The Best Hairstyles For Every Face Shape!

haircuts for different face shapes

The right haircut can do wonders for your appearance. When choosing a new hairstyle, one of the most important things to consider is your face shape. Many want to downplay certain factors of their face shape, while others want to accentuate the shape of their face. Either way, there are certain hairstyles that will make your face look picture perfect! Check out the best hairstyles for every face shape below:


round face long bob

People with round faces typically want haircuts that lengthen the face. A shoulder-length bob with a side part is one of the best haircuts to achieve this because it slims the face, making it appear longer and more slender.


square face hairstyles

Square faces benefit from major length! If you have a square face, you’ll want you hair to be long, long, long! Long, straight hair parted down the center will help soften the look of a square face, making it appear more rounded.


hairstyle heart face

Since heart-shaped faces are larger at the top and smaller at the bottom, they benefit from any hair style with bangs. A longer haircut with blunt or side-swept bangs can make the forehead look smaller, which will help a heart-shaped face look more proportionate.


oval shaped face hairstyles

An oval face usually benefits from a medium-length haircut with long side-swept bangs. The side-swept bangs help to cut the length of the face, making it appear more rounded rather than oblong. Large, tussled curls can also distract from the length of an oval face shape.

hairstyles for diamond face shapes

Diamond faces are best accentuated by short bobs. This can be a blunt bob or a tussled bob. Either way, the short length of this haircut brings all the focus to the diamond face shape which is typically considered desirable on its own.


rectangular face shape hairstyles

To cut the length and hardness of a rectangular face, many people opt for a shoulder-length, layered cut. A short, choppy cut can make the face look softer and more compact.

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