Check this First Before Getting a Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

The belly button piercing, also known as the navel piercing. As much as it involves a normal healing process, it is prone to problems and complications. Read the post to get more insights on pain, jewelry, rejection, the healing process, and pictures of the belly button.

Inverse Navel

Inverse belly button piercing involves the lower section of the navel, unlike standard normal piercing performed on the top edge of the belly button. This kind of navel piercing can be done on anyone, though with the risk of rejection and complex care requirements. However, it is suitable for individuals who have more skin or fold on the lower section of the navel.

Belly Button Piercing Picture
Belly Button Piercing Picture

It is also possible to opt for a double navel piercing that involves both the top and inverse belly button. For such a case, you will have to go for one after healing of the other, and preferably you begin with the top navel piercing. Above all, you must have enough space at your lower navel to accommodate the jewelry.

Belly Button Piercing

When you are quite certain that your belly button anatomy is ideal for inverse navel, you will have to gather information regarding how it is done, pain, the healing process, navel piercing aftercare, risk, and dangers as navel piercing infection, migration, and rejection.

Reputable Tattoo Shod

Get to a reputable tattoo shod and book an appointment with a professional navel piercer who will assess your belly button to determine whether you are the right type for that. Ensure you look at the inverse navel piercing pictures in the album to see how it looks from different shapes of navels.

Navel Piercing
Navel Piercing

Like standard belly button piercing, the inverse navel is piercing pain is more or less the same. It depends on an individual’s pain tolerance level since some will fill pain while piercing while others completely not. You can judge from any other body piercing you have, whether nose, ear, or lip piercing.

There is always a ring inserted right after the piercing, and it must stay in place during the entire healing process. There should be no attempt to change the ring unless circumstantially under a professional recommendation. Doing it on your own can lead to problems like navel piercing rejection and infections.

Belly Button Piercing Aftercare Tips

This type of navel piercing requires a high level of care and responsibility compared to other types, such as horizontal navel piercing and top belly button piercing. Here are some of the recommended tips on how to ensure a successful healing process.

  1. Always wash your hands using an  antibacterial soap  before touching the piercing.
  2. Wash the piercing at least twice a day using  non-iodized sea salt  solution and not table salt.
  3.  Avoid bathing and swimming  since bathtubs and pools contain bacteria.
  4. Taking shower is highly recommendable. Avoid chemicals and creams directly to the piercing. Tanning lotions should not be in contact with it either.
  5. While cleaning, you can pour the sea salt solution or apply using a clean cotton ball.
  6. Gently move the ring slightly to enable the solution to reach the inside part of the holes.
  7. Remove the crust formed around the rind to enable the solution to get inside the piercing.
  8. Wear  loose  pants and tops since the piercing can get trapped in tight wearing.
  9.  Always keep your clothes clean .
  10. Beddings and sleeping materials should always be washed to remain clean. This prevents chances of bacterial infections to the piercing. Blankets and bed sheets must be clean every time.
  11.  Avoid sit-ups and press-ups  can stretch the skin around the belly hence causing pain until you heal completely.  Conduct gentle exercises as you listen to your body.
  12. Do not overdo the cleaning or movement of the ring.
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Belly Button Piercing Healing Process

9 to 12 months are enough for belly button piercing complete healing. Some normal things can happen during this time. Unfortunately, it can happen the other way round due to eminent problems and complications associated.

Pain and Discharge

Pain and soaring for a new navel piercing are normal. It will disappear as you embark on the aftercare care tips. There will be a yellow, white discharge from the piercing holes, which can lead to the formation of a crust around the ring. This should be perceived as normal since it simply releases lymph by the body to enhance the healing process.

After few weeks, expect your inverse navel piercing to appear healed. This should not excite you since real healing is still on until the recommended time is due. Surprisingly you will notice some irritation following such a promising appearance, and it is normal.


There are some things you should consider abnormal when they happen. Chronic pain, regardless of cleaning, is a sign of infection. It can be associated with other symptoms such as inflammation and irritation due to the piercings over sensitivity. Intensification of volume and color of the discharge can also be an implication of an infection.

This is time to listen to yourself more and increase the caring level, leading to the symptoms subsiding. When signs persist, then you can seek medical attention from your doctor. He or she can apply a special solution or prescribe antibacterial drugs for you.

When the same signs are seen after a period of 6 months towards the end or after healing, it can be a belly button piercing migration taking place. This is the process where the body heals a wound by pushing out any foreign material associated. For such a case, a navel ring will be pushed as swelling and scarring take place.

Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

As said, there is a ring or a barbell placed in the piercing for the entire healing period. Once your professional piercer has certified the healing, you have the option to change the ring to any navel piercing jewelry you love.

Most of the available jewelry on the market have shapes and designs that only look outstanding on the top or standard belly button piercing.

Dangling jewelry for inverse navel is also tricky to find. Since the hangings can be trapped in the pants, causing irritation and risking complications such as rejection. While going for your barbell, ensure it is of the right metal you are not allergic to. It should also be of standard weight to avoid pulling the piercing down.

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Belly Button Piercing FAQ

While deciding on your belly button piercing it is necessary to have prior knowledge and information to do with risks, aftercare, and facts. Know about the pain and infections and how to deal with them. Prepare both physically and psychologically until you attain complete piercing healing. Here are some of the fast answer questions you should ask yourself:

Should I pierce my Belly Button?

Consider some factors before deciding on umbilical dip piercing. Almost every shop will not allow underage individuals to undergo the operation. If you are 18 yours you are at liberty to decide on it. Underage ought to discuss with the guardians before filling out the required form.

Beware of pain, rejection, and infections. Therefore think about people in your life, the kind of activities you will be taking and what you wear after the piercing. This means you will have to extra careful until you completely heal.

Why belly button take long to heal?

The region is not subject to body and skin movements that involve bending, stretching, folding and more friction from the skin and outfits. There is also a minimal supply of blood to this area and hence low nutrients available for faster healing.


Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Pictures are key in the selection of any fashion design. There are pictures of role belly button piercing celebrities that you can look at before thinking of yours from the internet. There is always an album containing various photos and images of different kinds of navel piercings in the tattoo shop. They are the directives to what can make you comfortable.

Bottom navel piercing picture
Bottom navel piercing picture

In conclusion, therefore, any navel piercing is recommended for people above 18 years. Teenagers and minors should consult with their parents or guardians before making decisions about navel piercing. However, you can share with us your opinion and experience to do with an inverse navel

Bottom navel piercing
Bottom navel piercing


Top and Bottom navel piercing
Top and Bottom navel piercing


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