Upper And Lower Navel Piercing

Upper And Lower Navel Piercing are one of the rare types of navel piercing. There are many reasons as to why most people admire it though only a few successfully go through and maintain it. Read to explore more on male and celebrity navel piecing such as Priyanka Chopra.

Many people keep asking on the best type of navel piercing to go for. What we can say is that, it is not all about the kind of navel piecing you want but how your belly button is suitable and how your body will perceive it. There are many who result with navel piercing rejection due to opting for the type that doesn’t work for them.

Lower Navel Piercing

Lower Navel Piercing Picture
Lower Navel Piercing Picture

It is also regarded as inverse navel piercing. Considered the most unique as compared to other standard belly button piercings. There are only few people who are suitable for this piercing due to the rare shape of their belly buttons. Innie buttons are suitable for horizontal navel piercing or vertical piercing.

Navel Piercing Jewelry

Finding the perfect navel piercing jewelry for inverse navel is also tricky. Not every ring or bar fits the outie pierced belly button. Most of the people who undergo this piecing still use curved bars instead of the surface bars. However, it may end up with an incorrect angle of positioning.

The level of navel piercing pain is not different from that of any other type though it also depends with your pain tolerance rate. The major problem is the high rate of inverse navel piercing migration among many beauties who tried it out. Healing also takes a bit longer time as compared to the standard surface piercing.


There is always a high level of care that involves maximum hygiene standards. To make help the lower navel piercing heal fast you will have to apply sea salt soaks frequently.

Remember to used antibacterial soap while taking a shower and avoid bathing and swimming since bathtubs and pools can cause you a navel piercing infection.

During the entire healing process, you will be required to keep of many activities that can lead to stretching of the skin around the belly. Vigorous exercises and heavy daily activities should be out of your schedule for the rest of 6 to 9 months of healing.

Do not irritate your skin with any chemical substance. The type and size of your clothing will have to be loose and fitting since too tight tops and pants can irritate your navel hence causing swelling and inflammation that is normally painful and also slows down the rate of navel healing process.

Top Navel Piercing

Lower Navel Piercing Jewelry
Lower Navel Piercing Jewelry

Both bottom and top navel piercing can be made as long as you use the best metal for accenting the belly button appearance. What is important is to conduct the best care for your piercing. When you adhere to the aftercare navel piercing guidelines, healing will take place within the shortest time possible and you will only be left amazed of how look hot.

Go for your best belly button rings for your lower navel piercing. Remember that the initial metal jewelry has to remain in the belly button piercings until complete healing so as to avoid complications like rejections and infections.

Male Navel Piercing

Male navel piercing is still finding a hard time in penetrating through the hard rocks of perceptions and believes regardless of other body piercings being proliferated across both genders. Belly button piercing is exclusively perceived as feminine and it is a rare thing ever seen in men.

No one minds when a man is seen with a nose, ear, eyebrow or lip piercing. There are only a few men who can withstand the stigma after undergoing the male navel piercing. Even if you ask the professional piercers they have a story to tell about this. Among the history of piercing, as much as there are uncountable women with navel piercings, men are few and countable.

Chris Beierschmitt a piercer at Pure Body Arts, has a different opinion about this. According to him, “It’s not as rare as you would think,” he claims that approximately in every 20 belly button piercings conducted there is always a man who is either straight or a gay.

It fascinates when he says that, “If you saw these people on the street, and you’d never know what’s under their clothes.” But traditionally this art is still a pure punch line among many societies in this modern world. Funny enough, there are some men who have done navel piercing but it is not according to their conscious will as they said.

Peer Influence

Some claimed to have done it as a punishment for a bet and other due to pressure from their loved ones and peer influence. There are some women who see it as sexy though they insist on placing a masculine navel jewelry that is not conspicuous and attractive like the feminine ones.

There is also a problem in finding a masculine jewelry for male navel piercing. It doesn’t matter whether for lower navel piercing or horizontal belly button piercing. But if you have to then go for the stainless steel option. There are famous men and celebrities who have decided to go hard by going for male belly button piercing. Australia tennis player Stefan Koubek and Adam Devine who did it with intention of meeting a new drug dealer in a tattoo parlor.

Celebrity Navel Piercing

Belly button piercing has become a celebrity art since it erupted two decades ago when John Paul Gaultier did it on Christy Turlington’s belly button. From there many celebrities followed suit, we are talking about Naomi Campbell, Keira Knightley and Christina Aguilera among others.

Navel piercing is no longer a cultural and barbaric art. It is popular and trendy and many female celebrities have justified it among the women. Every teenager girl wants to hear of what is navel piercing and is ever dreaming of rocking with one as some of their celebrity role models does.

Other celebrity navel piercing hottest women in the holly wood includes Jessica Alba, Gemma Atkinson, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Laura Vandervoort, Hayden Panettiere, Audrina Patridge, Shannon Elizabeth, Leighton Meester, Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, Lindsay Lohan, Joss Stone, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé Knowles, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Janet Jackson and  Miley Cyrus among others.


Lower Navel Piercing Ring
Lower Navel Piercing Ring

Priyanka Chopra Navel Piercing

Priyanka Chopra is one of an inspiring actress in beauty industry. The multi-talented singer and actress is one of the most sexy and attractive woman in the world. She has hit the publicity for gorgeous things by decorating the cover pages of many magazines besides rocking in the music acting industry.

It is not only her attractive body shape and skin tone complexion but also her efforts in ensuring that she remains at the top. Her navel piercing news spread like bush fire and she had a story to tell behind it. According to an interview with one of the magazines about Priyanka Chopra navel piercing, this is what she managed to say.

“There’s a secret behind my belly button piercing. Sometime ago, I was going through this rebellious phase. And in one moment of madness, I went ahead and got my belly button pierced. I was shi**ing bricks later. So, I got hold of a friend and went over and told my mother about it. I knew she would freak out. But once things cooled down, my father even got me the diamond I wear. And I’m happy to show it off. The piercing has been getting me a lot of compliments.”


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