How Long Does Sun Poisoning Last ?– Swelling, Rash, Blisters and Skin Peeling.

How Long Does Sun Poisoning Last ?– Swelling, Rash, Blisters and Skin Peeling. man 937384 960 720

How long does sun poisoning last? Read on to get more insights on how long does rash swelling and sun poisoning pain take to go away. Also how long do mild and chronic symptoms take to subside?

The UV and UVB wavelengths from the sun are the main causes of sun poisoning. Too much exposure to the sun causes these radiations to penetrate the skin causing premature aging and tanning. Symptoms of sun poisoning will show up as the body’s reaction towards the inability of the skin to provide sufficient defensive mechanisms against the harmful radiations.

Formation of rash, itching, swelling, and pain are signs of sun poisoning. Chronic cases associate serious symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, unconsciousness and even fainting. Too much heating from the sun is life-threatening. There are different skin blemishes and infections that can arise due to sun poisoning. Cancer, dry skin, freckles, moles and skin peeling are closely related to sunburn.

How Long Does Sun Poisoning Last?

How long does sun poisoning last
How long does sun poisoning last

How long does sun poisoning take to go away? There is mild and severe sun poisoning condition. Mild cases will take place when the sun intensity is moderate and the duration of exposure is short. Chronic sunburn causes severe damage to the skin as well as skin underlying organs.

Sun poisoning normally starts within 30 minutes of exposure to the sunlight. Within 6 hours you will start feeling the pain that can extend to 2 days. For mild cases, the symptoms are likely to prolong for 3 days and eventually begin to decline as it associates skin peeling. Severe sun poisoning can last up to ten days with proper treatment.

Spending in sun for an extended period of time without proper sunscreen can lead to sunburn or sun poisoning. Blisters are a major threat since they can easily become infected especially when popped. Dehydration due to sun poisoning can lead to fever where you feel an increase in body temperatures.

Taking a cold shower and drinking plenty amount of water is the first thing you need to do where you notice symptoms of sun poisoning. This will help in easing the pain and minimizing the possibility of heat rash formation. There are also various home remedies for sun poisoning that can help the condition to heal within a few days.

Severe or chronic sun poisoning can take longer to go away. For this case, you need to see a GP or seek medical attention for effective treatment of sun poisoning. Aspirin, paracetamol, and ibuprofen can be taken to relieve the pain and prevent swelling. Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream is the best for sun poisoning treatment.

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The itching normally leads to the formation of red pimples or bumps in form of a rash. Hydroxyzine can be used in the relieving of such particular signs of sun poisoning. Aloe Vera gel when applied helps in soothing the skin help easing inflammation.

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How Long Does Sun Poisoning Rash Last?

Formation of a rash is common when you overstay in sun. A rash that appears like tiny pimples will form and is likely to last up to 3 days.  Taking anti-inflammatory medicines or application of calamine lotion can help the rash to go away within a couple of hours.

Prevention of much better than cure, you can protect your skin using sunscreen with SPF above 30. Long-sleeved tops and pants can help in protecting your hands and legs. Sun poisoning on the face can also be prevented using a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen glasses.

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During the day the sun is too hot from to This is the time you should frequently apply sunscreen or stay indoors. Rash that develops due to PMLE type of sun poisoning should subside within ten days on their own. The time can even be shorter if you get proper treatment.

There are people allergic to the sun and rashes may frequently develop on the skin. Sun allergy is mostly associated with solar urticarial. To get permanent treatment for such allergies you can go for desensitization or phototherapy.

How Long Does Sun Poisoning Swelling Last?

How long does sun poisoning last -blisters
How long does sun poisoning last -blisters?

Swelling is another major sign of sun poisoning. It can also associate pain especially when the sunburn is severe. Depending on the skin type, swelling can last up to 24 hours but with proper medical attention, it can go away within a couple of hours. Ibuprofen and corticosteroids can be taken to reduce how long does sun poisoning last.

Avoid application of greasy oils like petroleum jelly to the swollen skin since it can block pores hence complicating the situation even more. Tight clothing can also contribute to more swelling, you are recommended to put on loose baggy clothes.

For some people, swelling may be followed by the formation of blisters and skin peeling. You should cover such areas using bandages to avoid contact with other materials that may cause rubbing and the spread of bacterial infections. Tanning beds also contribute to a high rate of sunburn and sun poisoning. You should avoid them if possible as well as snowy or sandy environments which can reflect radiations.

How Long Does Sun Poisoning Pain Last?

Sun poisoning pain can be felt in a couple of hours after exposure to the sun. The pain is due to the burning sensation of the sun and the damaging of the tissues. Mild pain can last within 24 hours while for severe sunburn, it can go up to 2 days if not medically attended to. Taking painkillers and soothing the skin with cold compresses can help in easing the pain.

Sunburn that associate pain, dizziness, headache, fever, faintness and nausea requires emergency medical attention since such signs can be life-threatening. Your doctor will recommend the best way on how to treat sun poisoning of such kind. Tropical numbing solutions should not be used in the management of sun poisoning pain symptoms since they can cause more irritations.

Using some types of medication can determine how long does sun poisoning last since some make the skin more sensitive. Examples of such medicines that will prolong sun poisoning symptoms include Acne medications, antibiotics, diuretics, heart drugs, fragrances and antidepressants. They are also capable of increasing the chances of sun poisoning on the skin.

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