7 Types Of Belly Button Piercings With Pictures

Multiple navel piercing

Belly button piercing has become a popular art that oozes sexual appearance among many women and men. There are different Types Of Belly Button Piercings such as horizontal navel, reverse, true, and fake navel piercing.

When you look at the meaning of naval piercing, you will realize that this art was only prominent among the ancient Egyptians before spreading to Arabic and America where it has become a rocking appearance style among many celebrities and young generation. Belly button piercing was symbolical as an indication of courage strength and fertility among the Pharaohs. Please check this first before getting a belly button piercing.

Types of Navel Piercings

Naval piercing is currently carried out in many different styles to create a sense of uniqueness. In this post, various types have been highlighted and there are navel piercing pictures to bring out clearly the differences. It is good to note that the actual navel is not pierced but the skin around it. Basing on that there are different types of navel piercing as indicated below:

Top rim belly button piercing
Top rim belly button piercing

1. Upper Vertical Navel Piercing

Of all body piercings, this is the most popular and common. The upper rim of the navel gets pierced through the interior. It is not much different from the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Arabic culture. A jewelry is however placed in the piercing to create a more unique appearance.

Your navel and body shape should determine the type of piercing to do for. There are individuals whose upper belly button rim is not clearly pronounced hence should opt for other types.

2. Vertical Inverse Navel Piercing

This is where the piercing is conducted at the bottom rim of the navel. It is directly opposite of the upper vertical navel piercing. Although there are cases when you can prefer both the piercings of a bottom and upper ridges. This is called a double navel piercing.

3. Multi Navel Piercings

The belly button rim is pierced in multiples. In most cases, it involves the combination of the other types of piercings. There is this common type of piercing regarded as navel industrial. This is whereby a solid barbell is passed through two piercings.

While going for multi navel piercings ensure that there is enough separation gap between the underlying piercings for effective healing.

Multiple navel piercing
Multiple navel piercing

In details, we are going to look at other major types of piercings which include; horizontal navel piercing, true navel piercing, reverse navel piercing, and a fake navel piercing. Find out which is attractive, affordable, less painful and quick to heal.

4. Horizontal Navel Piercing

This is a unique type of piercing that involves horizontally piercing above or below the navel. Like most of the traditional surface piercings, horizontal navel piercing does not involve passing through the belly button rim into the navel. It can also be performed on either side of the button to pass through the side rims. A barbell is placed to enhance the appearances.


Questions To Ask

While going for a horizontal navel piercing, there are a number of questions you need to research on and ask specialists to provide a solution. Among them include:

  • How long does horizontally belly button piercing takes to heal?
  • What is the horizontal navel piercing rejection?
  • Is there pain compared to the normal and regular navel body piercing?
  • What is the best jewelry to pierce the navel with?
  • What are the procedures and healing tips for horizontal belly button piercing?

Horizontal navel piercing is a surface piercing that requires to be performed by a specialist who has more experience. They should use a suitable surface bar to be done correctly. Not everyone is perfect for this type of navel piercing.

Too much tension in the skin will lead to a high rate of rejection hence not worth performing it. If at all you lack the surface for horizontal belly button piercing, then you can alternatively go for two diagonal reverse navel piercing and the effect will be the same.

Pain will depend on how the body reacts as well as the placement and jewelry used. There should be the right treatment with correct solutions to prevent pain and infections. Piercing aftercare tips should be adhered to enhance the faster healing process.

Horizontal Navel Piercing Aftercare Tips

Sometimes horizontal belly button piercing can swell. Use antibacterial soap or sea salt soak to wash off the scabs that are likely to get into the piercing hence causing pain and irritations. Even if you realize some soaring and pass getting out of the piercing, do not apply any chemical substances like menthol.

The bar should remain in place for a period of not less than five months. This is a way of preventing your horizontal navel piercing from rejection. Your body has to adapt and accommodate this foreign material.

