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Leg Waxing Meaning

Leg hair is a characteristic feature of adulthood among human beings. Both men and women are likely to grow hair on their legs. Men legs tend to be hairier than Women, this amount of hair on legs will depend on various factors.

Among the causes known is the ethnic background, hormonal, genetic and geographical location. People from Middle East and Eastern part of Europe have more leg hair compared to others. Women will always want to have so minimal amount hair on their legs.

Leg Waxing
Leg Waxing

Majority of them are likely to prefer not having them at all. They however employ any method that would make this to work. Some of the method they use include plucking, tweezing and even shaving. But the big worry is how long does it take for the hair to grow back and how effective is those techniques?

Leg waxing helps in reducing the amount of leg hair using wax. While you read this article you will learn the steps on how to carry out this process. This method is much preferred given that it is effective and hair takes long before growing.


At Home Leg Waxing.

This method of hair removal is a type of waxing sparingly carried out on the legs. Like any other treatment the client has to adhere to some principles and guidelines. It can perfectly be carried out at home with high level of keenness and care. Preparation is the key to any successful hair removal treatment. Ensuring that all the requirements are made available and preparing mentally also matters. Therefore for effective and perfect leg waxing you need the following:

  • Wax. There are different kinds of waxes available at the wax centers and at the cosmetics clinics. The kind of wax you will opt for will depend on the type of skin you have, that is, whether sensitive or not. The toughness and intensity of the leg hair will also determine. Soft wax is best for normal hairs and works well for any skin type. Hard wax is ideal for rough and tough wax but is not good for sensitive skins. Other types of wax include warm wax and hot film wax.
  • Wax heater. Wax need to be applied while at some level of temperature. You will be required to heat the wax until the recommended temperature is achieved. Wax heaters are designed for this purpose though wax can still be heat in the microwave. Wax is applied while hot though not too hot to burn the skin.
  • Waxing spatula. They are used to apply either a thin or thick layer of wax on the hair area. They are either wooden or plastic made. They are available over the counters or sometimes they come with the at home waxing kit.
  • Waxing Strips. These will be used to flick off and remove the wax once the process is done. They are available as either fabric strip or paper strip. Both act the same. A cotton cloth can be used as strips.
  • Pre Wax Lotion and Moisturizer. This product will be applied before the waxing process begin. It contains cleansing compounds and is capable for the removal of oil traces and bacteria. It also wash away the dirt and will act as a buffer agent between the skin and the wax.
  • After Wax Lotion and Moisturizer. This product will be applied after the leg waxing is complete. It is responsible for the soothing and relaxing the skin. It is also an anti-bacterial substance and will prevent the waxed area from infections.
  • Tweezers. They will be used in the removal of some left patches of hair after the leg waxing is done. This is something normal and common in any waxing process. Not all hair is removed and some stubborn hair will always be plucked later using the tweezers.
  • Latex Gloves. They are put on to ensure that no wax is sticking on the fingers. It is also used for the hygienic purposes. Gloves are sold over many counters at the pharmaceutical and wax centers.
  • Talcum or baby powder. It will be applied on the area to be waxed in order to make it comfortable in wax removal.


Leg Waxing Tips and Procedures

Leg Waxing
Leg Waxing
  1. Ensure that your leg hair is about ¼ inch in height. This is recommendable for the waxing process. It enables the hair to be removed by the root in the leg waxing
  2. Do thorough cleaning on the leg surfaces using the pre wax lotion and allow some time for drying. Then apply a thin layer of bay powder.
  3. Heat the wax using the wax heater and remove to cool. Keep testing the temperature by placing a tiny drop on the arm. It should remain soft and don’t use it while hard to realize positive results in your leg waxing.
  4. Apply a thin layer of the mild hot wax on the leg surface using the spatula. Avoid application of thick layer since it will cause hair breakage and also stick on the skin. Do it in the opposite direction of the leg hair growth.
  5. Cover the applied wax with the strips and allow few seconds. Try to apply a little pressure to make it attach. Leave one side of the strip hanging where you will hold while pulling. Try to rub the strip parallel to the skin and in opposite direction of the leg hair growth.
  6. Pull off immediately and quickly the strips right opposite the hair growth direction. Check for the remaining patches of hair and remove it using tweezers. The stuck wax can be removed using a recommendable oil.
  7. After all these steps of leg waxing, apply after wax lotion or moisturizer to sooth the skin surface on the legs.

Exfoliate regularly after leg waxing to prevent ingrown leg hairs. This should be done using a body scrub. Regular leg waxing until the leg hairs disappears for long is recommended. Frequent waxing can result to permanent hair removal. Tight trousers should be avoided within the 24 hours of leg hair removal. Chemical products and body care creams should be avoided since they can cause irritations and infections


Leg Waxing
Leg Waxing

Benefits and Shortcomings of Leg waxing

Leg waxing can be painful and irritating if not done correctly. Guidelines must be followed responsibly to avoid any risk. On the other hand the process is effective and easy to accomplish. It is faster and hence saves on time. At – home leg waxing is cost effective. The end results are amazing and so awesome of done correctly.

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