How To Prevent Gray Hair Using Vitamins And Other Natural Ways?

prevent grey hair naturally

The research revealed in the British Journal of Dermatology indicates that more than 70% of people in the age bracket of 45 to 65 have grey hair. Africans and Hispanics are less susceptible to grey hair compared to Caucasian descent. The further report confirmed more men to be grey compared to women.

The good news is anyone can prevent Gray Hair by following a balanced diet, handling stress well, avoiding certain substances, natural ingredients, or taking certain food rich in vitamins useful for gray hair.

How to Prevent Gray Hair
How to Prevent Gray Hair?

Why is it that not every one grey struggles on how to prevent gray hair? Some people see it as fashionable just as black hair was said. What about celebrities with white hair like Emmylou Harris, Anderson Cooper, George Clooney, and Jamie Lee Curtis? They are proud of looking silver and unique.

Young hair is said to contain hydrogen peroxide that is converted to oxygen and water. When people age the system slows down and the substance begins decolorizing and staining the hair to white and grey. Inefficient production of melanin tends to make hair lack pigmentation as a result of factors like lack of vitamin B 12, genetically inherited, or as a result of stress according to the rumors not yet proven.

Basing on the causes of grey hair and the discomfort among some people, most beauty companies and industries are interested in expanding their influential and financial muscles by coming up with products that can help you get a solution to your question, “can you prevent gray hair?”

How to Prevent Gray Hair?

Having grey hair as a result of aging is very normal and everyone understands this. Premature gray hair is definitely a morbid condition that can change youthful appearance to old looking. You are what you eat is a justified statement. Some of the things we consume have chemical elements that can increase the aging process of some organs and tissues in the body.

When you purchase food, do you really understand the ingredients and their long term consequences on the body? How to prevent gray hair is a hidden concept that lies in the interpretation of your lifestyle. Your way of living has a great impact on your health and to some extent affects other people around you. Look at the following ways of preventing grey hair.

Nutritional Balanced Diet

The conversion of hydrogen peroxide contained in the hair is an enzymatic reaction that requires energy and catalyst. The right balanced diet supplies the body with relevant nutrients and enough energy. Ensure that you consume a sufficient volume of vitamins and mineral elements.

Vitamin B 12, Folic Acid, and Omega 3 are essential elements that your hair requires. Taking foods rich in these substances will not only make your hair remain young and healthy but also improving the health condition of your body. Vitamin B 12 is responsible for the pigmentation of the hair. Omega 3 boosts the growth rate of the hair making young hair sprout and replace the old one.

The above mentioned nutritional elements can either be consumed in supplements or through food substances respectively. Both will lead to the achievement of the mission on how to prevent gray hair. Foods like fruits and vegetables have a high content of many types of vitamins. Sea fish is also a major source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Eggs, meat, and milk are sources of vitamin B 12.

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Stress Management

There is no clear indication as to whether stress is related to the greying of the hair. The debate is still on and some scientists are yet to prove the allegation. This does not mean that stress has no effect on your overall body. According to my personal opinion, if other body functions can be impaired by stress, so does is the system of ensuring healthy pigmented hair,

Stress ought to minimized and managed. Live a life of substance by having enough sleep, enough exercises, and positivity in your life. This will ensure that all the systems in your body are active and healthy. To this effect, you will maintain your young youthful appearance including your hair.

Substances to Avoid

Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol lead to the overall deterioration of body functioning. This is due to thousands of chemicals dumped in the body from smoking and usage of drug substances. Those who are addicted to smoking or alcohol should cut back and consume anti-oxidant substances and foods. The chemical deposits that cause the aging of body cells are likely to be flushed away by anti-oxidants.

Certain types of food and drinks should be cut back on since they reduce the life of the cells and slows down the metabolism process. Avoiding or reducing their consumption is one critical way on how to prevent gray hair. They include processed grains and refined sugar, saturated fats, and soft drinks like soda. Remember to increase the intake of water to create skin and hair moisturizing

Prevent Gray Hair Naturally

More effort is put by people to ensure that they are preventing grey hair naturally without the use of chemicals that are said to be risky to body health. There are various ways to prevent gray hair naturally though most not yet scientifically proven or FDA approved.

Indian Gooseberry

This is a natural plant product that is said to have the capabilities of promoting hair toning, growth, and pigmentation. Obtain the fruit and make it to pieces and allow it to dry without direct exposure to the sunlight. Boil the dried pieces in the coconut oil to obtain a substance which when regularly applied on the hair it prevents the chances of greying.

The dried pieces of the Indian gooseberry can be soaked in water to obtain a juice that is essential for the hair. When the juice is mixed with almond oil, an application with a massage on a regular basis can help you say goodbye to grey hair.

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Amaranth Juice and Curry Leaves

This natural substance not only treats hair disorders but also prevents the hair from prematurely growing grey. The vegetable is said to contain anti-oxidant agents and nutrients that make the hair strong, healthy, and well-nourished.

Regular application traditionally helps in preventing the early graying of the hair. Curry leaves extract nourishes the roots of the hair and promoting the cells in the formation of melanin and hair pigmentation. Coconut oil is sometimes combined with this extract to form hair toning substances.

A mixture of Coconut Oil and Lemon

Massaging your head with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon improves the texture of the hair and pigmentation. This is a natural way on how to prevent gay hair that gives your hair the necessary nutrients for development. Most people are a testimony for the use of this natural product in the practice of preventing gray hair.

Other natural extracts include a mixture of rosemary and sage, butter, potato peels, and rum among others. When any of the substances is prepared well and applied on the head with a gentle massage for approximately 15 minutes daily, then you may be surprised to hit 60 when your hair is still with its original color.

Vitamins to Prevent Gray Hair


You will perfectly be knowing how to prevent gray hair by firstly mastering the vitamins to prevent gray hair. Vitamins boost the overall health of the body. The hair greatly depends on some types of vitamins that help in ensuring the hair is strong, healthy with the right pigmentation.

There are foods that are known to contain vitamins vital to your body and hair.   Some of the foods not to miss in your diet include the following. Fruits like citrus, strawberries, pineapple, melon among others. Vegetables like potatoes, green pepper, legumes, soybeans, and many more are also essential.

Make consumption of raw seeds wheat germ oil, molasses, liver, whole grains, milk, fish, lean meat and chicken among others. The body needs nutrients from these foods to be able to develop its tissues and organs. The most convenient way, of course, will be taking vitamin gummies which are rich in the vitamins mentioned.

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Specific Vitamins to Prevent Gray Hair

  • Vitamin C, A, and D
  • Vitamin B complex, that is Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12
  • Para-Amino benzoic Acid (PABA)

In summary, the article discusses how to prevent gray hair by using various ways which include natural and use of vitamins. The information is relevant especially for those who have not yet grown gray hair.


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