Is Splat Hair Dye Good

Is Splat Hair Dye Good? Splat is a funky hair dye that has been seen working well among many people. The color is said to stay for as many as six weeks if the hair is not washed out regularly. That means, the more you wash your hair the shorter it is going to last.

Splat Hair Color
Splat Hair Color

For lighter hair like blonde or grey, splat hair color can be applied without having to bleach. The process of hair bleaching can result in irritations for those individuals with sensitive skin. Hair damaging is eminent during this process.

Like any other regular dyes, splat requires well maintenance of your hair to last longer. The color can take even several months of well taken care of. Once the fading begins, there is no negative impact expected on your hair. The bleached hair color is what you will see once the fading has started taking place.

Splat Hair Dye Ideas

best splat hair dye ideas

Slat is a semi-permanent hair dye especially when the coloring process takes a short period of time. The color may have no lift on your hair but can simply deposit on the surface. Some brands like jet black may end up being permanent if the color is left to stay longer before washing.

Light hair individuals may save themselves from bleaching which is feared for damages. The color also look more brilliant on such type of hair. For instance, pink spat looks bright on medium blonde hair. Like any other hair color, the outcome is normally deeper than the image on the box. The only way to care for that is selecting a bit lighter shade than what is real.

The lighter color can be obtained by mixing splat with a white conditioner. Unfortunately, this also affects the pH value of the product and the outcome may not be as perfect as 100%. The color will be less vibrant and also short lasting.

For long lasing results, you have to avoid frequent washing which causes premature fading. You should also keep off swimming pool for the entire process. The pool water not only fasten the fading but also contribute to bleaching of your hair color due to chlorine compounds in the water.

If you have to bleach, then your hair has to undergo the treatment until the color turns to pale blonde. This must be done professionally to minimize on chances of damages. The hair has to dry completely before it follows the application of splat hair dye.

Going back to your normal hair color after splat should not a big problem. You simply have to recolor your spat colored hair with another color similar to your natural hair color. In such a case a color filter should be used in the process. Ensure that it is taking shorter time of about 5minutes since your hair is already processed during the initial coloring.

Protective gel should be applied just similarly to any other hair coloring process. This protects your skin and scalp against tints and irritations for sensitive skin people. Any health complication that may arise as a result of coloring should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Suitable conditioning should be mandatory for healthy and shiny hair appearance. Since the dye runs when subjected to water, avoid washing as much as possible since this will save you from hair recoloring.

Best Splat Hair Dye
Best Splat Hair Dye

Is Splat Hair Dye Permanent or Semi-Permanent

Splat is a semi-permanent hair dye. The outcome can only last if you strictly obey the discussed principles. The color is no negative effect on your hair. Keep dying to make your hair stunning or else you can look faded and old. Remember, bleaching is the one responsible for any hair damage that may be experienced when you have done splat.

The dye performance is reliant on pH, few beginners complain of the outcome as poor. They ought not to give up but give it a second trial. If it completely disappoint then not everyone is meant for splat hair dye. Go for something different or you maintain your natural hair and you will still look flattering.


Splat Hair Dye Instructions

Hair coloring has consequences. Instructions are key to ensuring that you get the most perfect outcomes of hair splat hair coloring. This is the only way to ensure that damages are avoided and you become happy and confident of changing your appearance.  Splat hair dye instructions below should be strictly followed and adhered to.

Requirements – Ingredients

  • Splat hair dye kit
  • Glad Plastic Wrap
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic hair cap / shower cap
  • Hand-held mirror and  bathroom mirror


  1. Ensure you have done enough research on changing your appearance. Hair color and eyes color are among what you should consider. Understand your skin tones and complexion then seek medical advice on your health and splat coloring.
  2. For light hair, bleaching should not be mandatory the outcome will still be perfect and long lasting. For the rest bleach until your hair is pale or medium blonde. The hair should then be dried completely prior to the splat hair coloring process.
  3. The process can be done by a professional or at-home hair coloring. There are few instructions and precautions on the hair color box that you should not ignore. Observe the image color and select a shade slightly lighter than the image on the packaging.
  4. Protect your skin and scalp by application of the protective gel. Petroleum jelly like Vaseline can be used. A piece of cloth, towel or cap is other alternatives for your face, ears, eyes and other organs safety. Don’t wear your best shirt or blouse since a spillage on it can make you curse why you bought it.
  5. For bleaching, take your powder bleach and pour in the liquid developer. Shake while the bottle is caped until a mixture is formed. This must also accompany some of the directives on the bottle. Use the gloves to apply on your hair.
  6. Leave your hair to react with the bleach as per the time provided. 30 to 40 minutes are enough for your hair to be bleached. Let it dry on its own or you can risk to blow dry it. After all, you are aware that bleaching can damage your hair.
  7. It is now time to apply your splat dye! This doesn’t matter whether you have bleached or not. The process is more or less the same. On the applicator cap, apply the dye on your hair in a careful manner. Avoid spillage to your skin or forehead which requires hard scrubbing to wash it out. The dye is also staining and avoid splashing to the sink or in your bathtub. Allow it to react for at least 30 minutes.
  8. Sure enough, you can now wash your hair until the water is clear. Let the hair dry again completely or you can blow dry it. Apply a conditioner to make your hair sparkle and comb it to your like.
    Splat purple violet hair-color
    Splat purple violet hair-color

