Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Cut?

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Cut? eyelashes

Do eyelashes grow back if cut? It may take weeks or many months for eyelashes to grow back in their original place. A number of activities play key roles in improving the growth of eyelashes. The growth of an eyelash mainly depends on the stage you lose it. To ensure the best growth of eyelashes, you must take a little care for its treatment. Proper growth of eyelashes plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of your eyes.

Why Eyelashes Fall Off?

Do eyelashes grow back if cut
Reasons for eyelash fall

Apart from sudden pull-out, eyelashes can fall due to many reasons.

  • Frequent use of mascara or eyelash curler is a common cause reported for eyelash fall.
  • Unlike scalp hairs, eyelashes own a series of cycles.

Certain eyelash products can even prevent the entrance of dust into the eyes. Eyelash generally serves as the guard of your eyes. It also lets the user know about the entrance of dust particles to the eyes. Apart from a guard, the presence of eyelashes can also spice up the beauty of a person.

Natural eyelash growth cycle

The average adult has about 100 t0 150 upper eyelashes and 50 to 75 lower lashes on each lid. Each eyelash has a growth cycle that includes three phases:

1st stage: The anagen phase

The anagen phase is the growth phase. This is when your eyelashes are actively growing, lasting for about 30-45 days. This is the growth period for each eyelash. This phase typically lasts for two weeks. If your eyelash falls out during this time, it won’t grow back right away.

2nd stage: Catagen phase

In the catagen phase, the hair growth stops and the hair follicle shrinking. If your eyelashes fall out during this phase, it will not grow back right away. The transition (catagen) phase follows this, and during these two to three weeks, there is no growth, and the hair follicle shrinks.

If an eyelash falls out or is plucked out during this phase, it won’t grow back right away because the follicle needs to complete the catagen phase before it can move on to the next phase. Only once the follicle completes this phase is it able to move on to the next the telogen (resting) phase[Source]

3rd stage: Telogen phase

This is the longest-lasting phase, lasting four to nine months. It is considered to be the resting period before your eyelash falls out and a new one grows in its place. At the telogen phase, your hair follicle becomes completely inactive. During this stage, hair begins to fall, and it usually takes more than 100 days to fully replace the lost lashes.

  • At any given time, you can have eyelashes going through all three phases. The complete eyelash cycle can last anywhere from 5 to 11 months. It’s natural to lose a few lashes on most days, even if you don’t notice them falling out.
  • During this phase the hair falls out; and the cycle of growth is repeated anew, thereby completely replacing itself approximately every two years. The upper lid typically has about 90 to 150 lashes on it while the bottom has between 70 and 80 lashes. Most eyelashes grow to be about 10 mm long.

The bottom line

Eyelashes follow a natural pattern of growth and fall out at a regular rate. Although this can cause concern, know that they typically grow back without treatment. If you’d like to speed up the growth process, there are several home treatments and lifestyle changes that may help.

If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms and are concerned that your eyelash loss may be a sign of something more serious, consult your doctor. They can work with you to determine the exact cause of your eyelash loss and advise you on treatments. They can also provide information about topical medications.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Cut?

There is no need to worry if you accidentally cut a small length of your eyelashes as just what mentioned, they will absolutely grow back. Every hair on your body, including your eyelash, follows a specific growth cycle. But what about eyelashes that are pulled out? Or what about if cut or burnt? Will they grow back again? Let us find out.

Do Eyelashes grow back if burnt?

Do eyelashes grow back when burnt
Burnt eyelashes

The answer to this question may be yes or no. Of course, this depends on the extent of the burn. If only the eyelashes have been affected by the burn and the hair follicle remains unharmed, your eyelashes will absolutely regenerate. However, if the burn damages your hair follicles, then there is a possibility that your eyelashes will not grow back.

Keep in mind that eyelashes are hair, similar to the hair found on other parts of your body. Just like the scalp hair, eyelashes grow, eventually fall out, and regrow again. When the eyelashes are cut off be sure they will grow back only if the cut did not affect its follicle.

Why do eyelashes fall out?

Losing eyelashes occasionally is considered normal and usually not cause for concern as your hair renews continually. But if your eyelashes fall out more often than you think is normal, then it’s time to see a medical professional. There are many reasons why eyelashes fall out. While some are not something to be concerned about, some can be serious and require immediate attention.

1. Alopecia areata

One common cause of eyelash loss is alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss on various parts of the body. When immunity cells attack the hair follicles, it develops and causes the hair to eventually fall out. It can affect all of your body hair, including your eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp hair, and beard. There is currently no known cure for this disease, but it can be treated with topical solutions.

2. Thyroid problems

Another common cause of eyelash loss is having thyroid problems. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism affect hair follicles, which eventually causes eyelashes to fall out.

3. Blepharitis

This is also a medical condition that affects the eyelids, can also lead to eyelash loss. When your eyelid is inflamed, it becomes itchy and red. This causes lash loss as the inflammation damages the hair follicles. In some cases, lash loss can be due to the constant rubbing and scratching in response to the itchy feelings brought on by this condition.

