Does Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Hair

What does hydrogen peroxide do to your hair? Explore more in the post on how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair among other

Does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair? In beauty and fashion, this compound has been used to serve different purposes. Among the main uses of hydrogen peroxide is hair lightening, skin whitening, teeth and nail whitening and clothe bleaching among others.

how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair
Before and after hyrogen peroxide hair lightening

How does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair

What does hydrogen peroxide do to your hair? Just like many people have been wondering, does lemon juice lighten hair? Bleaching hair at home is not only affordable but also a way of minimizing hair damaging that result from use of harsh chemical compounds.

Lemon juice and honey are some of the best natural ingredients to create natural highlights in your hair. Honey not only helps in bleaching of your hair but also condition and makes it silky bright. The best way on how to lighten hair with honey is by adding a little amount of hydrogen peroxide to make it more effective.

How does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair? This is what you have been waiting to know. From the above definition this compound is chemically known as a strong oxidizer, bleaching agent and a disinfectant. This means that there are many uses of hydrogen peroxide apart from only what you know.

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How to Lighten Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hair lightening or bleaching is a risky process that can result to hair loss, breakage or any other damage. Other than performing it at home, think about involving a hair stylist or a professional for ideas. Use chemicals of the right concentration to also avoid damage on the scalp.

Many people wrongly use hydrogen peroxide to bleach hair hence end up with damaged, brassy or orangey hair. There are some ideas and tips you should consider before thinking on how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair.

The current state of your hair will determine the outcome after using any ingredient to lighten. A healthy hair is the best to start with when you think about this treatment. This means that you should let your hair to stay free from chemical laden products such as dye, sprays and gels. Preferably use natural hair care ingredients two weeks before bleaching.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach Hair – Overnight, Fast

how to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide
how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair

Everyone has different outcome due to the hair type. The texture, pigment intensity and complexion can affect the final results of hair bleaching. It is good to anticipate the outcome color before you conduct the whole process.

Perform strand test to understand how does hydrogen lighten hair of various kinds. Obtain a small lock of your hair where you cannot notice and attach it to a thread or a tape to deep in hydrogen peroxide solution. After few minutes observe the color and that is exactly how your hair will appear.

Normally results vary depending on the nature of the hair being processed. Dark blonde will go lighter blonde, brunettes may change to orange with golden and reddish hues. Red hair color is likely to turn to blond or some lighter shades of the same.

For some people it may take quite longer to lighten the hair. You will however be required to perform the bleaching process several times to realize some shades lighter. Do not exceed three times if you don’t see the different after. Visit a professional to handle it to prevent frying your hair.

Does hydrogen peroxide lighten black hair? This process can still work for dark hair although it might take longer. You will also be required to bleach several times for a lighter shade. Orangey tones or brassiness are common for black hair and it is better done professionally.

How to Dye Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide 

You have learnt on how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair and here are steps and procedures on how to apply. Ensure you are following carefully and if you are not sure of anything consult a stylist first.

1. Wash your hair

Wash your hair as normal and condition it, part it dry with a towel and not necessarily blow drying. Allow it to dry naturally for 30 minutes and gently comb it. This helps in the removal of oils and dust that can interfere with the bleaching process.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution

Get hydrogen peroxide 3% solution here and mix with an equal amount of water. A more concentrated solution than this can damage your hair. Put the solution in a clean spray bottle.

3. Strand Test

Perform a strand test as explained above. This will help you to determine the intensity of the outcome. Apply hydrogen peroxide on a small lock of hair using a cotton ball and give it time to make a change.

4. Hair Clips

Use hair clips to make your hair into sections. This will enable you to apply the hydrogen peroxide solution effectively on every strand of your hair. Doing the whole head at once may leave some sections or strands unaffected.

5. Bleach of Hair

If you intend to bleach the entire hair, use the spray bottle to apply the solution. Make it thorough and ensure you are combing the sections you have clipped for even distribution of the compound.

  1. If you want to create natural highlights, use a cotton ball wet with hydrogen peroxide to apply the solution into the hair strands that are intended to be highlighted. For more natural silky appearance, start the application at the roots as you stroke down to the hair tips.
  2. For bringing ombre hues, apply from the tips as you stroke down the roots for the sections that you desire. At the end of the treatment, the tips will appear brighter as it fades towards the dark roots.
  3. Let the hydrogen peroxide act on your hair for about 30 minutes. Remember how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair outcome will depend on the amount and the time you have allowed the solution in your hair. You can spend few minutes in the sun if you want the process to be faster.
  4. When you have attained your desired shade of highlights, now use cold water to rinse off hydrogen peroxide solution from your hair. Condition it deeply and rinse with more cold water. Let the hair to dry then make your desired style.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Damage Hair – Tips and Warnings

Hair bleaching is a risky process regardless of the treatment you have employed. Hydrogen peroxide can cause hair loss, breakage and dryness if not correctly used. After care process will also determine the wellbeing of your hair following the lightening.

Do not let the solution to stay in your hair for longer period of time more than recommended during the treatment. When the hair is lightened, it becomes delicate and there are things you should not as usual a main reason as to why you should learn on how does hydrogen peroxide lighten hair.

You are advised not to wash your hair daily. Your scalp has to secrete natural oils that protect your delicate hair. Washing daily strips off these oils hence making your hair vulnerable. Using a dry shampoo is recommended and keeps hair well conditioned and moisturized.

Straightening and blow drying bleached hair can also cause damage. Minimize on such treatments since they cause little moisture in the hair to disappear subjecting it to dryness and breakage. Brassiness or orangey tones can appear and using a violet shampoo may help to remove such changes.

Hydrogen peroxide irritates the skin and eyes. Be careful while using and keep safe away from children. The solution can also stain your fingers, clothes and nails. Use gloves and wrap your shoulders with a towel or unused rag to prevent it from getting to your skin.

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