How Much Does Permanent Eye Color Change Cost?

change eye color cost

How much does permanent eye color change cost? You are requir1ed to do intensive research on how much does permanent eye color change costs in order to be aware of the new cost before conducting the surgery. The permanent eye color change cost varies significantly with the region and the kind of procedure to be performed.

How Much Does Eye Color Change Surgery Cost?

How much does permanent eye color change cost
Permanent eye color change surgery cost

The permanent eye color change cost varies in different surgical clinics. The cost varies from 4000 dollars to 5000dollars for the two eyes. The cost of the laser eye surgical varies from clinic to clinic basing on the equipment and the kind of skills they employ during the surgery.

Some clinics provide you with a lifetime guarantee meaning that they are ready to provide any other post-surgical operations for free. Such clinics have higher eye surgical costs than others.

The cost of laser eye surgery also varies depending on the type of laser surgery performed. Some clinics are advertising lower eye surgical costs but it can only be for a certain prescription.


A permanent eye color change procedure is the main factor that determines the cost of the surgery. The cost is determined by whether the surgeon is using the traditional procedure which is less costly or employs new technology that is more costly.

The surgeon

The surgeon operating your eye also determines the cost of the laser process. The cost varies from one surgeon to another.  More experienced and skilled surgeons perform successful laser processes which has no chances of post surgeries.

Experienced surgeons use the safest and new technical skills when performing the laser process, therefore the cost that such a surgeon will charge you will be more compared to that of a less experienced surgeon.

Permanent eye color change cost

Personal factors

Personal factors such as your location, insurance and prescription will also influence the cost of your permanent eye color change. Surgery clinics located in areas with high living standards cost are more expensive than those located in developed areas like towns.

You may be residing in a remote area where there are no eye surgery clinics, therefore you will be required to travel to the town near you to get such services hence making it more expensive.

Some insurance companies will only cater 10% only on laser surgery while other insurance companies do not cater for such kinds of surgeries. Therefore your insurance company will also determine how much to pay for your permanent eye color change.


Some surgeons charge expensive especially when you have other eye defects like shortsighted or longsighted. Such defects make the permanent eye color change cost to be more.


The clinic that you choose also determines the cost of your permanent eye color change. The clinic that is equipped with modern eye surgery facilities and which employs modern techniques and skills in eye operations are expensive than those that still use traditional techniques and facilities.

You are supposed to do a clinical consultation before the surgery in order to know the exact cost of your eye surgery. The laser eye surgery cost varies in cost with the type of surgery performed as shown below:

Consultation Fees for Laser Eye Surgery

Some clinics are offering a free consultation to their customers while others charge some fees.

Standard Lasik

This procedure is also known as traditional, it has the lowest cost. With the standard Lasik, the cost can be up to 3500 dollars for both two eyes. This amount is only for a mild prescription. You may be required to pay more depending on your prescription.


Wavefront is an operation that is done for better visual. Mostly in some eye surgical clinics, it is given as an offer to the laser or Lasik eye surgery but some clinics can perform the wavefront as a standard laser which can result to a cost of 800 euros for both two eyes. More information can be obtained from the wavefront guide.


This process is also bladeless. This procedure has the highest cost which is more than 5000 dollars because more femtosecond laser is required. This process employs both the traditional and wavefront technology


This is part of the bladeless procedure and it employs also some of the bladeless technology. This process requires some hundred dollars but less than the cost of the bladeless procedure.


The retreatment procedure cost varies from one clinic to another. Some offer one year warranty for laser eye surgery while those expensive clinics can offer a lifetime warranty.

When doing research on the permanent eye color change cost, you are supposed to be very careful with the advertisements that are online because they are misleading. Their costs are very lower than those given by the laser provider.

Those lower prices advertised may tempt you to follow them then, later on, you realize there are other additional fees that are not included in the advertisement. When negotiating the cost with your laser provider, ensure that all the necessary fees are included, including the post-surgery appointments.

Permanent Eye Color Change Drops

Permanent eye color change drops
Eye color change drops

The permanent eye color drops also have the power to change your eye color permanently. You may be willing to change your eye color but the surgical permanent eye color change cost is expensive like the laser eye surgical procedure. You can simply opt for the permanent eye color change without surgery that is cheap and also are found within our localities.

Honey can be used as a permanent eye color change drop as long as you buy natural pure honey. The cost of pure natural honey is not that expensive. It can only cost you a few dollars. The cost varies with the amount of honey intended to be bought and your location.

If you are located far away from the market, you will be required to spend more on transportation to the nearby market. When you are planning to use the honey drops or other herbal eye cleanses drops, consult your optician for the correct procedure to avoid injuries and other infections that will increase your permanent eye color change cost.

Laser Surgery to Change Eye Color

Laser procedure to change eye color
Laser surgery eye color change

Permanent eye color change Laser surgery procedure has the most expensive permanent eye color change cost but the results are good compared to other permanent eye color change procedures.

The laser eye surgery can cost less than 3000 dollars to more than 5000 dollars depending on the type of laser procedure performed. This price is expensive because most clinics will offer you a lifetime warranty for the post-surgical operations.

Permanent eye color change before and after costs sums to the total permanent eye color change cost. Therefore they are supposed to be included such as the cost consultation and checkups. Your surgeon is supposed to include them in the total cost of the laser procedure.

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