4. Skin problems

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also cause eyelash loss as they bring itchy sensations that make people rub their eyes constantly.

5. Other causes

Stress, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies can also cause eyelash loss. Other causes may also include aging, results of medications or chemotherapy, psychological conditions like trichotillomania, and allergies to mascara and other beauty products.

If the cause of your eyelash loss is due to a medical condition, you should seek medical help immediately to assess your condition and treat the underlying cause.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if you pull them out?

As mentioned, eyelashes lost during the normal growth cycle, as well as those that have been pulled out will grow back again. However, it may take a while for them to be regenerated, usually a few weeks to months, especially when they are forcibly pulled out.

Eyelashes have a very tangible physiological purpose. Eyelashes have their important function of preventing objects and dust from getting into and harming the eyes. You can have three to five layers of eyelashes on each eyelid, anchored to the eyelid by a root. The eyelid has a reflexive response, which enables us to blink at the threat of external danger, and the eyelashes acting as a barrier to the potential irritant.

How do eyelashes grow?

Eyelashes, like all-out bodily hair, originate from follicles below the skin. The growth and development of the lash begin with the growth of these follicles, which consists of three phases. Eyelashes on the upper eyelid are longer and there tend to be more eyelashes than those of the lower eyelid. This curved shape of both rows of eyelashes helps to slip sweat and foreign particles out of the eyes.

The impact of repeated pulling of eyelash

When an eyelash is pulled out or drops out, it needs about two months to be regenerated. However, repeated pulling can sometimes lead to damage to the follicle, which in turn could stunt the development through the phases. Many eyelash pullers across different support forums have reported re-growth of eyelashes even after years of persistent pulling behavior.

However, each person, and hence the nature of their pulling is unique and so there may be instances where damage to the follicle causes the re-growth to be much slower or not at all. Some support web resources have recommended treatments such as Olive Oil to provide additional nourishment and moisture to facilitate faster and healthier re-growth.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back after plucking?

Eyelashes that have been pulled out usually takes from a few weeks to a few months for them to be regenerated as a full lash growth cycle is different for each person. This also depends on the extent of damage to the follicle.

If you’re pulling out your eyelashes repeatedly, or if any damage to your hair follicle exists, then the process of re-growing your lashes may take longer. And if you’re constantly pulling of your eyelashes results in extreme follicle damage, then your eyelashes may not be able to grow back.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back after Lash Extensions?

Do eyelashes grow back after lash extension
Do eyelashes grow back?

Whether you use lash extensions or not, your eyelashes will continue to shed off like normal, and will eventually grow back again. However, excessive use of poor quality adhesives and lash materials can result in long-term and permanent eyelash loss. Some eyelash extensions also contain harmful chemicals that damage the natural lashes as well as the follicles. These substances can also plug pores and follicles, as well as attract bacteria, which then lead to infection and hair loss.

We recommend only using eyelash extensions during special occasions or holidays. Or if you really need to use them on a regular basis, make sure to use the last treatment at night to restore the natural health of your eyelash. It’s also best to have them applied by a professionally-trained eye technician. And don’t go for cheap products. The same is true for all other beauty products, including mascaras, creams, and lash treatments.

How Long does it take for Eyelashes to Grow Back?

The first thing you are probably wondering is whether eyelashes grow back in the first place. I know I was terrified that my lost lashes were gone forever. Especially since I suspected my lashes had been yanked out when the extensions were removed, I was seriously worried that they’d been permanently removed. So do eyelashes grow back if pulled out?

  • Lashes begin their development in the Anagen phase, which is when the growth happens. This period lasts around 45 days (which is why it can seem like your lashes are taking forever to grow) and is the only time in the lash life cycle when they are actively growing longer and thicker.
  • The bad news is that if an eyelash falls out or is pulled out during this phase, it won’t grow back straight away because the hair follicle actually needs to complete this phase before it can move on to the next phase.
  • As you can see from this, the eyelash growth cycle is a long one. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait over half a year for your eyelashes to grow back.

Home Remedies For Eyelash Loss Treatment

Treatments for eyelash loss depend entirely on the cause of it. That’s why it’s very important to talk with your doctor if you notice you’re losing more eyelashes than normal. Your doctor can make an accurate diagnosis to determine what could be causing your problem and can work with you to find the best treatment for your condition. But while waiting, you can follow some of these tips to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes and possibly speed it up:

1. Eat healthily

Good nutrition is great for your eyelash growth and overall health. Make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to get all the necessary nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, avocados, and beans are packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein, which are all essential for hair growth. If you can’t get enough of these nutrients through your diet, then supplement your diet with multivitamins.

2. Avoid the use of mascara and fake lashes

In some cases, the use of mascara, fake lashes, and other eye beauty products is the main culprit of eyelash loss. So try to avoid using them, or if you can’t avoid them completely, make sure to use them correctly. Also, only use the right product as poor-quality products may contain substances that can cause infection and skin allergies.

