How To Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally Guide?

How To Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally Guide? How To Lighten Your Eye Color

Are you not impressed by the color of your eyes? Get insights on how to lighten your eye color permanently, fast and in a natural way.

Different events may prompt individuals to slightly alter eye color. You may be thinking of how to make your eyes bloodshot due to acting in a movie as a superstar or vampires. The question is How To Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally and make them appear cool.

How to Lighten Your Eyes Fast?

How to lighten eye color permanent
How to lighten eye color fast

Are you having a special event and you want your eyes to appear lightened fast? Do not worry, there are various ways on how to lighten eye color fast. You may be having a wedding, a party or you are going to perform on the stage? This is how to come out with attractive bright eyes.

Use navy blue mascara

Instead of using other colors like black, use navy blue to lighten your eyes. This makes your eyes vibrant and brighter with whiter eyeballs. The other colors like black make the eyes look somehow dull.

Applying white eyeliner

When you coat the inner rim of the eyelid with white eyeliner, it is reflected in the whole eye making it appear bright and lightened without much contrast.

Apply under-eye concealer

Using the under-eye concealer covers the darker part of the eye making the eye look lighter.

Use of indigo eyeliner

When you apply the indigo eyeliner to your upper or lower eyelids, it is reflected the whole eye making it appear lighter. Other colors like black cause the eye contrast making the eye to be dull.

Apply the eye color enhancing shadow

The eye makeup industries are making eye color enhancers that lighten the eyes. When you have brown eyes, the gold or bronze color enhancer lightens the eye from brown to a lighter brown.

The above way on how to lighten the eye fast are most temporally. They can only help to lighten the eye for some time.

How to Lighten Eyes Naturally?

Most people believe that the eye color you are born with is permanent for life, but your eye color can be lightened from darker brown to lighter brown or from green to lighter green. You can achieve this fast simply like how to lighten skin naturally fast.

If you are thinking of the best way on how to lighten eye color fast, you can simply use honey. Many people doubt if honey can really be used to lighten the eye color.

It is because they are using the wrong procedure when applying the honey to the eye.  It is wrong when you apply the honey directly from the jar into your eyes without observing the recommended procedures. That is why some people are using honey to lighten the eyes but they are not seeing positive results. Honey is known from the past for its ability to treat the eye.

Here is a simple procedure on how to lighten your eye color naturally using honey. You have to buy pure or raw honey from the market. Measure an equal proportion of honey and water.

You can simply take 50ml of water and 50ml of pure honey. Mix the two proportions and boil them for some time. After boiling allow them to cool for 5 minutes to be lukewarm. Pour the mixture into the clean eye dropper and keep the rest in a refrigerator.

You are required to put 2 to 3 drops of the mixture into each eye twice a day. This can be done in the morning after washing the face and in the evening before going to bed. You are required to repeat the procedure for two weeks for better results.

This procedure has the ability to lighten your darker brown eyes to lighter brown eyes or green eyes to a lighter green. When you apply the honey to blue eyes, they will only lighten to lighter blue because blue eye color is the purest, therefore, the honey treatment is recommended for brown or green-eyed people.

How to Lighten Eye Color with Diet?

How to lighten eye color permanently
Lightening eye color with diet

There are also other various ways on how to lighten eyes naturally, they include the following:

Taking plenty of water

The human body needs more water daily for its normal function. When your body is hydrated your eyes will appear brighter than when the body has insufficient water. Plenty of water in the body makes your darker brown eyes to be the lighter brown.

Having Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep makes your eyes to be lighter in color. An adult person is required to sleep for 8 hours per night in order to have brighter sleep. When you deprive yourself of enough sleep, your eyes will appear darker and dull compared to the person who gives his or her self-enough sleep.

Avoid or minimize caffeine intake

Smoking or taking caffeine dehydrates your body. When your body has inadequate water, your eyes will appear darker and dull also when you smoke caffeine the smoke enters your eyes, irritating them and making them to appear darker in color, therefore if you are wishing to lighten your eyes you should avoid caffeine.

Having a diet that has plenty of vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in vegetables and fresh fruits. Taking plenty of vegetables and citrus fruits makes your eyes to appear brighter. You can also take a daily multivitamin, it prevents your eyes from becoming yellow or reddish in color.

Avoid junk diet

Junk foods give the digestive system more work especially the liver. This result in your eyes to appear yellowish, therefore you are supposed to take the vegetable, citrus fruits, and whole grains in order to have brighter eyes.

General body exercise

Exercising your body makes the blood flow evenly in the whole body making the eyes to be brighter. Lack of exercise makes the eyes to be dull and red.

Protecting your eyes from the sun

Wearing sunglasses on a sunny day protects the eyes and the tissues around the eye from the harmful effects of the sun.

How to Lighten Eye Color with Honey?

Does honey lighten eye color? Honey has been proven to lighten eyes through various scientific testing. The ingredient can change jet-black eye color into a medium brown and with golden light brown specs.

