight

Why are my armpits dark? Get more insights on how to lighten underarms. The post explores on various underarm whitening treatments ranging from natural home remedies to use of inorganic lightening products.

how to whiten darker underarms
how to lighten underarms

Dark armpits can be uncomfortable especially when you think of wearing your sleek sleeveless top. To avoid such discomfort, think of how to get rid of your dark armpits. There are many factors that lead to darkening of your underarm. Let us explore the causes before looking at how to lighten underarms.

What Causes Dark Armpits

Among the most causes of dark underarms include: Shaving of the armpits, regular application of hair removal creams, use of deodorants and antiperspirants, sweating, lack of sufficient ventilation and mainly accumulation of dead skin cells.

We can make use of skin whitening home remedies in getting rid of the darkness at your underarms. This is not only the safest but also effective and convenient way of going about it. While using natural ways you are advised to be patient since the outcome is not overnight or fast.

How to Lighten Underarms Naturally Using Home Remedies


Accumulation of dead skin cells will automatically cause your armpits to darken. Use natural scrubs and exfoliants to remove the top layer of the skin since it composed of dead cells which contribute to the darkening.

Natural scrubs are suitable since they are safe. Drugstore exfoliating soft loofah can also be utilized. The process ought to be gentle and moderate. Do not overdo it since you will harm your skin which will result to irritation and formation of bumps.

Here is how you can make your own home made sugar scrub:

  • Mix lemon juice and some amount of sugar and stir to form a sticky paste. Apply at your underarms and leave for 10 minutes. Using your fingers, rub the skin gently as the sugar granules scrub the cells. After 5 minutes of scrubbing, wash using warm water and apply your moisturizer.
  • A mixture of honey, lemon juice and peanuts powder can also be used to exfoliate your underarms. Apply the paste and scrub as directed above on how to lighten underarms using sugar scrub.
  • Baking soda- a thick paste of baking soda is made with water to use for scrubbing, rinse and dry the area. Apply the paste of this baking soda to give your skin a lighter appearance
  • Baking soda and rose water- A somewhat thicker paste of baking soda is made with rose water and applied to the underarm, the paste is then washed off with warm water. Dry the arms and repeat the process until you see the lightening of the underarms
  • Orange; a peeled orange is put out in the sun to dry. Grind the pilled and dried pill to a powder form and make paste by adding of rose water and also milk. Scrub the paste on the underarms for about 15 minutes to be able to remove the dead cells and also use cold water.
  • Pumice stone; remove dead skin cells gently from your underarms by the use of pumice stone. This light weight, volcanic rock is sold in your local drug store and also beauty parlors. Wet the stone thoroughly and rub gently on the body giving special attention to the affected area.

Potatoes Juice

how to get rid of darker underarms
how to lighten dark armpits

There is a mild acidic media in potatoes that has the potential to bleach skin naturally. This is the safest natural bleaching agent that does not irritate the skin compared to many skin whitening products. How do you use potatoes to lighten skin?

Obtain a small slice of potato and rub on your underarms regularly especially right before you go to bed. You can also extract the juice and apply under the armpits and let dry for 10 minutes before washing. Repeat for effective outcome for at least two times a day.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is not only natural bleach but also an antiseptic agent. Lemon is known to treat most skin problems a major reason as to why it is packaged as an ingredient in most skin care products such as natural skin lightening soap and whitening creams.

Knowing how to lighten underarms using lemon is interesting. You simply rub lemon or apply the juice under the armpits and let it dry for 10 minutes. It can be used alone or while mixed with sugar granules. Repeat the application for at least 4 times a week. Wash and dry your underarms for freshness.

Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda can also be used as an underarm whitening treatment at home. The compound not only helps in getting rid of underarm bad odor but also help in unclogging pores for sufficient air circulation and removal of toxins from the body.

How do you use baking soda to get rid of dark armpits? Simply mix baking soda with some water to create a thick paste. Apply on the skin and gently rub using your fingers. Alternatively you can make a solution and apply at your underarms to dry then wash.

Cucumber Slices

This is also an ingredient for providing whitening dark armpits solution. The level of acidity in cucumber is sufficient enough to cause skin bleaching. To use this natural ingredient, simply rub the slices at the skin. Alternatively you can extract juice and apply.

Wash after 10 minutes and dry your armpits using a soft towel. Repeat for effectiveness, at least twice a day.

Dry Orange Peel

This is another natural method on how to lighten underarms. The peel contains both skin lightening and exfoliation properties. To use you have to place the orange peels under the sun to dry. Ensure they are completely dry and grind them to form powder.

Obtain some rose water and milk to mix with the powder to form a paste. Now apply it under your armpits and let it stay for 10 minutes. Gently rub to scrub and wash off with slight warm water. Dead skin cells will get off letting you have a bight smooth and light underarm skin.

Coconut Oil or Olive

The vitamin E present in coconut oil is suitable and effective for skin lightening. Obtain the oil and apply in your armpits and gently massage for 10 minutes before washing with warm water. Do it on daily basis for your underarm whitening.

Alternatively you can use olive oil mixed with brown sugar granules. Extra virgin olive oil when mixed with sugar forms a strong natural scrub that can help in skin whitening around the armpits.

How to Whiten Underarms Fast Overnight

Best skin whitening creams over the counter can also be used to lighten armpits. Such products contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, glutathione, Kojic acid, alpha arbutin and Retin-A. Consulting your dermatologist can help you choose the best product.

When you think of how to whiten underarms fast, there are skin whitening pills that can also be used under a dermatologist guidance. Chemical elements such as mercury and hydroquinone have been prohibited by many countries due to their high risk factors.

Tips on How to Whiten Underarms

  • Moisturize your underarms on a daily basis.
  • Avoid shaving and instead use waxing method of hair removal.
  • Avoid using strong antiperspirants and deodorizers.

Some conditions can cause underarm darkening. If the above discussed dark underarm remedies does not work, think about consulting your doctor or a dermatologist for further examination and diagnosis of any underlying condition.

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