Threading Hair Removal Facts and Tips

What is threading hair removal? Get insights on threading as a method of hair removal. Read to learn about facts, tips, cost and benefits as compared to sugaring hair removal.


Threading Hair Removal – Meaning

Threading is a method of hair removal where practitioners use a thin cotton thread is doubled and twisted over the unwanted hair lines as it remove the hair by follicles. The hair could be moustaches or unwanted eyebrows.

This practice is traced to have begun in ancient Eastern countries like India and Arab territories before it finally spread to Western world. It is much popular with women in Arab countries and Persian culture.

Eyebrow threading
Eyebrow threading

With ancient Iranians, threading the entire face was culturally significant since it was sparingly done when a woman was getting married. Change from teenage to adulthood among the Persians was symbolized through the art of threading.

Threading has attracted wide usage in the art of beautification. This technique is preferred to other methods of hair removal like waxing. Eyebrow threading is much precise with this technique as compared to eyebrow waxing. This is because in threading the specific hairs are removed precisely in a thin line unlike waxing which can spread to remove the untargeted hair.

Threading remove hairs in an entire raw creating a straight line. This method is not exempted from pain since large area is removed hairs at once. The hair can grow after a period of six months or more.


Threading Hair Removal Benefits and Shortcomings

The Pros.

  • Threading is inexpensive since it is a traditional and natural way of removing unwanted hair.
  • It is fast and neat hence saves time. This is because it hardly involve any complicated procedures.
  • Threading is less painful compared to other methods like waxing.
  • This technique is best for eyebrows and facial hair. This is mainly due to its concise in hair removal.
  • The results can last for longer period of time. For instance it takes at least six weeks.
  • Temporary results may turn to permanent if practiced regularly.
  • Threading is natural since no chemical substances are applied on the skin. This is much advantageous to people with sensitive skin.
  • Threading can remove any type of hairs as long as the hair can be entrapped with the thread.


The Cons

  • Threading can be painful if not done correctly. This can result to side effects like skin irritation and itching.
  • Hair breakage can happen hence quicker hair regrowth.
  • It is difficult to find a qualified practitioner for the art of threading. This being a traditional and ancient ways, it is facing competition from other modern methods like laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal processes.
  • This method is bias to some areas of the body. That is, threading is ascertained effective for facial hair removal. It may not be applicable to other areas of the body like leg and bikini regions.
  • Some hair growth is necessary in this method. It works best for hair grown 1/6 inch.
    Threading hair removal
    Threading hair removal


Threading Hair Removal Tips

Threading is sparingly for facial hair removal. It is only done on eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburn and other areas on the face to remove the unwanted hair. The pain experienced depends with an individual’s level of pain tolerance.

The feeling is similar to that of tweezing only that it happens quickly. Worm compress may be used to relax the skin and make it easier for the hair follicles to be removed. If you are not tolerant enough to the pain you may apply a numbing spray prior to the process.

Threading requires a skilled profession for little pain to be felt as well as effective outcome. At home threading kits are available with a manual offering procedures on what is required. Follow the guidelines carefully to avoid any damage or negative side effects.


Threading Hair Removal Cost

The price varies depending with the technician or the salon offering the services. The price list below is as a result of survey conducted in most salons. They are subject to variations with slight deviation.

  • Full face $35-$60
  • Eyebrow $12-$50
  • Chin $10-$15
  • Lip $8-$20

Threading Vs Waxing

Threading does not require foreign substances that are chemical in nature. Such compounds may end up damaging skin cells. Wax contain chemical substances and people may not prefer it on such grounds. For sensitive skin, it is regarded the best. The procedures involved in the application of waxing are tedious and much involving compared to threading.

Waxing have more side effects that can become risk if not taken care of. People enjoy the fact that threading pulls the hair in a straight line. Therefore it can be used in reaching at various shapes and styles of facial hair. Waxing is relatively messy, expensive and time consuming as compared to threading.


Threading Hair Removal Eyebrow Myths

Threading hair removal electronic machine
Threading hair removal electronic machine

Uncared eyebrows look bushy and unorderly. This is an area that can either bring a rough or a soft tone facial appearance among human beings. Threading is one of the methods used in ensuring beauty around the face. There are various myths associated with this technique.

Over plucking prevents eyebrow from growing back. Chemical and creams are not the best in removing eyebrows. Thy pausing threat to the eye since it is right adjacent to the area. Tweezing or threading are the best choices when reducing this hair. Tweezing will result to quick regrowth.

It is painful to groom eyebrows with either waxing, threading or tweezing. The pain varies with individuals. To reduce the pain the skin is stretched out and the hair is plucked quickly. Exercise is necessary before threading since it helps in keeping the pores open. A cold or hot shower is also important in relaxing the skin and hair follicles.

Removing the above eyebrow is discouraged since it make them look incomplete and unfinished. Remove only the lower ones to bring a glamorous slick look on the face. These myths are important before conducting any facial hair removal it is necessary to look at them.


Threading Hair Removal Preparations for Eyebrows

Before Threading

Prepare yourself both physically and psychologically. Beware that the firs experience is not the nice one. Pain and skin trauma can be experienced. Talk to you practitioner and explain your views about the method. Let him or her obey the natural shape of your eyebrow while trying to reduce or shape them. It is also critical you be informed about the cases dealt before and what were the outcome. From such statistics you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness credibility of this technician. It is important to wash away any make up. This is to ensure the pores are as much open as possible.

After Threading

Use a clean cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide astringent to clean the threaded area. This should be done for several days after the hair removal. The area should be kept free of any dirt or too much sunlight exposure. This will prevent infections and redness around the area.

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