Mosquito Bite Allergy Symptoms and Allergic Reaction to Mosquito Bites Treatment

What are the allergic reactions to mosquito bites? Get more insights on mosquito bite allergy symptoms and how to cure an infected mosquito bite. How to Treat and cure an allergic reaction reactions to insect bites.


Allergic Reaction to Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bite allergy reactions
Mosquito bite allergy reactions – symptoms

Mosquito use a sharp proboscis to suck blood from the skin. People react differently to the biting of the skin due to variations in mosquito bite allergy response and reaction. It also depends with the species of the mosquito trying to such the blood.

There are some that bites in a style that you can hardly notice. While for others you can feel the pain. Besides the biting, these type of insects also contain saliva that is anti-coagulant. When they apply it on the wound it prevents the blood from clotting, hence more bleeding.

The body immune system on the other hand produces a response towards the bites. Histamine is released to combat the foreign substance induced in the body. In the process you will begin to experience an itchy sensation.

Mosquito Bites Allergic Reaction Symptoms

Here are signs that will help you to determine if a mosquito has bite you. When you experience any, think of how to get rid of mosquito bites itching immediately.

  • Painful skin itching that results to damaging of the nerves and blood vessels.
  • Red bump that may not show up immediately.
  • Swelling of the skin around the bite.
  • A white bump with a red dot at the center can also be formed due to mosquito bite allergy.
  • Instead of hard bumps some people will experience small blisters.
  • The red bump may turn to dark spots that may appear like bruises.
  • A skin rash may develop as a minor symptom of mosquito bite.

Infected Mosquito Bite Symptoms

Mosquitos are classified as the most dangerous animals on earth. Apart from sucking blood, they are have been proven to cause various infections and disease. Here are a number of infections caused by mosquitoes:

  • Transmission of Malaria parasite which is highly contagious.
  • Dengue fever that is also a life threatening ailment.
  • Encephalitis which is a brain infection.
  • Meningitis which is characterized by the inflammation of brain and spinal cord.
  • West Nile Virus that is also contagious to human beings.

Sometimes it takes time to realize that you have been infected by the above infections especially for people who have a resistance reaction to mosquito bite allergy. Symptoms are likely to show up more in adults as compared to children. Here are some of the symptoms of infected mosquito bite:

Mosquito bite allergic reactions
Mosquito bite allergic reactions
  • Fever that is characterized by abnormal body temperatures.
  • Severe headache and neck pain.
  • Muscle and body aches
  • Skin rash formation especially on the face.
  • Fatigue and general body weakness.
  • Dizziness and light sensitivity.

When you experience such symptoms contact your doctor immediately or seek urgent medical attention from a nearby health facility.

Generally, a mild mosquito bite allergy reaction will take place to the mosquito’s anti-coagulant saliva. Initially you may not experience the pain immediately but itching will follow. Why do mosquito bites itch? Histamine can cause the itching or due to inflammation of the nerves.

You are advised not to scratch or touch the bite. This can not only cause more opening of the wound but also risk bacterial infection. There are ways on how to reduce chances of an infected mosquito bite:

  • Wash the bite area with warm water and soap.
  • Apply an anti-itch cream or calamine lotion to the area.
  • Take antihistamine tables under doctor’s guidance to relief mosquito bite allergy symptoms.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

You can avoid bites by adhering to prevention mechanisms:

  • Avoid getting out during the evenings and early mornings.
  • Keep your windows and doors locked or use transparent glass.
  • Put on long sleeved tops and long pants to avoid exposing your skin.
  • Clear arrears around you and avoid stagnant water areas.
  • Use insect repellents such as citronella as recommended by Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention.

Mosquito Bite Allergy Treatment

Immediately after experiencing a mosquito bite, apply a cold compress to the skin affected area. This will reduce swelling and inflammation. Itching can be cured by use of mild antihistamine or anti-itching medications. You can utilize anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen or ibuprofen. Calamine lotion can also be used.

There are home remedies for getting rid of mosquito bite itching such as a mixture of water and baking soda. Applying of a tooth paste or mouth wash to the bite and also using essential oils such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. When symptoms persist, think of contacting a medical expert immediately.



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