Best Blonde Hair Dye Brands in 2020[Updated]

How do you select the best blonde hair dye brand? There are top rated best brands, box and drugstore blonde hair dyes that have been highlighted in the post. Read to get more

What are the best blonde hair dye brands?You ought to be wise in making decisions about hair dyes. These are chemicals that can have serious consequences not only on your hair but also on your health.

No one including specialists is perfect in making the right choice of a hair dye for your hair. There are many reported cases of hair damaging, skin-damaging and even contraction of illnesses as a result of hair dying.

trndy blonde hair color for girls

You ought to be wise in making decisions about hair dyes. These are chemicals that can have serious consequences not only on your hair but also on your health. No one including specialists is perfect in making the right choice of a hair dye for your hair. There are many reported cases of hair damaging, skin damaging and even contraction of illnesses as a result of hair dying.

What Is the Best Blonde Hair Dye

The best blonde hair dye should be able to lighten your hair without the involvement of any harsh chemical substance that may have side effects on your hair.

Professional hairdressers should be consulted when you have to dye your hair rather than just doing it on your own. There are also now more options in the market that allow you to DIY hair dyeing at a lower cost.

Technique on Coloring Your Hair Blonde

From the studies, there are many women who are blonde but among them, there are few who have blonde hair. Blonde is a rocking hair color and the range of hues from golden, platinum, caramel to honey blonde has made many women be lured to hair treatments that will result in them looking that flattering. Bleaching is among what everyone is doing before going blonde.

Blonde should appear soft and natural. This means you should do what it entails to make sure that your eyebrows color is within the range of your blonde hair color. From the rule of the thump, selecting a color within the three shades of your natural hair color also saves you from looking artificial.

If your natural hair color is blonde and you feel like going a trace lighter, then you ought not to use a strong bleaching solution to accomplish this.

There is a latest bleaching spray technique. The spray is applied and your hair will be lightened in every application. For instance, your hair will turn a quarter lighter in the first application and the sequence continues in that manner.

Strong bleaching solution gives it best to brunettes and darker hair. While using these solutions you should be aware of the eminent damages. The bleach should take approximately 30 to 35 minutes to avoid hair frying. For a natural appearance, your brunette or dark hair must be lightened to more than 5 levels.

Light hair like a medium blonde should not be lightened more than two shades. This is for the most perfect natural appearance after application of your best blonde hair dye. After bleaching the carefully monitor on the dye intensity. Your hair is likely to appear intensive in color than the image on the box.

Some people experience reddish shimmer when the hair is exposed to the sunlight. This means that your hair has more red pigments and they ought to be removed before the dyeing process. Such pigments can alter the color of your light blonde and give you a yellow tinge. Currently, there are special treatments that take care of that.

Best Brands for Blonde Hair Dye

There are special hair color products for blondes which are not only long-lasting but also makes your hair shiny and attractive. They are available in all the blonde shades such as platinum, ash blonde, golden and honey among many more. The best brand is capable of intensifying your hair color every when you shampoo creating a subtle lustrous appearance.

Best Brands for Blonde Hair Dye

The best brand for blonde hair dye should not be hair damaging. There are some poor brands that can cause your hair to break or desiccate. Neither should this brand be allergic to your skin or body as a whole.

Some of the brands you may find useful for you include L’Oreal Casting Gloss, L’Oreal Excellent Crème that is suitable for ash blonde, 01 Lightest Natural Blonde among others. Some people are advantaged that part of this products may lighten the hair without bleaching. The peroxide compound in such products may not be strong enough to bleach every type of hair.

Best Brands for Blonde Hair Dye

Clairol and Garnier are among the producers of the best brands for blonde dye. Garnier products are said to make use of technology in combination with natural ingredients that not only lead to safe coloring but also protect and nourish your hair to appear radiant and shiny.

Best Blonde Hair Dye for Dark Hair

best blonde hair color to rock dark hair

Dark hair has many red pigments according to the research. It may not be an easy task to select a color or hair dye that can change it to something you desire. There are latest technological treatments that begin by the removal of these red pigments. The best outcome can be realized by bleaching before dyeing it.

Your dark hair may require bleaching of up to more than 5 levels to for a subtle shiny glow upon coloring. The strong bleaching solution should not be left to stay in your hair for more than 45 minutes. This can lead to hair breakages commonly regarded as hair frying.

Among the best blonde hair dye for dark hair is the L’Oreal Paris hair dye. The product is available in several blonde hues and you can definitely get any that you need. You should be keen when it comes to intensity. For instance when you apply an extreme platinum blonde color that is almost white in appearance, don’t be surprised to see your hair changed to intensive blonde.

