Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser hair removal details

Does laser hair removal work? Read to find out facts about the laser and how much it cost. Also, explore at home laser machines and reviews.

Shaving or waxing are some of the ways people have tried out to remove unwanted hairs. These methods only offer a temporal solution. However, a method believed to be a permanent one has been used, and positive outcomes have been observed. We are talking about none other than Laser hair removal.

 Laser Hair Removal – Meaning

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal

This is where the pulses of light remove unwanted hair are concentrated in the hair follicle that destroys the hair’s root, hence inhibiting further growth. The process has been carried out for quite a long period of time in the United States, that is, since 1997 and other parts of the world. It has been approved as a permanent method for hair reduction.

Today laser hair removal is widely spread and is carried out in clinics. It is also done at home levels, whereby affordable devices have been made available to the consumers who do it independently. This spread in usage is related to the best and efficient results.

Laser hair removal requires competency and the right techniques in the application. Wrong skills can lead to damages and hair regrowth as well. Therefore the patient must be observed whether he or she suits the process before carrying it out. Note that Laser hair removal can be done on the face, bikini area, on the arms and legs, among other regions with unwanted hair.


At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the process that has to be done severally in sessions to realize complete hair removal. Sometimes people find it tedious to attend laser clinics on how to remove facial hairs and other unwanted hairs. Others will feel shy to go and explain themselves to people they don’t trust. However, to ease this situation, you can do at-home laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is expensive, and it looks like a nice deal when you buy your own home laser hair removal machine that will make you save on cost. This kind of device comes with a manual that will guide entirely by removing the unwanted hairs. Follow carefully the procedures provided, and you will execute the application process successfully.

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal

Does laser hair removal hurt?

People will always have fear and anxiety to know if laser hair removal hurt. The answer is No. In most cases, the laser hair removal machine will come with a spray that makes the operation area cool and relaxed. An example is a Cryogenic spray that works awesomely. Shaving before starting helps in reducing the little pain that may be expected. Note that this mere pain may only be felt at the laser hair removal process’s first stages.


Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons

Advantages of using Laser Hair Removal (pros)

The following makes this method significant over others:

  • It is effective in permanent hair reduction
  • saves time because of its speed
  • Few or no damages when done with skilled technologies
  • suitable for almost all skin types but much best with fair skins
  • Suitable for all types of hairs but best with black hairs

Laser Hair Removal Side effects (cons)

Laser treatment causes irritations and painful feeling on the skin. The treated area may experience swelling with some aspect of discoloration that is temporal.

Strong numbing creams should not be used in the treated areas since they can be dangerous and even result in fatal damages. The treated area is always iced to relieve side effects instantly. Prober adjustment of the lesser should be made to avoid some side effects like hypopigmentation and hyper-pigmentation. Allergy can also be experienced by some patients resulting from certain types of creams used after and before laser hair removal has been carried out.

Before and after the treatment, medication may be administered to the patient to avoid any infection contraction. Swelling and redness may occur depending on the skin’s sensitivity, though it is a short term side effect. Long-term side effects for laser hair removal hardly occur, and they are much rare. Therefore this is a safe and best method for removing unwanted hairs and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Laser Hair Removal Precautions and things to consider

  • Ensure the technician carrying out the process is certified and skilled.
  • Avoid using other hair removal methods two months before the treatment.
  • Keep off from radiations that may temper with the process before the treatment.
  • Adhere to any complimentary prescription that the technician may offer, for instance, the application of anti-inflammatory lotions.
  • The clinic should be at a convenient location.
  • The lasers must be of good quality.


Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal

How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost? Laser hair removal is done in series until the skin becomes smooth with no hair. It is hardly done once. Many clinics price the treatment after every treatment. Since many clinics and technicians offer this process, the cost may not be burdening and is much affordable. With most clinics, laser hair removal costs about $100 only for a small area on the face and $750 for the legs.

Is laser hair removal regulated?

In the U.S and some other countries, the laser hair removal practice is under no regulation. While in some states like Florida, the treatment and devices have to be under a certified medical doctor or physician since this method is considered purely medical. Electrologists may also be required to do the treatment but only under the supervision of a held responsible physician.

Number of sessions required in laser hair removal

Naturally, hair grows in stages. Single laser treatment may not effectively clear out the hairs. Therefore several sessions should be carried out to kill and stop the hair from growing in all the phases. Due to varieties in skin type and hair types, multiple treatments ought to be done. The sessions should be spaced at a duration of between one to two months.

Session number may be determined by hair type, gender, skin color, and the region being treated. Certain colors of hair hardly work well with a laser; such types include white, red, and grey hairs.

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Laser Hair Removal Facts

Many states in the U.S have granted permission to use the laser hair removal treatment to people who are not ascertained. This, however, poses a great danger and risk to the patients who need this service. Poor results and even complications like burns and hyperpigmentation may be experienced. This is most cases, will be due to unskilled personnel or wrong laser hair removal machines. Therefore before you choose this method, you think twice and ask yourself several questions.

  • What kind of lesser to use that suit your skin? The physician should tell the kind of laser hair removal that will work best with your skin. He or she should diagnose this by observing your skin texture and color. This technician should detect any medical complications, if any, by checking your medical history and carrying out laboratory tests.
  • The doctor responsible for carrying out the treatment should process several laser hair removal machines on his premises. This will guarantee you that he will most likely have the one that is desirable for you.
  • Trying to interrogate the technician on the number of cases he or she has handled will give you leverage to know whether he or she has experience with the laser hair removal treatment.
  • Also, enquire about the number of sessions that will make your complete process. You better get to know that you will need about three to four sessions for permanent hair removal. A contradiction to this should indicate to you that you have encountered the wrong technician.



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