Ingrown Hair Prevention, Causes Symptom and Treatment

Ingrown Hair

This article contains information about ingrown hair prevention, causes, and symptoms. Treatment of ingrown hair on various parts of the body like the face, pubic, limbs, and head has been examined. Know the meaning and various signs of ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair – Meaning

This is a situation of hairs growing beneath the skin by curling sideways. This is due to the uneven cutting of the hairs that break and have a sharp end. It is most common with those people with highly coiled and curled hairs. Mostly this condition happens along with razor burns and other hair infections like folliculitis. Ingrown hair can happen at any area of the body where hair has been removed.

There are methods of hair removal that can highly cause ingrown hair. They include; waxing and shaving. Wearing tight clothes can make the hairs curl inside the skin. Shaving, especially if not done correctly, is the most susceptible to ingrown hair.

Ingrown Hair Symptoms

ingrown hair
ingrown hair
  • Severe skin rash and irritation
  • pus formation in bumps
  • Itching and uncomfortable skin
  • Presence of hairs after shaving.
  • Formation of red bumps on the skin
  • Bunch of little bumps

Ingrown hair areas include the chin, cheeks, neck, legs, armpits, pubic areas, and buttocks.

Causes of Ingrown Hairs

Before looking at possible ingrown prevention mechanisms, master the major causes. Curly hair is highly susceptible to ingrown hair. This type of hair curls back and grows sideways in the skin after shaving.

Hormonal imbalances can also cause ingrown hair. More production of those hormones responsible for hair growth can bring about more hair, hence causing others to grow under the skin.

Incorrect shaving techniques. Inattentive shaving and waxing methods of hair removal can cause hair breakages hence resulting in ingrown hair.

What kind of people is prone to ingrown hair?

  • African Americans. They have highly coiled hair.
  • The Hispanics. They have thick and curly hairs.

Ingrown Hair Prevention

Using Standard hairs removal Techniques.

Shaving techniques can, at large, contribute to the sprout of ingrown hair condition. Before you start shaving, ensure you have prepared enough, and you have all the perquisites. Wash the area to be shaved with hot water and apply shaving cream. The hot water will help in the opening of the pores and softening the hairs for convenient cutting. The use of a shaving brush should apply the cream. The shaving brush aids in even the application of the shaving gel. It also helps in raising the hairs hence preventing a close shave. Shaving gel or cream lubricates the surface and also softens the skin. Correct waxing techniques help to prevent ingrown hair. Waxing, if not done by a technician, can cause the hairs to break and start growing under the skin surface.

ingrown hair appearance
ingrown hair appearance

Shaving Techniques

Shaving while moving the blade towards the right direction prevents ingrown hair formation by a greater extend. Shaving with the grain is important since it reduces the friction between the blade and the skin. Shaving against the grain increases friction hence straining the skin. This can cause severe irritations like razor bumps and ingrown hair.

The Razor Blade Requirements.

Use the right blade and obey the razor blade’s principles while shaving to prevent ingrown hair. The blade should be sharp and clean. Keep cleaning the blade every time you make a single stroke. This will remove the whiskers hence smooth shaving. Make short strokes while shaving. Longer strokes use more pressure hence making a close shave. The razor blade should not be passed at the same point severally. Most preferably, it should be once, and this will prevent ingrown hair from appearing. The razor with many blades should be avoided. A double or triple-bladed razor is the best for shaving. Therefore always select the right type of razor to help avoid and prevent ingrown hair. Little pressure should be applied to the blade while shaving. The weight of the blade is enough to make the hairs cut. Application of force and pressure irritates the skin hence the risk of ingrown hair.

After Shave Skin Treatment.

The skin needs to be well treated after shaving to prevent ingrown hair. Apply aftershave cream to promote the healing of the skin. The after-shave cream contains antibacterial agents hence preventing bacterial infections. Immediately after shaving, wash and rinse your skin with cold water. This will help in closing the pores hence preventing germ infections. Skin needs to be soothed and relaxed. Application of moisturizer will best act in this capacity.

Use alternative hair removal methods.

Shaving and waxing are methods proven to be susceptible to ingrown hair. Using other alternatives to this will greatly prevent ingrown hair. Electrolysis hair removal methods and Laser hair removal methods can be used in place of shaving or waxing. Other alternatives could be sugaring hair removal or the use of depilatory creams. Enquire and research enough to know which alternative method can suit you. Don’t blindly opt for a method since each has its strength and shortcomings.


Scrub the skin before shaving to remove the layer of dead cells. This will help in making it easier for the hairs to grow. Exfoliation is best done while showering before shaving or waxing. The dead skin cells can prevent the hairs from growing straight hence making them coil under the skin.

These are some basic measures; upon adhering to them, you will definitely prevent ingrown hair after the hair removal process.

Ingrown hair Treatment

Having looked at ingrown hair prevention, there are also treatments for this condition, including the following.

Exfoliation technique.

Using a scrub, gently exfoliate the ingrown hair area two times a day. The blockage might have caused the ingrown hair by the dirt or dead skin cells. This process can help expose the tip of the hairs outside the skin surface. Sometimes exfoliation can be done using salt, especially on the legs. Brown or White sugar can also be used to scrub the face gently. Olive oil or Tylenol can also be used.

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You can consult a physician to prescribe medication for you that will bring about ingrown hair treatment. They include Steroid medicines that have anti-inflammation agents hence can treat the swelling. Retinoid and antibiotics can also be given since it removes the dead skin cells and prevents skin infections. Acne medication, like the application of benzoyl peroxide, can help in the treatment as well.

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Use of a sterile needle.

Some ingrown hair can be aided to appear on the skin surface by using a sharp pin needle-like device. Tweezers may be used to get hold of the tip of the hairs and pull a little bit gently to bring it to the skin surface. This method should be done carefully to avoid damaging the hair follicle.

Ingrown hair prevention Tips and facts

  • Ingrown hair can disappear on its own if left for some time.
    Aloe Vera a home remedy for ingrown hairs
    Aloe Vera a home remedy for ingrown hairs
  • Ingrown hair can become severe if infected.
  • The condition can disappear, leaving behind a scar or a dark mark on the skin.
  • Ingrown hair is common with curly hairs people.
  • Shaving close can cause skin irritations and ingrown hair.
  • Clean the razor before and after shaving
  • Squeezing ingrown hair swelling will damage your skin.
  • Dry shaving can result in ingrown hair.
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