Your dark hair will require high maintenance level after dye application. There are chances of your hair turning orange or yellow if you don’t use suitable products in the maintenance.  The newly grown roots need to be bleached and get dyed once they appear. Conditioning will be required and this aids in stopping further breakage of the hair.

Best Blonde Hair Dye for Dark Hair

For you who have dark blonde, you can go light blonde by application of Keratin Hair Fibers Economy Size 0.99OZ. . This product also has a smaller bottle size if it is your first time trying it out.

Best Blonde Hair Dye at Home

Many people are of the idea that blonde should be handled professionally. However much I concur with this it came to my attention that not everyone may afford the salon charges on a regular basis. Going blonde involves complicated procedures and risks as a result of bleaching. Yes, going to a nearby hairdressing school can also be an idea.

Regardless of all the risks, you can still attain your blonde at your home as long as you do it carefully as you follow the instructions to the later. There are best blonde hair dye at-home kits that can save you the cost of going to a salon. An example is the EcoColors Haircolor Neutral Blonde home hair dye kit. Testing on a few stands can give you a preview of what to expect.

Other alternatives at home kits include  Clairol Professional Liquicolor 8GN/27G Light Golden Neutral Blonde. Garnier or L’Oreal are among the best kits you can venture your trust in. Above that, you can seek consultation from a stylist, more so the application can be done with the help of a friend id doing it at home is the remaining option for you.

At Home Blonde Hair Dye Mistakes People Do

The color of the image on the box is not exactly what you will attain while doing it at home. Most people end up with more intensive color than the image. Therefore be aware that the picture can be much deceiving.

Not every blonde dye will make your hair appear natural. There are factors that ought to be considered before selecting on a particular blonde shade. Here we talk about your skin tone, eyes and brow colors. For darker hair, you may need to lighten to several levels before dyeing it blonde.

Best Blonde Hair Dye for Brown Hair

blonde hair color to dye for brown hair

Brown hair requires a strong bleaching solution to get the color off. You also require to lighten it several levels of about 5 to 8 stages. While bleaching you should not panic should your hair turn to orange. The best thing to do is give it enough time to process and it will turn to pale yellow which is alright.

While lightening your brown hair there are stages you will expect it to go through. The color changes in every stage as follows. Light brown that will be followed by red, orange that later turns to bright yellow and finally you will see pale yellow. By the time you see pale yellow, the entire process should not go beyond 45 minutes. Beyond this, your hair will become white and will begin to desiccate.

For your dark brown natural hair color, the best blonde hair dye for your brown hair is Clairol’s Nice N’ Easy Born Blonde. The single application ensures that your hair attains a light blonde appearance. Test using a single strand of your hair to see if Clairol’s Nice N’ Easy Born Blonde is what you need, and it should not only apply to this product but to any other. While testing follows the normal instructions as provided.

Best Platinum Blonde Hair Dye

intriguing platinum blonde hair color

Having a white blonde or platinum hair blonde hair can be tricky when it comes to maintenance. The roots are likely to show consistency and you will be required to re-dye the roots every time they appear. Bleaching may be required for the most effective results of the hair dye. This is especially for dark brown or red hair.

There are some best platinum brands that have no any side effect on your hair. Example of such products is the Clairon Nice N’ Easy Natural Extra Light Blonde that is suitable for brown or blonde natural hair colors respectively. L’Oreal can also be nice for some types of hair, Feria’s Platinum blonde, Feria Extra Bleach blonde are among what you can test.

Best Blonde Box Hair Dye

box blonde hair dye idea for women

Blonde is one of the easiest hair to dye due to its light nature. For brown or dark hair, bleaching may be required to get long-lasting dye effect. Blonde box hair dye works when the instructions are followed carefully. The image on the box may not represent exactly what you will attain at the end of the coloring process. A professional stylist should be able to process the color until you see what you desired.

L’Oreal Paris Feria dye and Garnier are among the best blonde box hair dyes. If the product does not work it is likely that you have missed a procedure or your hair require a professional colorist. Black hair dye may be tricky if you want to lift it with blonde box color. Just bleach it and remember it may take several sessions that can be risky to your hair in terms of damages.

Best Amazon Blonde Hair Dye

In a nutshell, the following are some of the most popular Amazon blonde hair dyes.

Revlon Colorsilk #03 Ultra Light Sun Blonde is among the Revlon colorsilk Ultra Light Blondes collection that works best without the need to bleach your hair. This product is suitable for your natural dark blonde hair

L’Oreal Feria is perfect for medium brown hair is creating the nice sunkissed blonde hair that you can hardly distinguish from the salon made one.

Revlon colorsilk and Garnier nutrisse are said to be economical and you can have it without coughing more.

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