How To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin Home Remedies[Updated 2020]

Have you ever wondered what causes your face to sag and looks like you have another chin? Reading this article will make you understand the meaning of double chin and the causes as well. We would also explore various ways on How To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin. You will learn how to deal with this situation privately on your own by going through the home remedies and treatments on how to get rid of double chin.

What Is A Double Chin

This is a condition where subcutaneous fat deposits and accumulate around the neck hence sagging downwards and leading to the formation of a wrinkle. The victim of this will however appear like owning another chin. Double chin can occur with anybody irrespective of age and gender.

Causes Of Double Chin

Weight Gain

Adding weight by eating fatty foods will make more fat deposits in your body. The chin will tend to accumulate the fats deposit just like any other body parts. The skin will get stretched and finally get deformed.

Weight loss

Drastic and instant weight loss can cause the skin to change from its initial shape to a new one. Sharp weight loss makes the skin to become lose especially on the hanging edges of the body and chin for this matter hence causing double chin.


People who are old tend to grow double chin easily as compared to young people. Their muscles become weak as they age and detach from the skin. Since the skin has a subcutaneous fats deposits, it gets more weight and hangs making the face seen to be having two chins.

Genetics and Trait Hereditary

Some people have the traits and genes for the double chin figure of the face. They may be inherited from one generation to another making it difficult to be avoided by some people.

Type Of Muscles And Bone Structure

Some people tend to have jawbones that protrude down the chin. They therefore develop double chin naturally. The muscles structure can be another reason for this condition. The formation and layout of the muscles determines a lot the shape of the face and its embedment.

Amount And Number Of Fat Cells In A Region

Some parts of the skin have more fat cells as compared to others. If you have more of these cells on your chin region then you will definitely experience double chin condition.


Young people may have a double chin as a result of obesity. Obese people have more fats in their bodies as well as on their skin. The fats, therefore, makes the skin to hang hence causing the double chin formation.


Some routine head posture can cause the body to develop more muscles around the chin in order to balance the rest of the body or head. For instance, slumping posture will result in some muscles and fat deposition at the below chin region.

Facial expressions.

Some face movements can easily result in structural changes on our faces including the chin area. Therefore such facial gestures and expressions can lead to the formation of a second chin figure.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin Quickly

Double chin formation is something pesky among many people. It can be that frustrating and many would wish to know how they can deal with this condition. The following ways will help you on how to get rid double chin in an easy and fast manner.

Double chin exercises

Double chin exercises are the best way to get rid of the double chin. Through this exercise, the face and jaw muscles are acted upon and they become firm and tight. This will prevent the sagging effect of the face and its parts. Double chin exercise directly affects the platysma muscle.

Double Chin Exercise Instructions

  • Begin by breathing in and out heavily for five seconds. This will ease any tension accumulated in the body and help to relax the muscles to their normal state.
  • Wide open your mouth. This will act on the muscles around the jaws.
  • Pull the bottom lip and try to roll it over the teeth of the bottom jaw. This will also make the muscles below the chin to contract and move upwards.
  • Then make the movements of lower jaw in up and down direction. This is now exercising the platysma muscles.
  • Do this repetitively for approximately fifteen minutes.
  • The double chin exercise should be performed at least once a week and the face muscles will become strong and tight hence reducing chances or getting rid of the double chin.

Facial exercises

Face exercises to get rid of double chin
Face exercises to get rid of double chin

Facial exercises help in strengthening facial muscles and in the process reducing the chances of double chin from forming. Facial exercises is done as follows:

  • While standing or seated, tilt your head towards the back position until the face turns horizontally upside. This should be done carefully to avoid falling down or knocking your head.
  • While in that position, pucker both the upper and lower lips in a kiss manner for about ten seconds.
  • Doing this facial exercises on weekly basis will help you get rid of double chin.

Lose Your Weight

This is the best especially for those individuals who are overweight and for the obese ones. This will help in the reducing and even removing the unnecessary fat deposits in the body.

You can lose weight in several ways. Body exercise is the most common method of doing this. Especially the exercises that will make your heart beat faster. The excess calories and fats are oxidized as well as adding strength to the muscles.

Health diet can greatly contribute to the loss weight activity. Such diet should have low-fat composition, more vegetables, and whole grain. Excessive sugar or salt food substances should be avoided. Strictly obeying this principles of diet on how to get rid of the double chin will make you successful in this course of removing double chin.

Jaw Exercising

Chewing gum is one of the ways to exercise your jaws. Eating hard food substances like sugar cane will also make the jaw muscles tight and strong. The face skin is made to be firm and excess fat deposits are made to burn out in the process hence eliminating this problem of double chin.

