Laser Stretch Mark Treatment and Removal

Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

What is laser stretch mark treatment? The article discusses the laser stretch mark removal technique. Read to get insight on the types and procedures of laser stretch mark treatment. Find here more on the cost for laser stretch mark removal.


Laser Stretch Mark Treatment – Meaning

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

This is a technique that uses the Ultraviolet beam of light to eliminate stretch marks. The impulse light is subjected to the skin area with stretch marks for some time. The skin layer cells affected with stretch marks are removed and a new layer is let to grow. The technology is more or less the same as Lasik eye surgery. There are various types of laser stretch mark treatment for different skin types.


Various Types of Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

The operational concept of all the types of laser for stretch mark removal is the same. The different types were emerged to take care of different types of skins being treated. Different skin types differ in how they react and respond to laser treatment. Various sessions are provided for a complete cycle of stretch marks removal. The most prominent types include the following.


Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

This type of Laser is effective in promoting the healing and repair of damaged elastin fibers and the stimulation of collagen production. The thermal effect is regulated to provide additional activation energy for new growth and development of the skin underneath tissues and cells. Pulsed dye laser gives an effective outcome in eliminating stretch marks.


Fractional Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Fractional Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

This technique is also scientifically regarded as photo thermolysis. FDA approved it as safe and effective in the removal of stretch marks. There is no pain experienced while undergoing fractional laser stretch mark treatment. Lux 1540 is the advanced technology of this treatment that is said to be the most perfect.


Excimer Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Excimer Laser works by blending the varied pigmentation of the skin. The technique only fades the stretch marks making them look similar to the rest of the skin color. In a real sense, the stretch marks remain in place but cannot be easily seen or realized. The technology is approved as safe and can be used on any type of skin.


How Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Method Work

Laser technology operation should be carried out by a specialist. He or she must have experience and is certified to be held responsible for any damage. The treatment may undergo various sessions depending on the intensity of the stretch marks and the type of skin being dealt with.

To begin with, make an appointment with a specialist. Some tests will be carried out about your body reaction to the treatment. A questionnaire may be filled to establish the causes of the stretch marks. The doctor will have to prove his skills by showing you sample successful operations.

Get prepared by directives from the doctor. You might be asked to lie on a bed or sit depending on the area being treated. Laser stretch mark treatment should not cause pain or skin irritation. Everything should be explained by the doctor prior to the kicking off of the process.

The Laser device will then be brought and placed at the skin area to be treated. For the first time, you are likely to experience a little bit of discomfort. The concentrated impulse beam of light will then be focused on the area. The Laser surgery may take some hours depending on the size of the skin under treatment. Old stretch marks may take longer to be removed compared to the younger ones.

The process end and the doctor may allow you to take a break of a few days for the skin to heal and a new layer is formed. Reactive skin types may experience some blisters or rashes. This will take a short time then disappear. Some people keep asking me, “Is laser stretch mark removal safe? Get the answer by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of laser stretch mark removal treatment below.


The Pros of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment and removal

pros of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

  • The technique is far effective as compared to the stretch mark creams and lotions.
  • The Laser for stretch mark removal is capable of eliminating stretch marks of all types.
  • It is cost-effective especially when it comes to the long run. Creams and lotions ought to be expensive until when completely eliminating the stretch mark.
  • The process promotes skin firming and tightening besides skin toning.
  • Side effects like soring and blistering may be experienced especially if not correctly done.
  • The method can be expensive especially when removing stretch marks on a large skin area.
  • Various skin types may register variation in results. Either good or bad.
  • The skin reactions are imminent, especially for the sensitive skin types.


The Cons of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment and Removal

“Can I use laser stretch mark treatment and removal technique in pregnancy?”[Alice 26] the best advice for this is to wait until the end of your pregnancy period. It might not be safe since your body is too sensitive at this moment. Hormonal changes can be triggered and the results may not be good. Microdermabrasion or recommendable pregnancy stretch mark creams may be used instead.

“What does laser stretch mark removal cost?”[Joyce 32] The price for laser stretch mark treatment may vary depending on various factors such as the area being treated, the availability of the facility, and the type of laser for stretch mark removal employed. According to my research, this goes at nothing below $200. For instance, at Ski Spa New York City it costs between $200 and $300 per session.


In conclusion, the content of the post is only for information purposes. Consult your doctor for a further examination and recommendable treatment technique for stretch marks.

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