Although raw honey has been placed in the eyes as an anti-bacterial agent and for the treatment of many eye infections, it cannot be used in the same manner for eye lightening.

Diluted honey is the best to use while on a mission to lighten your eyes. Additionally, not all types of honey are considered effective in this matter. Raw Beech honeydew is one type that can work wonders in changing your eyes’ color.

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Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is activated when honey is diluted. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic agent that makes honey suitable for the treatment of wounds and eye infections. Hydrogen peroxide naturally inhibits melanin production and hence used for skin bleaching purposes. It, however, help in reducing the dark pigment of the eye.

CAUTION: Do not place chemically produced or laboratory hydrogen peroxide in your eyes. This is very dangerous since it can cost you eyesight.

Diluted honey mixed with body fluids such as tears releases hydrogen peroxide of a desirable amount for the eyes. The concentration is naturally controlled to end up with a safe volume. Alternatively, consult your medical doctor for advice.

Here are steps on how to lighten your eye color with honey:

  1. Make distilled water.
  2. Mix the raw-beech honeydew honey into the distilled warm water Luke-warm/mild warm to not destroy the enzymes. 1:1.5 honey distilled water ratio.
  3. Put it into an eyedropper.
  4. Put 1-3 drops several times a day on ONE eye to compare it against the other, will then add it to the other eye if it works on one eye.
  5. Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight.

How to Lighten Eye Color without Honey?

How to lighten eye color without honey
Using make-up to lighten eye color

The eyes are the most attractive organ on the body of a human being. The eyes can also be used to predict the personality of a person when you meet him or her for the first time.

Some people believe that when you have blue eyes you look more attractive than those who have brown or darker eyes. That is the reason why such people are finding different ways on how to change eye color permanently.

The color of our eyes differs in color depending on the amount of melanin level in our bodies. When melanin is high in your body, a thin brown layer is formed around the pupil of your eyes making you have brown eyes.

Also, the type of your genes does determine the color of your eyes. You may not be comfortable with the color of your eye, below are the ways on how to lighten eye color permanently.

If you are having darker brown eyes you can simply change them to lighter brown naturally, permanently and at a low cost using honey. Honey has been used in the past as a method of treating the eyes. You may be wondering how to lighten eye color using honey. You simply use pure honey and bottled water.

Mix equal proportion of honey and water and boil them for 5 minutes. Allow them to cool to be lukewarm then use a clean eyedropper to put 2 to 3 drops into each eye twice a day. Repeat the procedure for two weeks for better results. Some people believe that honey does not have the ability to lighten the eyes because they don’t know the correct procedure and material.

The other way on how to lighten the eye permanently is through the use of a stroma procedure. Stroma procedure is a process whereby the thin brown layer that surrounds the eye pupil is disrupted using a low-energy laser to reveal the underneath blue layer. The eye tissues are then left to heal naturally

Eye Lightening Surgery, How to Lighten Eye Color Permanently?

The eye lightening surgery is only done on the brown eyes. This process is done using a method known as the stroma procedure. This is a process whereby a thin brown layer that surrounds the pupil is disrupted using a low-energy laser to reveal the underneath blue layer. The eye tissues are then left to heal in a natural way.

During the stroma process, your head is stabilized and positioned in front of a stroma laser which has a tiny light. Your eyes are treated separately. One eye is covered then a low-energy laser is turned on to scan your iris. This process takes a maximum of 30 seconds to be through. After that, your eye tissues are left to heal naturally. After two weeks your eyes will appear lightened permanently.

How to Lighten Eye Color Temporarily?

Lightening eye color temporally
Temporal eye color lightening

You can temporarily change your eye color using the following methods

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are suitable when you want to have a different eye color appearance. There are colored contacts you can find from an optometrist or eyeglass shop. For individuals with poor eyesight, there are prescription lenses that you can opt for.

While this is your best option for changing eye color, there are some recommendations:

  • There are disposable lenses when are suitable for short-term or a few occasions, although they are very expensive.
  • Different types of lenses have different duration they can take on your eyes. There are those that last for a few days while others more.
  • You should minimize the number of times contacts worn on your eyes to avoid side effects such as eye infections.
  • Make sure you are wearing the right size since blinking of the eye can easily displace the lenses that don’t fit hence making your real iris to be visible.
  • Contacts need to be cleaned regularly and properly. Dirty contacts can lead to infection of the eye which can cause blindness.
  • Washing your hands before touching the lenses prevents contamination and infection to the eye.
  • You can never share contact lenses with anyone.
  • Never wear contacts more than the recommended duration. It is healthy to take your contacts outs while getting to bed and when going to take a bath, shower or swimming.
  • Never use expired saline solution to clean the contacts.

Before choosing how to lighten your eyes, you are supposed to visit your doctor to help you in choosing the best method that suits your body. An eye is a delicate organ, therefore it has to be handled in a healthy way. It will be useless when you try to lighten your eyes then you end up being blind. Take all the precautions before putting or doing anything to your eye.

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