Navel Piercing Jewelry, Fake, Rings, Double & Navel Piercing Needle

Navel Piercing Jewelry

Navel piercing is becoming a popular art among many people. This has also made navel piercing jewelry to become extensive as well. Get more insight into navel piercing jewelry products and types, rings, fake, real, double, and navel piercing needles.  Please check this first before getting a belly button piercing.

Navel Piercing Jewelry

There are different types and designs of naval jewelry to meet the various needs of the clients. Jewelry not only oozes sexual appearance among women but also maintains the pierced in the due process of healing. There are those which are highly recommended to be worn until the piercing heals completely.

Many new designs have kept emerging to add to the ancient Bali jewelry. Among all the navel body jewelry, Barbell has become the most prominent. This is due to the fact that a curved Barbell is often used almost in every belly button piercing until fully healing.

Reverse Double Piercing Rings
Reverse Double Piercing Rings

There are other types you can wear once the piercing is healed. Besides the curved Barbells, there are more that has dangling pendants while others have bead rings. It is important to note that not every piece of jewelry is recommended for the freshly pierced navel.

There are standard requirements established for the navel barbells. “Bananabells or “banana bars” are the common names for these standard established jewelry due to their curved banana-like shape. They are designed to be used in almost all types of navel piercing.

A standard barbell must meet the following specifications: Thickness must be 1.6mm and 9.5mm long. It should have silver caps that measure 5mm in diameter and 8mm for upper and lower ends respectively.

Different people mistake the names of these navel piercing jewelry products. It is quite often to find the retailers and providers referring to banana bells as rings. Note that they are not the same as full rings. They are also good for horizontal navel piercing and that is why people prefer them to other normal rings.

  • Style: 14G Stainless Steel Belly Rings Navel Piercing
  • Size: 1.6mm=14 Gauge, 9.5mm Bar Length, Common Belly Ring Size, Easy to Screw Off and On.
  • The Bar is Made of 316L Stainless Steel, High Polished Surface, Safe and Durable.
  • Clear AAAAA+ Shiny Cubic Zirconia Paved ,Cute and Dainty, Twinkling Jewelry,Give You A Charming Look!
  • High Polish Smooth Surface, Lightweight and Comfortable to Wear! Perfect gift choices

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Fake Navel Piercing Jewelry

Those without pierced navel can enjoy the same attractive appearance as those who have undergone true navel piercing. This is due to the availability of a new type of navel jewelry that is clipped on the navel.

Fake navel piercing jewelry makes the fake belly button piercing to appear real. They are available in the market and you can go for them if you fear of rejection, infections, and caring responsibility among other dangers of navel piercing.


Navel Rings
Navel Rings

Navel Piercing Rings

Choosing the perfect navel piercing ring for your body shape is not an easy task. There are hundreds of these rings in the market. You can purchase your belly button ring from various agents online such as Amazon and eBay among others. Among the top-rated rings you cannot go wrong with include the following:

  • CZ Butterfly Mini Belly Button Navel Ring
  • Swarvoski Crystal Round Solitaire Belly Button Ring
  • AB Shimmering Snowflake Dangle Belly Button Ring
  • Rainbow Shimmering Snowflake Dangle Belly Button Ring
  • Teardrop CZ Bezel Set Dangle Belly Button Ring
  • CZ Round Solitaire Mini Belly Button Navel Ring
  • PASSION ETERNITY Reverse Dangle Navel Belly Button Ring
  • summer Rose Top & Bottom Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring
  • Mystical Seahorse Head & Tail Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring
  • Dragonfly Head & Tail Surgical Steel Belly Ring
  • Fierce Octopus Head & Tail Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring
  • Gemstone Snake Head & Tail Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring
  • Style: One Piece 316L Stainless Steel Skull Hand with Gem Ball Fixed Navel Rings.
  • Gauge: Bar Thickness:14G=1.6mm; Bar Length :3/8”=10mm; Common Size for Belly Piercing
  • Material:316l Surgical Steel Bar ,Nickel&Lead Free,Safe to Your Piercing!
  • Unique Claw with Opalite Center Design,Give More Charming Look on You!
  • High Polished Surface,Safety and Convenient to Wear!

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Double Navel Piercing Jewelry

Inverse Double Piercing Jewlery
Inverse Double Piercing Jewlery

Here are some of the top-rated double navel piercing jewelry that you can try. They are at pocket-friendly prices and in different sizes and your desired color appearance. You can obtain your set online at amazon or eBay.

