How to Prevent Razor Bumps after Shaving

Read the article to get perfect knowledge about razor bumps after shaving. The definition, the causes and various ways on how to prevent razor bums has also been brought on board.

Treatment of the bumps affected skin on various parts like the face, pubic, Arm pits, legs, arms and on the head has also been provided. You are also going to understand why African Americans are at risk for razor burns. Symptoms and sighs of razor bumps have not been left out.


Razor bumps – Meaning

Razor bumps
Razor bumps

This is a skin irritation effect caused by incorrect shaving techniques. These small swellings develop when the hair shaft grows in the skin after shaving with a razor. In medical terms it is regarded as Pseudo folliculitis barbae. The effect can result to persistent inflammation that can cause other infections like pimples and scarring on the skin.


Razor Bumps Causes

  • Razor bumps in most cases occurs after a close shave.

When the razor blade is brought too close in contact with the skin while shaving this kind of irritation can take place afterward. Shaving makes the end cut side of the hair to become sharp and will pierce the skin while growing back.

  • Curly hair

It is evident that curly hair is more prone to razor bumps compared to straight hair. During the growing back process, curly hair tend to curl back in the skin hence causing ingrown hair and bumps. Pimples will start appearing and skin irritation. Straight hair on the other hand grows directly out of the skin hence minimal chances of razor bumps.

  • Bacterial infection.

When the hair follicle is damaged while shaving, it gets infected by bacteria and fungus. This will cause razor bumps which can advance to other conditions like the Folliculitis and Barber’s Itch.

Razor bumps among African Americans

African Americans are highly prone to razor bumps compared to other people since their hair is curly and tightly coiled. Both white and black men are susceptible to razor bumps after shaving.


razor bumps symptoms
razor bumps symptoms

Razor Bumps Symptoms

  • Skin irritation and itching feeling
  • continuous skin inflammation
  • Appearance of white-headed pimples
  • Formation of bumps on a shaved area.


How to Prevent Razor Bumps

The following are techniques of ensuring no razor bumps appear after your shaving. They involve the use of specific shaving equipment and products.


Shaving oil

The use of shaving oil wen shaving helps in the prevention of razor bumps. The oil helps in both lubricating and providing a burier between the skin and the razor blade. The razor blade need to glide slowly and smoothly on the skin without getting in contact directly. Shaving oil makes the skin supple and soft hence comfortable and luxurious shaving. An effective shaving oil penetrates the skin in combination of moisture and makes it supple.


Badger Brush

Shaving brush is much essential in the process of shaving. It ensures sufficient moisture is applied on the area to be shaved hence softening the hair before shaving. This brush also helps in formation of a shaving lather and distribute it evenly on the skin before shaving kicks off. Majorly the razor bumps are caused by doing a close shave. The badger brush raises the hair hence helping in the avoidance of pressing the razor blade too hard against the skin.


Shaving gel or cream

The cream is essential in the cleansing and exfoliation process. They help in getting rid of dead skin cells and killing bacteria hence preventing razor bumps. The cream or gel also cat as a lubricant between the blade and the skin hence smooth gliding of the razor blade.


After Shave Cream or lotion

After shave cream prevents the razor burn in various ways. The skin needs healing after the shaving and exfoliation. The cream or lotion is responsible for this process. It also sooth the skin and makes it to relax. Some after shave lotions contain alcohol that may cause the skin to dry and crack. Such types are not the best to use and they should be avoided.



Scrubbing the skin while showering helps in removal of dead skin cells. This helps in reducing the risks of razor bumps. Showering with cold water helps in the opening of the pores hence making it easier for the pre-shave oil to penetrate. Rinsing with hot water after shave makes the pores to close hence preventing bacterial entry. Water for this case is such an important factor in the entire shaving process.


Safety razor

The type of razor you use on your skin is such an important thing to put into consideration before you begin the shaving. Safety razor is designed to blend with the type of skin you have hence no side effects are observed. The best razor only have two or three blades of high quality and is effective in the shaving. Razors with many blades are not the best to use since they can cause the razor bumps easily. The blade should be cleaned after every stroke to remove the whiskers. Short strokes are the best while shaving since they minimize the chances of pressing the blade on the skin with high pressure. Avoid making long strokes since the effect is severe skin irritation.


Shaving technique

Always shave with the grain. The blade should be moved in the same direction as the hair growth. Shaving against the grain causes straining of the skin hence formation of razor burns. Avoid shaving same point severally as this will cause your skin to injure.



Application of a moisturizer after the shave process is so important on how to prevent razor bumps. This product makes the skin to cool and relax. Moisturizer softens the shaved area and making the regrowth to happen smoothly without causing the bumps.


Razor bumps prevention cream
Razor bumps prevention cream

Treatment of Razor Bumps

The following are razor bumps treatment products that are said to be effective.


Aloe Vera gel

This product is has agents that promote fast skin healing and smoothening. The gel is applied twice a day for effective outcome. This is also an anti-bacterial agent and it helps in preventing both fungus and bacterial infections. Daily application make the razor bumps to disappear faster.


Tree Oil

This is an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Daily application on the area affected with give you positive outcome as soon as possible.


Razor Bump Removal Creams

These are creams that has both antibacterial and antibiotic agents that are found over the counter in many pharmaceutical shops. Make consultation from a pharmacist to prescribe you the right type that will suit your skin type. Example of this creams include, Retina-A Cream and Hydrocortisone Cream.


Avoid Shaving

Do not shave once the bumps have appeared all allow some time for the healing to take place.



Prescription of an antibiotic gel and some retinoid can be done if the irritation is severe and persistent. Intralesional steroid injections have been given to some patients with serious razor bumps and the results were positive.


Razor bump relief product
Razor bump relief product

How to prevent razor bumps Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid sharing of blade
  • Don’t use a blunt blade for shaving
  • Clean and store dry razor blade
  • Avoid use of a rusted blade for shaving
  • Choose to best blade for your shaving
  • Avoid aftershave products that contain alcohol.
  • Seek medical advice for non-healing razor bumps.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for some time immediately after shaving.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to shave, take your time
  • The shaving room should be well lit and equipped with mirrors.


Therefore all the principles on how to prevent razor bumps provided in this article will help you to if strictly adhered to what has been said.

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