Tips on how to Use Splat hair Color

The color intensity can vary depending on the amount you have applied in your hair. Light appearance is when you have applied a small amount that is not enough for instance pink. For very deep or dark a tone of the shade is used. Medium purple is observed when the average or medium amount is used. Two boxes are said to be enough for complete dying of your hair.

The dye is really staining and that is why gloves are ideal to use during the application process. The protective gel helps your skin from staining. The sink or bathtubs can also be prevented from the mess by placing a seal such as glad press n’ seal.

Be careful and do not dump. You ought to be patient and that is why you should set a specific day to carry out this process. If you are in a hurry you would rather not dye, because you will not have enough time for the dye to completely act on your hair. The consequence for this is devastating and you can end up shaving your long waited hair.

How to choose the best Hair Color

Splat hair dye comes in a variety of colors. Choosing the right hair color is beyond splat hair color. There are many factors to consider in ensuring that that your hair color not only make you flattering but also natural.

Splat Red Hair Color
Splat Red Hair Color

Splat Hair Dye Review –Best Brands

Hair color maintenance is what causes many women to scratch their heads. There are some hair colors that requires higher levels of maintenance as compared to others. While going to purchase your splat hair dye you ought to have researched more on that or you must be having an experience of using it before.

There are many brands of this hair dye and it can be tricky in accessing what is the best brand for you. Some of the ways to tell on the effectiveness of a brand is looking on the dye reviews. Splat hair dye reviews should not only give you good ideas on the price but also the ingredients that make it to be on top.

Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Kit

dye hair kit

This product is said to be effective on both bleached and unbleached hair. This is along lasing hair dye that is semi-permanent in nature. The price is pocket friendly and it ranges from $8 to $10. The complete kit comes with bleach splat oxide mixing container, Hair color gloves and a script of instructions.

As said earlier, ingredients are an important part of the review. They are able to tell you if the product is healthy or does it have health side effects? Some of the ingredients in used in making of splat rebellious colors hair coloring include the following.

Eionized Water, Phenylmethanol, Polyquaternium-7, VA/Crotonates Copolymer, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Blue 9, Acid Red 52, Red 46, Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Blue 1.

This product is available in the following shades of colors, Luscious Raspberry, Lusty Lavender, Neon Green, Pink Fetish and Aqua

Other Splat Hair Color Best Brands

Best Splat Hair Dye
Best Splat Hair Dye

Here are top rated splat hair dye brands you can try:

  • Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Kit Jet Black
  • Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Hair Color Kit Blue Envy
  • Splat Glow in the Dark
  • SPLATTM Rebellious Colors Kit (Orange Fireballs)
  • Splat Rebellious Colors Lightening Bleach
  • Sparks Premium long Lasting Bright Hair Color Dyes
  • L’Oreal Paris Color Rays Highlights
  • Splat Hair Color, Bright, Totally Red
  • Splat Hair Color, Bright Purple Swag

Where to Buy Splat Hair Dye

There are many drugs stores that sell splat hair kits. Walgreens, CVS, Splat websites and Amazon are the places to shop for splat hair dye among others. There are centers that provide free shipping services for you and you can still obtain your product at your oversea location. Walgreens and Amazon are good at that.

Therefore for a complete kit, splat hair dye is the best long lasting semi-permanent hair color that you need. The kit has all the essentials that you need to do coloring on your own and is currently in approximately 9 colors and among the most famous include, jet black, raspberry, lavender, green and aqua.

People’s opinions vary on splat and we are not guaranteeing you of the outcome upon usage of splat products. The best you can do is try and if not satisfied you can go for products from different manufacturers or consult a professional hair color expert.

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