Since your belly is ever covered, do not expect instant healing of the piercing. Sunlight helps in promoting the healing process and since this area is unexposed the process will take a longer period of time. All you need it to wash the area about 3 times a day and apply some Vaseline.

Take a shower and avoid bathing since bathtubs can contain germs and bacteria. Avoid swimming until the navel piercing completely heals. Loose fittings tops and pants are the best during this time. Too tight outfits can irritate the pierced navel.

5. True Navel Piercing

When performing a navel piercing, the actual navel is not pierced. It is the rim or the ridge below or above the navel that is pierced. True navel piercing involves piercing the skin around the navel and does not involve piercing through the navel as many people imagine. It is suitable for the people with outie button.

This type of piercing is becoming common though there is high rejection for those who lacks outie. Before going for true navel piercing look at the navel piercing pictures and information. This enlightens you on the appearance and after care tips for effective healing of the piercing.

Like any other kind of piercing, true navel piercing requires a specialist to perform. Do not allow anyone to pierce through your actual navel button claiming to be true navel. That is why it is important to gather sufficient information about the tattoo and piercing shop you are going for.

6. Reverse Navel Piercing

What is reversal navel piercing? This is sometimes called inverse navel piercing and it involves the piercing of the bottom rim of the belly button. Reverse navel piercing can be amazing just like the horizontal navel piercing. You only need to accent it with the right reverse navel piercing jewelry or rings to rock on the red carpet.

Among the navel piercing female prefers now days involves piercing of both the bottom and top of the navel and it actually surprises many. This is because a lot of people think that it may reject or require a lot of care to heal. What we normally advise clients is to go for one after the other.

Reverse navel piercing
Reverse navel piercing

It is quite cool than a regular top pierced navel which is famously known as top multiple piercing. Remember to select a nice reversal navel jewelry or rings that will not make it reject. Keep clean your reversal belly button piercing to avoid infections. There are even people who are pierced several times but they are not worried about the healing period as long as they are aware of how to take care of it.

Reverse Navel Piercing aftercare tips

For the first few days, it is normal for the piercing to hurt or pain. As said you should keep washing it with clean warm water mixed with sea salt at least twice a day. Do not fear the burning feeling that may be due to salt. That is the real experience and you have to be courageous to see it heal faster.

You will have to minimize activities that involve bending and stretching of the skin around the navel. Your professional piercer has to give you a set of instructions on how to care for the pierced belly button. We can only assure you that complete healing takes about 5 to 6 months and you can now do anything you want.

Among the reversal navel piercing questions people ask are basing on dangers involved. What you need to know is that piercing is a personal decision and you should go for it being much aware of all the expectations for it to be successful. It begins by researching more on what you want and finding a professional piercer as well as a reputable shop.

Find out about the inverse navel piercing price and also prepare to be responsible for the piercing until it heals. As questions online and you will get solutions. If you see any abnormal behavior of the piercing like swelling and maybe puss oozing out do not panic but increase the rate of cleaning using either antibacterial solution soaps or warm sea saltwater.

Rejection is also what most fear. This also depends on your body’s reaction and the type of ring or jewelry used. If it completely rejects you can take time to prepare again and seek consultation from a more experienced expert.

7. Fake Navel Piercing

Fake navel piercing that looks real
Fake navel piercing that looks real

Do you want to know how to make a fake belly button piercing look real? Does it really work? It is quite normal that many people admire the art of navel piercing but they fail to go for it due to many reasons. First of all, not everyone is courageous enough to endure the pain and hurting process of healing. There are those who cannot risk infection and above all not many people can afford the navel piecing cost.

All these should not worry you since you can ooze the same sexual appearance at an affordable cost without having to undergo a piecing. Fake navel piercing is the way to go and it also involves fake belly button rings and jewelry that look real. It is good to ensure that you are not allergic to the glue and some of the metals used in mounting the fake navel piercing jewelry.

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