3. Remove makeup before going to bed

It is always advisable to remove any makeup before going to bed as they can block the pores and hair follicles, which can eventually stop hair growth. Just be careful when washing your face; make sure that you do not rub or pull your eyelash. If you’re wearing makeup or mascara that is hard to remove, use a dab of mascara remover on a cotton ball to gently remove it.

4. Use eyelash growth products

Using eyelash growth serum, such as Latisse which costs $125 per bottle, and you can only get it via prescription.  EssyNaturals is an effective and cheaper eyelash growth alternative:

Do Eyelashes Grow Longer?

Unlike the hair on your head, which can grow almost endlessly – lashes have a limit that differs from person to person. That is the bad news: your eyelashes have a natural limit. The good news is that you don’t have to be limited by this limit. Even if there is a natural lash limit, you can do plenty of things to make your lashes grow longer.

How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

There are several ways you can make your eyelashes longer and thicker than they currently are.

Diet & Nutrition

As you know by now, eyelashes are essential hair. And like all hair, they’re influenced by factors like nutrients and nourishment. This is really good news if you’re looking to make your eyelashes longer naturally.

  • The same way your hair gets dry, brittle, and thin when you are dehydrated or on a restrictive diet – your lashes also get dry, brittle, and thin without proper nutrition. This can make your lashes look a lot less beautiful than nature intended since weak, fragile lashes break and fall off more easily and rarely get the opportunity to grow to their full length.
  • So the first thing you need to do to make your lashes grow longer is to give them the nutrition they need to grow to their full, healthy length.

3 Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is used not only for increasing the growth of eyelashes but also for growing your hair and for eyebrows too! It contains beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which in combination with a rich source of nutrients aids in encouraging hair growth.

Make sure to use a natural and hexane-free brand of castor oil. To use it, just wash your eye area until it is clean of any makeup or products. Then, use either your finger or a cotton swab to lightly apply the castor oil from the roots of the eyelashes to the ends of the lashes. Sky Organics is Amazon’s #1 bestseller 100% pure hexane-free castor oil.

  • WHY WE LOVE IT: Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil is a natural source of fatty acids that help moisturize the roots and nourish hair follicles for healthier, stronger and fuller looking hair, lashes and brows.
  • FOR FULLER LOOKING HAIR: Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil helps condition roots and nourish hair follicles for healthier, stronger and fuller looking hair, lashes and brows.
  • COLD-PRESSED: Sky Organics 100% pure Organic Castor Oil is retrieved through a process of cold-pressing rather than chemical extraction to help retain its vitamins and antioxidants and eliminate any potential irritants.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Warm a quarter sized amount of Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil into the palms of your hands and spread evenly all over scalp. Comb through from roots to ends. Leave in overnight or at least 1 hour, then wash out with shampoo to reveal deeply-hydrated, luscious-looking hair.
  • GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE PLANET: Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil is USDA Certified Organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free and is responsibly made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.

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2. Using Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil helps get rid of harmful free radicals and has been shown to help significantly increase hair growth. One study found that in 86 patients who use lavender to treat hair loss, over 44% saw significant hair growth. Coconut oil is a perfect carrier oil to mix it with because it is soothing and nutrient-rich, plus it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Mix the coconut oil and lavender together and use your finger or a cotton swab to apply it along with your eyelash roots down to the ends of your eyelashes.

  • 100% PURE & NATURAL LAVENDER OIL - Handcraft Blends oils are exactly that! Many oils being sold make that claim but are in fact made of natural isolates and mixtures. Each essential oil is tested by an independent lab which is why every bottle comes with a Quality Guaranty.
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  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS BOTTLE AND DROPPER – Our essential oil comes in an amber glass bottle to keep out UV rays and protect the oil against sunlight. We also provide a glass dropper, so you get the exact amount of oil without any waste.
  • LAVENDER OIL BLENDS WELL WITH – Basil, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

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3. Massage Eyelids

Massaging the eyelid area and near the lashes helps increase blood flow and circulation, which encourages your lashes to grow! This made perfect sense to me when I found this tip as I also do it for my hair! Every night I massage my scalp to help increase hair growth.

How to prevent future eyelash loss?

Small changes to your daily habits can prevent excessive eyelash loss. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to:

  • Try a new mascara. You may be allergic to your brand and not know it. If you use waterproof mascara, try switching to a non-waterproof formula.
  • Remove makeup gently. Rubbing or tugging at your lashes, particularly when they are coated with mascara, can make them fall out. Using a gentle makeup remover and a soft touch can help.
  • Take off makeup before bed. Eyelashes coated with mascara are more brittle and prone to breakage. Rubbing against your pillow all night may also cause them to fall out.
  • Ditch the eyelash curler. These devices can cause eyelashes to come out, especially if you tug or use them while wearing mascara.
  • Carefully remove false eyelashes and extensions. These products adhere to your natural lashes with medical-grade glue. Removing the glue can take your lashes out along with it. Be sure to use a gentle, oil-based cleanser. Or let extensions fall off naturally.
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