Side Effects of Alpha Arbutin Skin Whitening Products – Soap, Cream, Serum and Lotion

What are the side effects of Alpha Arbutin in skin lightening? Get more insights on the benefits and negative effects of using this compound as a skin bleaching supplement. Also find out its effects compared to hydroquinone and why skin lightening products that contain this element have been banned in some European countries.


what are the side effects of alpha arbutin
alpha arbutin side effects

What is Alpha Arbutin?

This is an ingredient obtained from bearberry plant. It is also found in wheat, Bergenia crassifolia, and is also mostly concentrated in the skins of pear. Though this element can be synthetically produced in laboratories by action of acetobromoglucose on hydroquinone, it is naturally extracted from bearberry. It has been used traditionally as treatment for some diseases such as urinary tract infections though not scikentifically proven for that.

It is also commonly used as an antioxidant hence used in most anti-aging products. This compound is known to inhibit activity of enzyme tyrosinase that is responsible for formation of melanin an element that protects the skin against harmful environmental conditions such as sun poisoning effect of UV and UVB radiations from the sun.

Due to this property, skin lightening products have utilized Alpha Arbutin as an ingredient. Just like skin whitening pills, products that make use of this ingredient are much effective in skin bleaching. Alpha arbutin soap, creams, serums and lotions are among the major lightening products you will found over the counter.

Side Effects of Alpha Arbutin

This ingredient was seen to be safer compared to hydroquinone which is highly banned in some countries. Regardless of naturally extracted, Alpha arbutin has been discovered to have the possibility of breaking down to hydroquinone while in the body. This is mainly because Alpha Arbutin is a glucosylated hydroquinone in nature.

However it is evident that side effects of Alpha Arbutin are no more or less of hydroquinone. According the studies and research by the German Institute of Food and research, it was found that this element can easily be converted to hydroquinone by the intestinal bacteria. This can however lead to intestinal cancer related conditions.

Alpha Arbutin when used in large amount can also associate other side effects such as skin irritation that can transform to skin acne. Lower concentrations such as 3-4 % are tested to be safe for human consumption. Therefore, while shopping for your alpha arbutin best skin lightening cream, soap or lotion, ensure that it contains lower concentration of this element.

Involve a specialist before using any skin lightening product. Skin sensitivity ought to be tested and if symptoms persist then discontinue using the product. These are the best ways to deal with side effects of Alpha Arbutin.

Alternatively using glutathione skin whitening products can be an option. While using this skin whitening ingredient, ensure you also protect your skin against sunburn using a sunscreen compound of SPF above 30. Avoid continuous use of Arbutin products to minimize on chances of side effects.

side effects of alpha arbutin
before and after alpha arbutin

Benefits of Alpha Arbutin

Besides the common side effects of Alpha Arbutin, there are some benefits associated with this ingredient as far as skin whitening is concerned. To begin with, it is highly effective in the treatment and elimination of skin problem such as dry skin on then face, freckles, moles and acne scars.

Only used in small percentages to achieve results in a short period of time as compared to kojic acid and glutathione skin bleaching product. Although Alpha Arbutin is expensive to manufacture and afford it is far more effective compared to Beta Arbutin.

It is one of the best techniques on how to get fair skin faster, even and smooth skin tone. Therefore, recommended for attaining of a beautiful skin for all complexions and types.  These include Blacks, Asians, and African Americans.

Despite the discontinued use in Europe and Japan, skin care products with this ingredient have been proven safe especially in low concentration. This is why it is still common and effective in the USA and other parts of the world.

best alpha arbutin skin whitening cream
alpha arbutin skin whitening cream

Best Alpha Arbutin Products reviews

Doctors recommend using products that utiklize Alpha Arbutin below a concentration of 4%. Moderate use will save you from dangerous side effects of Alpha Arbutin.  Most strong and well reputable skin lightening products combine this primary ingredient with others such as kojic acid, glutathione and hydroxides.

Meladerm is one of the best product that contains this bearberry extract. It contains 2% of Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Hydroxides. The product is fee from hydroquinone hence recommended as safe. This is what celebrities use to bleach their skin in some regions.

There is always large disparity in studies conducted on those who frequently use this ingredient. Some people are completely free from side effects of Alpha Arbutin while others are found to have been affected.  This however shows that, it will also depend with the nature and type of your skin. The main reason as to why you should always involve a specialist in any skin bleaching decisions you make.

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