  • Rainbow Titanium Double Jewelled Navel Belly Bar – BODY PIERCING JEWELLERY
  • Mirror Polish Titanium Double Jewelled Navel Belly Bar – BODY PIERCING JEWELLERY
  • Assorted Double Gem Belly Bars (navel piercing) – Pack of 4
  • 1 x Crystal Double Heart Navel Piercing Belly Bar Pave Pink Clear Blue Purple
  • Double Heart Belly, Navel Bar Crystal, Gem Ring Piercing New
  • Stainless Steel Double Cross Dangle Piercing Belly Barbell Navel Ring Bar JW109
  • PTFE 2 way Double Piercing Gem Navel Belly Bar / Bars ~ Pale Pink Crystal
  • 10 x Double Gemstone Crystal Navel Belly Bars Rings Wholesale Body Piercing 14G
  • Ferido Multi Crystal Double Ball Belly Bar Ear Navel Ring Stud Piercing 10mm


Double Piercing Belly Button Bars and Ring

Inverse Belly Button Piercing Jewlery
Inverse Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

There are also amazing kinds of belly bars and rings you can accent your body with. They are made of precious materials that are not only attractive but also durable. Here are what you go for.

  • Gold Titanium Double Jewelled Navel Belly Bar 1.6mm – BODY PIERCING JEWELLERY
  • Double Drop Heart Dangle Clear Rhinestones Belly Navel Bar Ring Body Piercing
  • 10 x DOUBLE GEM 14G crystal navel bar belly ring body piercing clear silver B01
  • 316L Steel Dangle Crystal Navel Belly Button Bar Ring Body Piercing Jewelry
  • 12pcsX Crystal Double Gem Ball Navel Belly Bars Rings Piercings
  • Crystal Double Heart & Ball Belly Bar Navel Ear Ring Stud Piercing 16mm Heart
  • Crystal Clear Double Gem Belly Bar – Navel Piercing Body Bar
  • Double Cross Rhinestone Dangle Belly Button Navel Ring Bar Piercing Jewelry Gift


Unique Belly Button Rings

Unique Navel piercing Bars
Unique Navel piercing Bars

Not all navel rings have the same level of attraction. Unique belly button piercing rings are more appealing as compared to ordinary ones. Think of dangle belly button rings or sterling silver belly button rings to appear outstanding. Here are a few that fall into this category.

  • Double Gem Belly Bar – Navel Piercing Body Bar – VARIOUS COLOURS – Free P&P
  • Multi Crystal Ferido Double Ball Belly Bar Ear Navel Ring Stud Piercing 10mm
  • 10 x GOLD PIERCING DOUBLE GEM 14G TITANIUM navel bar belly ring wholesale B24
  • Double Crystal Gem Belly Button Navel Bar/Ring Surgical Steel 12mm 14g piercing
  • 12 X Double Crystal Gem Belly Button Navel Bar/Ring Surgical Steel 12mm piercing
  • 10X CZ Crystal Pendants Ball Belly Button Navel Bar Ring Dangle Body Piercing
  • Crystal Double Ball Belly Navel Bar 10mm White Piercing Rhinestone Shamballa Neu
  • 12pcs/Lot Crystal Double Gem Balls Navel Belly Button Bars Rings Piercing HOT


Navel Piercing Needle

Navel Piercing Needles
Navel Piercing Needles

There are specific needles used for performing navel piercing. They are not equivalent to any other types of needles such as nose piercing needles, lip piercing needles, and tongue piercing needles among others.

Navel piercing needle size must be of standard dimensions to match the corresponding navel piercing jewelry. The needle is used in performing different types of piercings such as horizontal navel piercing or reverse navel piercing among others.

When you get to a tattoo shop, the navel piercer will ask you to lay down on the table and a needle will be used with the highest level of professionalism. These piercing tools should be kept safe and clean away from contamination. To avoid the risk of infections, disposable navel piercing needles are recommended.

Guns are not used in a navel piercing. When you realize the piercer wants to use a gun then it is better you cancel the appointment. Guns are not only outdated but can also risk infections. Therefore ensure that the specialist is using the right tools as well as the correct navel piercing jewelry for you.

  • 15 Pieces Piercing Kit - 14G Body Piercing for Navel
  • Piercing kit includes everything you need for Navel Piercing - 15 Pieces
  • 5 Piercing Needles 14 Gauges (100% Sterilized) + Other Necessities
  • 5Navel Piercing Jewelry Highest Quality, 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Package details, please see the Description.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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