Perfect Posture

Some daily activities and even our professions can make us make a posture that can deform our body structure. Slouching should be avoided since it can easily cause double chin. Try sitting or posturing upright to avoid muscle structural changes that can bring about a double chin.

Right Facial Expressions

Smiling helps in the tightening of the facial muscles hence can greatly reduce double chin. Frowning makes the muscles to sag and hence being pulled down the chin. Increase your smiles and reduce on your frowns to have a smooth single chin.

Home Remedies for a Double Chin

Double chin can be removed by simply using some of the ingredients you have in your kitchen at home.

Home Remedies for a Double Chin

Vitamin E intake

Vitamin E helps in strengthening our skin, soften it and make it supple. This type of vitamins can be consumed directly through supplements where you can get it here.

Alternatively, it can be obtained through some of the natural foods found at our homes or in our kitchens. The following are the food sources: Leafy green vegetables, liver, wheat germ oil, legumes, nuts, beans, peanuts, apples among many other sources.

Cocoa Butter treatment

Cocoa butter has agents that straighten and tighten a wrinkled skin. To apply the ingredient, begin by warming it in a microwave. Gently apply a small amount around the chin region and massage to make it get absorbed.

Keep doing this every day before you go to bed and after the morning shower. Continuous repetition for about three months will make your skin elastic and free from wrinkles thus removing the double chin.

Egg White Face Mask

Making a face mask from egg whites will improve the general condition of your skin alongside removing double chin. If you are too busy to make your own mask, you may like to consider the V Line Lifting Face Mask as a more convenient alternative.

How to make the face mask


  • Egg whites obtained from three eggs
  • Two tablespoonful of milk
  • A tablespoonful of honey
  • Two tablespoonful of lemon juice
  • Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and stir thoroughly
  • Apply around the chick area and give it thirty minutes to dry.
  • Rinse with a lot of water and dry the area.
  • Daily application will completely remove the double chin after some period of time.

Wheat Germ Oil Application

This product helps in the entire improvement of the skin elasticity as well as softening it. Make a regular and daily application of the wheat germ oil especially before going to bed.

Apply while making a gentle massage below the chin for about 20 minutes. Keep the applying for about 30 days and you will start noticing the disappearance of the double chin.

Melon and Apple Juice

Making daily application of this combination of natural products will not only tone your skin but also remove the wrinkles and double chin. The fruits should also be included in the diet to be consumed directly by eating. Massage as you apply the fresh juice for the effective and positive outcome.

Water Intake

Water is an essential substance for the wellbeing of our bodies. Water maintains the turgidity pressure of the cells and helps in the oxidation process. Lack of enough water in your body can be seen directly by the appearance of your skin. When the body lacks water the muscles can crenate and become loose.

This will easily contribute to the formation of a double chin. Therefore one way of avoiding this condition is by taking enough water to retain your body fluid level at a constant. Taking eight glasses a day can be awesome for your skin and body as a whole.

Other method include intake of green tea that is known to speed up the body metabolism to oxidize excess calories. Daily taking of a cup can help overcome the double chin condition.

Cosmetic Surgery

Another advanced method on how to get rid of double chin is by conducting cosmetic surgery. Through this method, a surgical operation is carried out by a specialist to cut and remove the fat deposits and other hanging tissues.

The method is effective if conducted effectively though it has its drawbacks. Firstly, this is an expensive method of removing a double chin. Not any ordinary person can afford it.

It is also too risky since the outcome may be disgusting. A serious mark can be left or complete deformation of the facial parts. Therefore it is advisable to reason wisely before opting for this technique.

The above methods not only provide guidelines on how to get rid of double chin but also on improving the overall condition of your skin. Choose a method and follow it strictly for no regrets.

Double Chin Treatment

Surgery is a complicated method of getting rid of double chin. It is more involving and creates a scar below the chin region. There are more advanced methods of permanent treatment for the double chin and they include the following.

Tripollar POSE Treatment

This method act by reducing the number of fat cells in the chin area. It also tightens the skin at the targeted area. Electric energy is used in this method to heat and burn the collagen deposits underlying the skin.

The most qualified and skilled personnel carries out this treatment. It is offered in sessions and after the last session the problem of double chin is eliminated for good and it never reappears again.

The results are effective and immediately hence making this technology much preferable by many people as compared to surgical operations. This method is also cost-effective and no side effects are observed. This method can also be used in other areas where skin tightening need to be done.

There are other treatment methods that make use of radiations in burning out the fats below the chin. For instance the Liposuction method for melting the skin fats.

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