Is Coffee Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

coffee and bad skin

There are so many pressing questions in the world: What is the meaning of life? Who created the universe? Is coffee good or bad for your skin? Okay, maybe that last one isn’t exactly as big as the others, but it still matters to a lot of people! We cannot lie – we love coffee. Like, we really, really love coffee. In fact, we cannot bear the thought of going one single day without our delicious bean water (It doesn’t really sound so delicious when we put it that way, though…) While we absolutely adore coffee, we also love having good skin. What do the two have to do with each other? For decades now there have been contradictory studies about the effects that drinking coffee has on your skin’s health. Some say constant caffeine consumption can cause breakouts and dry skin. Others say that coffee can actually protect skin and revitalize it. So what is the truth?

drinking coffee and skin cancer

Well, we did some digging. According to the most recent study, coffee may be an absolute gift from nature when it comes to your skin’s health. This particular study states that drinking coffee might actually protect you from developing cancerous melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer. That’s honestly pretty damn amazing, if you ask us.

Another study revealed that using coffee topically can have endless benefits for your skin. What exactly do we mean by “using coffee topically,” you might ask. It turns out some beauty gurus are actually making face masks out of coffee grounds and using them to exfoliate and nourish dry, dull skin. In fact, some beauty brands and now making products that include coffee as a main ingredient because it has been shown to create a healthy, glowing complexion.

coffee and skincare

Now, with that said, coffee can also be your skin’s enemy. This all depends on your skin type and how often you consume that delicious bean water. Overconsumption of caffeine has in fact been linked to acne breakouts as well as dry skin. If you naturally have dry skin or you’re already prone to breakouts, you might want to limit your coffee consumption. On the flipside, if you have generally healthy skin, you may be able to give your skin a little boost by drinking coffee and provide some major health benefits while you’re at it!

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