What Do Sleeping Positions Say About You?

What Do Sleeping Positions Say About You

What Do Sleeping Positions Say About You? According to scientists, it is evident that someone gets a clue about your personality traits by observing your sleeping positions. There are various sleep styles that have been analyzed and found to be directly interlinked to a particular sleeping posture.

Everyone flops into bed daily to get resting of the mind and the body. The next day everything is freshened and you feel that you have the psych and energy to face so many activities.

While crawling into the bed, there are positions assumed before drifted off to sleep. They not only make someone sleep comfortably but they speak loud about the personality and trains of the respective individual.

Sleeping Positions Personality Traits

According to psychological sleeping analysis, individuals portray some behavior that can be associated with their positions of sleeping. The overall physical and mental health can be promoted by good sleep positions. The sleeping duration will determine whether your body will ever be tired or ever refreshed.

Further sleeping position analysis informs that the more the hours you sleep the more the brain develops and feel energized.

There are sleeping positions personality traits that have been derived by examining the way people posture while in their bed. The following are the researched positions and what traits they reflect.

The Fetus Sleeping Position

The Fetus Sleeping Position

The sleeper curls in the bed like the way a fetus posture in the womb. This is done on the side while the arms look like holding something. This creates internal comfort and relaxation. The sleeping positions personality traits for this posture describes someone who is tough and reactive outside but is very sensitive in the heart.

These people are said to shy while encountering new people. This is a more common posture for women than men. This group normally long for security and love and have a tendency to take relationship matters slowly. They always seem to handle other people in a kind and nice manner.

Starfish Sleeping Positions

This is sleeping on the back while the arms are postured up the head mostly around the pillow hence forming a figure like a starfish. Less rest and more snoring can occur in this position. The sleep position trait for this is good listening and normally individuals with more compassion.

It is also believed best for thinking and contemplating among many people. Their ability to make friends is high since they are always to lend a helping hand to others

Log Sleeping Position

What Do Sleeping Positions Say About You? Log Sleeping Position

The sleeper lays on the side while the arms are placed down. This is sleeping straight along on the side while the arms are straight or curled on a pillow. This sleeping requires conforming support to reduce pressure.  The sleeper normally wakes up feeling stiff. These people have the following sleep personality traits. They are easy-going and they enjoy being in crowds. They look more social and easily place their trust in strangers.

This makes them easily convinced and gullible. They are also calm and rational in how they perceive matters. Being kind is a feature that makes them have great friends.

Yearner Sleeping Style

The sleeper lays on the side while the arms are placed in front. The arms are stretched even more. Sleep position meaning for the trait is cynical and suspicious. Few individuals in this category are open-minded while the majority tend to be stubborn.  And they have a personality of giving up easily. They tend to take longer in terms of decision making.

The good thing about this category of people is they always act with caution and not easy to be deceived. They rarely get excited nor becoming sensitive.

Stomach or Free Fall Sleep Posture

What Do Sleeping Positions Say About You? Free fall Sleep Posture

The sleeper lays on the stomach while placing the head aside. Normally the arms are wrapped on the pillow. Both legs are outstretched. The personality trait for these people is being self-centered and gregarious.  They are too sensitive and do not react well to criticism.

The Leaper Sleep Position

The sleeper lays on the side and the hands are free on the sides. One leg is postured straight while the other is folded to form an angle at the knee. The sleeping position personality for these individuals is being fussy and always complaining.

They always seem nervous and takes a long time to think and make a decision. Once they have decided it becomes their final.

The Soldier Posture

The sleeper lays on the back and the hands are set to fall free and straight on the sides. The position is best in preventing pain though it is more prone to snoring.

A personality trait for these people is being calm and reserved. They always set high standards and they also expect people around them to conform to the standards. These individuals are highly preoccupied with their appearance hence making a center of attention. Trying new experiences is what they like most.

Sleeping Positions Personality Quiz

Does your sleeping position have anything to do with your personality? Selecting the category that matches your posture and you will be able to quickly analyze your personality.

How do you sleep?

  • curl up like a fetus
  • lying on the side while both hands down
  • Lay on the back as both hands up around the pillow.
  • lying on sides while arms out in front
  • Sleeping on the back while hands down on sides
  • lying on the tummy and hands around pillow while head placed aside

Choose one sleep position personality quiz and compare it with the discussed traits to evaluate what kind of a person you are. Most likely every individual will be able to find how they sleep from this list.

There is various sleep positions personality quiz that can best evaluate your traits basing on how you sleep. While attending to the quiz, it is advisable to be honest since the accuracy of the final results will base on your integrity of answering.

This kind of questionnaire is very meaningful and can be used for various purposes like psychological counseling, career development and planning, relationship counseling, and valuation of your customer relation abilities by employers.

It is also important to note that your sleeping positions influence people around you and are a way of communicating to them. In a relationship, the couple makes good use of body language. The way you posture while sleeping with your partner can convey a piece of internal information that cannot be hidden anymore.

Sleeping Positions Meaning and Personality Traits

Couples Sleeping Positions Meaning

“Couples fall into habitual ways of sleeping together that suits their personalities and personal preferences. These are negotiated at the outset, so if something changes in how they sleep together, this can reflect a change in their relationship and cause concern for the other partner.” (Relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet)

Couples sleeping positions meaning insights more on how couples can affect their relationship by conforming to various sleeping positions. When couples go to bed at night, this is the time believed that everyone is going to show their real and true personality. It is hard for people to fake their body language when the time to bed comes. They will have to be honest and vulnerable to their partners.

However much it might have become boring after sleeping together for long, your sleeping position should not frustrate your partner and vividly show that you are fade up.

According to the British research that was carried out on 2000 couples, 46% of op individuals sleep while turning their backs away from each other. Such couples are believed to have intimate partnerships according to psychologists. This sleeping position means that the couple is deeply connected and they have the independence to sleep in a separate way.

The majority of couples in new relationships sleep while facing away from each other but their back touching. The revealed couples sleeping positions meaning for this is the couples are comfortable and deeply intimate with each other. They have a relaxed mind and they cherish their relationship with trust and honor.

Cat Sleeping Positions Meaning

Cat sleeping position involves curling the body on the side with the head and knees brought near each other. The hands are folded towards the chest nearing the chin, and it indicates certain personality and traits of an individual. Cat sleeping positions meaning is associated with people who are selfish, vengeful, and self-protective.

Sleeping in this position appears like holding an object close to your body. Sometimes people hold a teddy bear hence indicating selfishness. Psychologically, women curl in a cat position to indicate how they cling to emotions, and what belongs to them, no wonder why they feel jealousy of their guys being poked by other women.

Having enlightened with insights to do with sleeping positions meaning, you are now at liberty to carefully observe the position you posture while sleeping. Proper sleeping positions will not only improve your physical and mental health but also promote your relationship life and how you interact with others. Therefore choose not only your best sleeping position but also a proper one.

Sleeping Positions Ailments

Snoring is the most common among many people in the world. Back sleepers experience this condition as compared to others. Sleep apnea is also a result of back sleeping. Changing sleeping position and using a suitable comfortable mattress can help relieve these conditions.

Neck and back pain can be experienced if someone sleeps on an uncomfortable mattress and some types of pillows. The best way to remedy this is by improving on sleeping positions with the right beddings. Heartburn can be elevated with the back sleeping position which can be improved upon sleeping with side.

Tell me your sleeping positions and I will tell you your personality and Traits. How does this happen? Believe it or not, these are true facts and scientifically researched. Various sleeping positions strongly convey the type of person you are, whether mean, selfish, jealousy, kind, imaginative, brave, and many more.


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